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  1. No stream today phellas. Celebrating Laura graduating college and also celebrating our all wedding date that had to me moved because of Covid -19
    Please enjoy these long range yeets and more Dev server vids are coming out this weekend. PEACE

  2. Too bad 6.3 and 6.7 isn’t a fucking thing anymore. HEY NICE ARMOR TOO BAD ENJOY SOME 400mm PEN HEATFS WITH LASER RANGE FIDER AOIWEURFHAEIOUU

  3. phly complaining about dying to CAS while playing 6.7 germans with they’re 30mm cancer cannons

  4. “it’s so much fun shooting the long 8,8 at long range”
    *Every aircraft in the allied nations’ lineup with a bomb*: “Hold my beer”

    aircraft in GROUND FORCES is fair….

    But AA trucks/vehicles in air-combat is unfair…

    thanks for the “F.U.N” gaijin. (F.U.N too is an acronym, for F—ed Up *NONSENSE*.)

  5. How does he get those shots on target?Let alone target them?It’s like Phly’s got eyes of a Phalcon

  6. i noticed that he always play at downtier. show us how u play this tiger at 7.7 top guy.

  7. How do you give planes to people in War thunder

  8. I like how allied ppl and premiums complain about their tanks being so bad while 6.7 matches end in literally 3-5 mins because of the lack of compensation from gaijin and when i say german 6.7 suffers they bring up allied 5.3. like stfu noone cares of your overpowered lineup or smth gets ruined

  9. phly ples play the Ju 87d5 with dollar plays (attempt 78)

  10. Vojtěch Koudelka

    It’s Königstiger, that means Bengal Tiger, not King Tiger

  11. please make a full song 🙂

  12. I think thats the first intro I’ve ever skipped.

  13. Could you try a 6.3 loudout?
    Panther F, Jagtpanther, Tiger 2 P,Me 410 (with 30 mils ap) and Ostwind 2.
    I had much fun with it 😀

  14. even the is3’s were better before, in short. the game was better/enjoyable before

  15. Holy shit thats some sick shot Phly! Nice vids!

  16. this game is almost fun

  17. Is Long Range Yeets on Spotify avaiable?

  18. Make a song…

  19. Please make more videos about 6.7 german tanks. Back in that days king tiger was really the king of the battlefield.

  20. Could u share your Graphics Settings please?

  21. Tiger II: *exists
    Wehraboos: *invade comments

    wait, what do you mean there are no wehraboos? thats impossable!

  22. this video was uploaded on my 21st birthday!! also 13:32 …. LOL

  23. Tennōheika Banzai!

    Biggest flaw in wt tank RB is the map design…I wish they would hire new people and remake all of them…

  24. Every time i use king tiger im uptiered why????

  25. Could u support the great cause of adding a tks tankette into the game

  26. New WT player here… How does he change his optics for different ranges???

  27. how to destroy old german boi tiger 2
    “modern cold war round”
    5:55 that little box explo!

  28. Sebastian Castellianos


  29. The return of the yeet

  30. lets watch phly get 2 kills in 20min and where for 10 of those he stares at the armour template

  31. Dmitry Shevchenko

    Just wondering if WT gives you more points for longer range hits? If they don’t it would make sense they did, right?

  32. *”the gun is extremly easy to learn” “the armor is phenomenal” “the mobility is with the armor is very very nice”* soooo the Cearnarvon is at 6.7 just as the Tiger 2 H , *BUT* it has a stabilizer, has APDS, has better armor profile (unpenetratable hull for its br to APHE just like tiger 2, smaller turret profile with trolly angles), ammo stored BEHIND unpenetratable hull armor, better mobility, all you gotta do in Cearnarvon is to hide the lower front plate and you are almost invincible

  33. Yo Phly where’s the single? Reckon your subs could get you a Hot 100 Number One!

  34. Tiger II in WOT: Nobody like me and I’m the worst tank…
    Tiger II in WT: BOY I YEET YOU

  35. Today e wnet from 3.3 to 5.7 qnd man ita scary, but non the less i had a blast playing it with my m18 gmc

  36. Of course you got decimated, you’re playing German. What else did you think will happen?

  37. Nah. Gaijin is ruining the feel of playing a WWIIish game with all these quick, tiny, heat-lobbing vehicles sneaking around tiger IIs and such. It’s really sad.

  38. I killed an German cap’d IL-2 with a KV-1 shell round. KV-1 good AA. 👌

  39. loving the unloved ARL-44(ACL-1) Attempt 4

  40. Dear good pls make the intro into ringtone, it’s phantastic!

  41. Heinz Thunder MLG

    You don’t angle the king tiger’s turret

  42. 8:58 But we got a good run! *Kaboom*

  43. Play the tiger 2p and the Do 335 plz
    Love vids
    Nice hacking Suka blyat
    Attempt 5

  44. Great content, Phly!
    I’m from Brazil and I’ve been following you for a long time, send a Hi for us brazilians next vídeo!

  45. is it just me or PhlyDaily’s voice sounds similar to Dream the MC Youtuber?

  46. Well done, and congrats to you both…

  47. Youtuber quotes Blobber

    I feel like heat fa ruined gameplay at mid tiers

  48. They need to fix Ammo, i feel like tanks are exploding way to fast now

  49. My little german wiener just got 8,8 cm and a lot harder as i saw this thumbnail

  50. Hey phly it looks like you don’t have new videos on caernarvon it will be interesting to see it.

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