1 RULE: Double-Shots ONLY with Double-Barreled Tanks!

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Double-Barreled Tanks – TS-54, IS-3-II and ST-II Gameplay. Playing Double-Barreled tanks, but only shooting double shots!

Today I am going do something a bit different. I will play with the double-barreled tanks and I have only rule – Fire Double-Shots ONLY!

What do you think?


  1. Waffeltrage Sias
  2. Never seen this lol

  3. Darrell Symonds

    the amount of CHEATING in this game STILL is unreal

  4. Stéphane Gallay

    That was fun indeed. Now do the T5 Soviet TD! 🙂

  5. 3:04 that was the IS-3A who fired

  6. I wish they could allow u to load different ammo in each barrel

  7. *Furry Station ⓛωⓛ

    where is the SU-2-122?

  8. Old Fart Gaming

    a…double barrel of fun?
    Great Vid Dez

  9. social3ngin33rin

    OP double shot bs >_>

  10. 7:50 Your gun mantlet.

  11. I love that first sound of the double shot. Ill just keep tapping the key while driving sround

  12. Man imagine if this was scaled to match the O-Ho it would be a Land Cruiser. The design screams mini-land cruiser.

  13. Wait, you did 572 damage. Twice! In a row with TS-54

    Is it the max roll or what?

  14. I love the memes. So much better than watching Try-hards, trying hard.

  15. Double barreled tanks su- 2-122,IS-2-2, IS-3-2, ST-II and TS 54 and we see only 3 of them where are other 2

  16. Thanks ! Would of been nice to see the TS-54 vs Obj, 703 Version II 🙂 Keep them coming Dez

  17. Missed a chance to do the tier 5 RU TD as well 😀 But Dez… what kind of equipment loadout on the ST-II is THAT?! I run vents, aiming, IRM on mine, and I don’t feel the need for optics… granted, it’s BOND vents, but still 😂

  18. 16:28 Was that a Dr. Stone reference?

  19. Dez I think battle hits shows individdual hits for double shots.

  20. ST II is criminally under rated

  21. Fun fact when i was young i also could do double shots but now i’m to old for this sh*t :O

  22. I tryed to play ST-II in 7v7… It was such a pain in tha ass 😭

  23. Hi DEZ..I miss so much this kind of vidios ..when u playing live.. like old times.. please do more of these .. specialy when u play with tank that destroy u

  24. Sucks when you unleash a double shot for both to get blocked… 😫

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