1 MILE SHOT? DICKER MAX GAMEPLAY (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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War Thunder Tank Gameplay

War Thunder Patch 1.57 OUT! – http://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/303393-war-thunder-update-157-battle-march/


  1. nice!

  2. first!!

  3. Rafael Serra (Legionary)

    007 dicker max 😀 you should get a suit skin hehe

  4. Mission Accomplished!

  5. Tristan Woolthuis

    that timing with the mission acomplished though

  6. awesome video phly

  7. Can you do the mig -15 next time

  8. Thanks for the great vids phly!

  9. Still not as far as my dick goes! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  10. haha epic into, the timing on that mission accomplished was perfect :3

  11. Hey PHLY I really enjoy your videos and I love your streams and I was
    wondering next stream or when ever we could play together my name is
    kevin007702 of that’s not it try kevin007802 KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK (6.3

  12. The best intro music

  13. only for this intro, like! hehehehehe

  14. Best intro ever. :)

  15. Emil 128 needed. 105 not enough.

  16. Chemistry´s the best!

    that name of the explosive tho. only Germans like to use so complicated
    names ^^

  17. chance the fapper

    play…..world of tanks


  19. Fucking class mate. Best intro yet, Thank you, for such a good laugh!

  20. Very beginning is exactly what it is like when I help comrades

  21. Dude, Phly, you should totally do a montage/compilation video of everytime
    you do that drunk Russian voice whilst saying something
    weird/stupid/funny/random. I crack up every, single, time. Holi jizzus

  22. Hey Phly have you’ve thought about trying out ground forces sim?

  23. I was kinda expecting him to die while helping his team mate. That would’ve
    been funny.

  24. I want to unlock this thing fast because I hear the nerf hammer coming at
    the speed of light….soviets cannot die in one shot komrade.

  25. T44-100 or t34-100 ? What’s better?

  26. when did kursk get added to the game? I’ve never played on it before and
    have 120+ hours played..

  27. The names Daily Phly Daily All jokes aside love your vids keep it up

  28. Hey boys hope you enjoy the video! I’m streaming today if ya’ll want to
    hang out in 1 hour! https://www.twitch.tv/phlydaily

  29. Germans have best heavy tanks in tier 3-4. And Soviets only IS-2, with one
    hour reload time.

  30. Phly, When are you doing a Sunderland video?

  31. Biljana Marjanovich

    pls 108060p

  32. Its phlyday!111

  33. TheClassicGamer -

    What is the difference between the two t-34/85

  34. Wouter Drupsteen (Ravaeron)

    Oh my god I love how JUST as you flip the friendly back the right way up it
    goes “Mission Accomplished”

    Hahaha 7:34 “Don’t do that.” *HEADSHOT*

  35. drive the ñäßhörñ

  36. Do the SuperPershing next please!!!

  37. I’m not gonna lie, I think this thing is OP. Yes the point is that its gun
    is supposed to be amazing, but its a little too amazing. This thing reminds
    of what the Hellcat was. Everyone is using it, and fighting it in my 76
    Shermans is a nightmare. This thing beats the Sherman at the one thing it
    has going for it: gun depression. And while I like the 76, this thing has
    Russian-like APHE rounds which one shot everything, even the Russians. I
    smell a nerf on the horizon if it can do that

  38. you should set up your range key

  39. Guys I’m playing as the Brits on War thunder. Should I get the Cromwell 1
    or the Valentine mkix??

  40. juan david uran acevedo

    isnt dicker max a funny name?

  41. SgtJack BR (xXSgtJackXx)

    damm sniper phly , why dont jin FaZe ? haha great video

  42. I’m not sure how I feel about that town being there…

  43. The two viewports on the front are in fact, driver viewports, but the left
    one was put there as a decoy. It might actually be useful ingame.


  45. My dicker goes to maximum when you play tanks

  46. I can’t believe I was playing with Phly

    BTW my ign is MongolFPS


  48. sniping in this game is the first time I’ve ever used the variable dpi
    switch on my mouse, and it’s not just “nice” it’s a game changer.

