1 hour of Super Unicum Gameplay – Type 59 working on 3 marking the thing

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Source: LemmingRush

People wonder why i havent played my account in 60 days… skip to the fing game for your answer.


  1. Do you still consider the Type 59 as OP as it used to be?

  2. no point with no comments imo

  3. RobertDanJr Hernandez

    so basically Fire purple rounds and statpad? i wanna have good stats but i
    wont act unprofessional or unsporstmanlike by raging and reporting and
    blacklisting enemy artillery for playing the game. I like the good tips and
    stuff on ur videos. but the cockyness and bragging and crying and camping
    sniping calling people shitters as you sit in top tier sniping from far
    back…. really made me unsub today. its a free GAME. takes no skill to
    reroll and cry because you cant win them all. goodluck!

  4. TIL that 203mm guns can destroy a Type 59 in one hit.

  5. ‫عبد الهادي‬‎

    3:57 “lemming lemming lemming likes gold amo, he plays full APCR, lemming
    lemming likes APCR and he is pruty sexy xD” nice intro music isn’t it?

  6. GG in the first game dude. That was the first game in my IS-3 since I re
    bought it lol

  7. lemming, love ur videos. Could u pls do some videos about getting 3 marks
    of excellence in batchat 25t. i am confusing about how to play it well
    these days. Many thanks in advance:)

  8. I am done nothing with my Arty the entire Game, but yolo rushed lemmi have
    now this unicum trophy Head over my fireplace on the Wall…

  9. wow lost all respect i had towards you now , can understand you trying to 3
    mark a tank but man the rage … its a game not real life . sorry man but
    am unsubbing had liked all your vids before this

  10. Zerobladetion Wot

    Fuck that am waiting for my 112 rebuff muhahahaha

  11. dude, if you have quited because you got oneshotted, why didnt you quit
    emediatly after? you still played a few games so it wasnt that bad. and how
    many times are you not oneshotted before?

  12. I like these. Kind of helps me learn where to position myself in some maps.
    And also how to outplay a someone etc etc

  13. It’s seems like the t-34-3 snap shot in below 100 meters better than this
    tank :P

  14. I’m in the video :0 – 30 minutes, the T-34-3

  15. 11:51 to watch someone get outplayed.

  16. How did you get that tank camo? i want it so badly lol
    Is there a limit on how many tanks you can put it on?

  17. Good grief that cancer clicking you in the second match, so much balance,
    prevented camping and made game play dynamic /sarc

  18. Warcrimes incarnate

    So uh, I wasn’t here when the type was a thing, why do people want it so
    bad? Honestly the t-34-3 looks more fun in today’s point blank brawling

  19. Do you recommend a gun laying drive over vents? And do you just have
    massive amount of APCR stocked up? How much in the way of credits were you
    making with the full APCR+Food loadout?

  20. Some great content over here

  21. Lemming what is the expert thing on the kill feed?

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