+1 Million in No Time | Millionaire Tank in World of Tanks | Rheinmetall Skorpion Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Rheinmetall Skorpion, Tier Premium German Tank Destroyer Epic Battle Gameplay. World Tanks Best Premium Tank 2021. World of Tanks RHM Skorpion Gameplay. World of Tanks Epic Battles and Epic Replays.

Today I am going to play with so far the best Advent offer in 2020 – skinless Skorpion G aka Rheinmetall Skorpion. I actually did not have this tank before, but have Skorpion G 3-marked, so let’s buy it, set it up and let’s play couple live battles.

What do you think?


  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, beautiful people, Beasts… I wish you Happy Holidays and may all your wishes come true!
    Stay as awesome as ALWAYS and keep crushing on! <3

  2. البشمهندس محمود

    This is not right….you just made 64k with this super first game if you dont have prem and other boosters

  3. Can you still email WG to have the skin removed from the original SkG ?

  4. Anyone else notice shells coming from above the camera in sniper mode more so than other tanks?

  5. Unbelievable! I loose and lose and lose again after i bought it this morning.
    Its like WG doesnt want me to wion because its za germans.

  6. like number 1000 !!! take that dez

  7. 16:35 new Eva-05 pilot confirmed?? :))

  8. Merry xmas dezgamez
    Wish you well

  9. only if you good player Dez you can make million off credits it look so easy when you play.

  10. Happy Holidays

  11. Dont use premium time and you wont get nearly as much

  12. I wanted to buy but 40€ is a lot and sadly I spent my money on kanonenjagdpanzer 105 2 months ago…I absolutely cant recommend kanonenjagdpanzer 105 to u guys…gun is the biggest troll, u are arty food af(HE food in general because only 30mm armor) and very bad dpm for a tier 8 td…hope it will get buffed one day

  13. Alexander the great

    Are the Steyr WT and the Super pershing good credit makers? I mean compared to other premium tanks

  14. I’m sure Mailand being the gentleman he is, has done nothing creepy with 3 girls in a metal compartment on tracks, hasn’t he 😉

  15. Happy Festivus!

  16. another great video, Dez you missed my birthday it was the 22nd. keep them coming. a68dart NA server.

  17. merry chirstmas also to you dez

  18. The only thing that always puts me off from Scorp is the fact that he’s a lousy crew trainer. Therefore I prefer SU-130PM. If the new crew system ever goes live, he will be excellent for sure.

  19. MAkes money my ass, it shoots like i’m pissing, and now with all the reserves they fucked up the money calculation and at 2–3k damage i barely do 40k with no premium

  20. Mine is a piece of crap, don’t like it one bit, but i do like a lot the ”russian skorpion”

  21. wtf skill and dez promoting a tank?????? dakil its doing that 2????? hummmm

  22. Jean-Nicolas Fournier

    This is my only t8 tank that I’m happy when I face t10: more damage to farm!

  23. Perfect time to play arty

  24. ? would you care to donate some of your 487 Days of Premium to this F2P? (Civilized_Caveman)

  25. I’ve not played my rhm scorpion since Frontlines. Shall have to dig it out.

  26. Can you please make a tutorial on how the crew management works plz ? all your tanks say “crew incomplete” how does that work ? … it really would be awsome to know more about that ..

  27. I bought it. No regrets, it rocks.

  28. Clickbite titel, and false information
    You did not mention the passive 50% credit bonus from holiday ops
    You are running another 50% credit boost
    Ammo were pre purchased
    Consumables were pre purchased.
    Count all these spends
    And + the credit you spent to upgrade the bounty equipments
    And You will see that elc even makes much more money than this tank

    • What?
      Where in the title did you read out that I made that in 1 battle? +1,000,000 is NO PROBLEM in general.
      But hey, if you want to pick on every single word or wording, then have at it, my friend! 😉
      Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 😉

  29. Skorpion/Skorpion G
    One of the most Famous TD in the game
    Like the name suggested it sting’s like a Skorpion, Stealth like a Skorpion and its pretty fast too

  30. I have a hate or love relationship with the Skorpion. Half the time I die instantly even hanging back trying to snipe or I survive the game win with 2 shots of damage.

  31. 3:03 no it cannot use V-Stab. TD’s and Arties can’t use V-Stabs

  32. It also made millions for WG 😉

  33. It might not care about MM but it really cares about RNG.

  34. ISU-152 full HE.

    Just saying.

  35. pay2win cancer vehicle

  36. @DezGamerz I noticed you forgot to tick ‘Accelerate Crew Training’. Was it on purpose or you just forgot?

    Also IMO the Skorpion isn’t OP. The SU-130PM and GSOR are better premium TDs.

  37. I still don’t understand why wg add skorpion and skorpion g, they are practically the same!

  38. Skorpion: 10100 gold
    Me: allow me to introduced 60k gold and didn’t get bisonte c45!

  39. Skorpion to Skorpion G : I like your cut G

  40. Bison is better to making credits 🤗

  41. Sigma adjusted during honeymoon period… Profit!

  42. I don’t like the TD because there are so many of them. It’s a great tank, but isn’t good for tank diversity, so I don’t plan to get one and will stick to other premiums

  43. Can you buy ammo into reserves so dont use money after battle when resuply? and when theres are discounts for equipment, its there discount for ammo too or not???

  44. give me sure I have 5000 gold

  45. Wargaming is a online fraud company, They have shadow nerfed the scorpion g , It now has fake stats the gun is horrible, It just can not survive in the game, Too many autoloaders

  46. I got a free rental of the tank. I don’t like how derpy the gun is. STRV S1 for me.

  47. Man, the amount of clickbait on this channel recently is just insane!

  48. 10 sec to get unspoted my ebr that spot you for 14 sec

  49. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Not a good setup. EGLD is not a good equipment. Bad choice using it. It is the last option.

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