  49. sniping in this game is the first time I’ve ever used the variable dpi
    switch on my mouse, and it’s not just “nice” it’s a game changer.

  50. best intro ever

  51. True teamate

  52. more chieftain!

  53. 4:30 Talking about penetration values on the Crusader AA, notices the
    Chieftain. “What’s up Chieftain, how’s it going man?”.
    That sounded cool.

  54. the animatior,the thierioest and the fact teller

    Phly here’s a tip for helping people who are upside down, whenever some is
    in front of you don’t attach the track in front of you, do the other track,
    which will only take a few seconds.
    And if they’re on there side attach they’re bottom track which will take a
    bit longer but it’s nearly always going to work.

    If you have read this Phly thank you :)

  55. hahahaha, that intro, i laughed so hard!!! good work 00phly

  56. Wooow powerful thing … Strong penetration for such a distance

  57. This last man standing thing sucks

  58. dickus max

  59. noobinator Simelane

    can we have the new butcher bird the Ta 152C

  60. That town blocks my sniping sightlines now lol, RUSSIAN BIAS MUST BALANCE

  61. *smack*
    Don’t do that.

  62. Great game play video!

  63. Phly, you can use the rangefinder in tank controls to shoot at long
    distances. If the target is stationary, I range find, then angle my cannon
    accordingly. Hit the target nearly 90% of the time.

  64. Good start

  65. American Freedom delivery Combo (Attempt 5)
    Play the endangered M6A1 Buffalo and the F-82 dual mustang with 2 2000lb
    Bring a taste of freedom to those krauts!

  66. thumbsticks are more accurate than mouse? 😀 Thats a good joke man :D

  67. Take out the T-44/100 next

  68. how do you use that scout telescope?

  69. Veritas Vos Liberabit

    I wonder if Gaijin is gonna put the dicker max in Uranus

  70. the New Tiger :3

  71. Please play the Nashhorn, love your vids?

  72. they really need to add “diversity” to the reticle zoom, especially for
    tanks like the Dicker Max that were designed to fight from range and for
    that received powerfull optics

    it’s just weird how they are always telling how their game is more
    realistic and yet fail at such a simple part of the game, right now we have
    “arcade” like tank sights where everyne sees the same things even on
    different tanks with different specs

  73. Best. Intro. Ever.

  74. Yo phly when comes thr Video for the New double vodka sprayer?

  75. T-50 baby slav tank xD

  76. That perfect timed mission accomplished XD

  77. >shoots stationary t-34 turret >ricochets off the side of the hull

  78. WelcometoEstownYa

    Haha- yesterday i actually dragged a guy that was left without his engine
    across the map to enemy spawn. He got a kill and i finished 1st. HAHAHA

  79. l once hit a Hellcat in A from the hill to the West of B.
    [Edit: On kursk]

    Can’t remember what l was driving but l could barely even see the guy had
    about 5 shots before the 6th landed.

    But if l remember right that was about 1.5 miles or 2.4km

  80. banba mahiru/shinya yuri is the best genre

    dicker max is such a beast

  81. lovely intro phly, lovely.
    tea all round!

  82. IN A WORLD, where everyone thinks Nigel is dead.
    BUT THEN you found him again and he wanted you to protect him in your Sea

    Your mission is to:
    -Protect Nigel in your FV4004 Conway from enemy IS-3´s
    -Bomb the sh*t out of some IS-4M´s in your Sea Venom, together with Nigel

    And don´t forget to give the good ol` Nigel some tea!

  83. fockin noice introu phlay

  84. Les deux fana d'histoire: Lupercal&Grey

    The dicker max can shoot a tiger or a is 1?

  85. When you use the Cromwell correctly it is pretty good

  86. Wait what? You can choose where to put your guys now?

  87. Challenge: Drop a bomb (preferably a small one) into one of the new open
    top German SPG’s. I mean drop it and it has to be in the tank before it

  88. nice gameplay. chepitgoing ()

  89. You can triple click the “E” key in war thunder to max the gears

  90. Rip my ears, I have to turn you u when you talk because your quiet, but
    when you get excited and yell it’s like watching a show then going to
    commercials ._. Otherwise great vid

  91. Take out the Marder III H along with the HS.129B-3. Let them feel the 75

  92. 0:00 to 1:57 lmao

  93. Cromwell 1

  94. Phlydaily became JAMES BOND! Phlydaily:Agent007 Quantum War Thunder XD

  95. I Don't Understand Math

    Researching parts is pain in the ass

  96. phly try binding a key to the range indicator i think its called
    the gunner calculates the range for you
    its not 100% correct you have to upgrade it in the crew section :D

  97. Haha love the James Bond theme music… let’s see the new premium tiger
    II!!! let’s see if the added armour is worth it

  98. wooooolooooooow

  99. PhlyDaily you are the best good work =)

  100. Looks like you mastered dickery

  101. hahaha! that was too funny Phly the music and the mission you flipped him
    just in time.

  102. Liam the dark angel.

    that intro mate… German tank with James bond!? but it was a great save so
    we’ll let you off with it.

  103. *gets shot* “Dont do that” *over kills tank*

  104. hey i want to see a p-51 go against a p-47

  105. ‫עידן הרוש‬‎

    phlu take the nashorn

  106. Tomorrow Maybe (Cohrvale)


  107. Lol I got the intro

  108. Now Showing The Dicker Max, is your Dicker Max?

  109. Kyoninmaru Mohran

    Gonna anal destroy you phly

  110. kingtiger sla16 vid coming up next camrades 7 kill game ))))))))))))))

  111. “DECIMATES” = removes 10% of the crew count or fighting ability of the
    tank….because thats what DECIMATE actually originally meant. Ten percent
    killed in action. That was a lot back when your fighting force could just
    drop their shit and run away when it didn’t look like a slam and dunk
    victory :D

  112. what a convenient “mission accomplished” lel

  113. Phly your tank videos were so awesome that I had to try them out myself
    because I’m more of an aviation guy but my first match I got 7 kills and my
    fourth match I got 12 with the OP M2A4.
    Keep up the awesome videos.

  114. The one-shot dick sure is beast XD

  115. The “dick”er max can has a really big fat “barrel” and it can “penetrate”
    any tank mostly in the “rear” :)

  116. All the stats-whores in this game have one thing in common: t-34 19xx are
    their most used vehicles. Yeah no OP there.

  117. got killed by this today… panther a front hit

  118. hey phly don’t you play Naval Frontline

  119. 0:14 but James Bond is British, not German :(

  120. Not sure if you know or not. Check your mouse settings to see if you can
    adjust the polling rate and DPI/Sensitivity to make your mouse movements
    more precise in game play for those long range shots. Keep up the great

  121. Stathis Kaloutsidis

    How can I zoom like in 9:45?

  122. please sunderland

  123. People always speak about russian bias… what do you except, when the tank
    god is actually inside a golden t-34… (source: White Tiger movie).

  124. Do a Do.335 vs P-61 custom battle!

  125. RemlapEntertainment

    that intro

  126. Sima Bruchim-Cohen

    what is your war thunder nickname so we can chat?

  127. You should reduce your mouse sensitivity while zooming for better long
    range accuracy

  128. Looking out i the video for that 1 mile shot but the title in full caps
    promised me one :(

  129. play the pz iii L or the hetzer

  130. Could you take out the ki83

  131. 20:30 ASAB

  132. Classic James Bond song love it :3

  133. Brian Gehre Mendoza

    that intro dude laughed soooo hard

  134. WHAT A INTRO! ;D

  135. That’s one ballsy Dicker Max, Diving down the mountain like that

  136. Why the hell do PS4 tankers get so much hate in War Thunder? I was
    listening to some guy make fun of some other dude because he played on the
    PS4 and crap, and something tells me this isn’t the only time that has

  137. Nerf or BR increase inbound.

  138. The gun depression on this thing looks awesome.

  139. take gepard or flakpanzer 1 and kill all T 34s. Rank does not matter is
    nice medal, but my favorite is skill matters, 3-5 BR higher kill

  140. god i love phly’s intro’s they are so entertaining

  141. My record kill shots have been 1.8km and a 2.3km kill in my Jagdpz IV in
    RB. Not sure how that translates.

  142. Boomerang and ac iv thunderbolt for next combo pls

  143. Mathias Beck Tangaa Andersen

    PhlyDaily you should get a mice with a sniper-botton, like a CorsairM65. i
    have one, and its really smart in WT and other games with sniping 😀 its so
    cool. ps good video!

  144. Hey Phly I seen you in a game today. You like my P-61 ace?

  145. Hey Phly, I see that your having a little bit of a hard time with ranging
    in RB tanks. If you check out the settings for tanks, there’s actually a
    hot key for a range finder. Idk if you know about that already, but I’ve
    been using it and its quite helpful then just trying to guess a distance.

  146. MrTimebomb12Music

    I am legitimently confused right now… i just had the worst luck in
    history. I am honestly and quite literally confused with the amount of bad
    luck ive had in 2 games if war thunder

  147. So basically they took away every german advantage on Kursk.

  148. What? You get the gjizz?

  149. Tiger II Sla and dornier 335 b2! German premium combo next.

  150. Dat beginning dough

  151. New tiger 2 with extra armor,its premium german tank :)

  152. inb4 5.7 br

  153. Alright second time now super Pershing!

  154. The depression of Dickermax is disgusting; compared to Malder it has way
    better one hit kill potential

  155. David “madindie” Dew

    Dicker is a snipe beast!

  156. The 10,5cm StuK is accurate. A Bunkerknacker.

  157. Hey what ever happened to the FockeWulf 189? The german scout craft or the
    “Eagle owl”? did Gaijin postpone it or something?

  158. reload rate for this TD should be 10 sec.
    6 rpm..

  159. Dirk Dickler Max!!!!

  160. russian scarecway is very stronk. it can penetrate 600 milimeter of armor
    my comrade!

  161. How did you move your crews?

  162. phly gets shot says dont do that then cromwell explodes

  163. Given your spot in the first clip of the video, I think you were the dicker
    max that killed me in early T34. GG

  164. Tiger II (H) Sla.16 plssssss

  165. that intro tho

  166. Does anyone know how to buy the premium Tiger II Sla 16 on PS4?

  167. Hey Phly I killed you, I was behind a little earth, was in europe map, you
    was Cheiftain and I leo was my first kill at 1:57 , and it was a Cheiftain
    and luckily it was you

  168. Best intro ever

  169. phly kv1s or gulag

  170. Yes Phly I love the James Bond theme, no im gunna go on a theme song
    listening rampage.

  171. Dicker, its like hitler knew that millions of immature brats would swarm
    internet gaming and so he chose Dicker Max, let the chat bans rule!

  172. How do you get the thing bellow yor name like santa’s helper please help

  173. Saluda a mexico :D

  174. dicker max = su 152


  176. Try the panzerjager l

  177. Good video like always Phly but the quality was a little off. Could you
    maybe increase the bitrate a little bit in the future? Love ya!

  178. take out the t-44-100 phly!!! :D

  179. awesome intro!

  180. so I assume your are no longer in contact with Slick and Baron because you
    have removed them from your channels list :(

  181. Phly obviously can handle the Dicker!

  182. Phly this is my last time asking but have you seen stuer Emil? It’s the
    dicker max on steroids

  183. i cant log in in war thunder it says error 8111020 something like that so
    someone pls help what should i do.

  184. could you take out the T-26E1 Super tonk haha and with a p-61 with 4k Bombs
    come on boys let’s see this happen

  185. Арсений Галич

    You aren’t good at physics, are you? ;)

  186. Best intro I’ve ever seen!!!!!

  187. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    “mission acomplished” lmao Troll Thunder :P

  188. I love u! NOTICE ME PHLY

  189. 1 Mile shot?

    I know why it is called Dicker now.

  190. Epic intro :)

  191. Do the a-36 apache

  192. faton159 haxihjaj

    My name is Tonk …. Max Tonk

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