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Source: Circon

📺Twitch! https://discord.gg/vnVP5FK


  1. he is one lucky dude… those arties would have killed me 100%, fucking hate arty

  2. And who says WoT doesn’t have a solo play mode .. just have to get a bad team to know it’s already there.

  3. Circon, give us an old man video again, your last one is already 6 years old xD

  4. Yes this is a Jingles kinda Video!

  5. ᐃᑦᑎᓂᖅᓯᐅᑐᖅ ᑕᖅᓴᖅ

    Does nobody fire normal ammo in this game anymore

  6. Didn’t realize Circon still streamed/play WoT’s, I thought he stopped ages ago.

    • Lobotomized Dolphin

      He stopped posting to youtube because he doesn’t make any money there and it doesn’t push a whole lot of traffic to twitch.

  7. nice but try to 3 mark the panzer 5/4 thats 2.5k combined lol.

    • He already has. He now tries to get the final 5 tier 5 tanks 3 marked. And there are some real stinkers among them.

  8. If Jingles post this,he will talk 5 min about that commanders cupola,but that’s why I like Jingles videos.

  9. Beauty of a game by the greatest WoT streamer this side of the Mississippi!

  10. aaron pendergrass

    Another game of circon’s god like luck with potatoe enemies lol

  11. One hell of a carry, almost ruined by that Hetzer but HE Nerf :/

  12. Doing it the right way

  13. Love the videos man!

  14. Keep these videos coming man I always watch them with dinner hahahh

  15. “Take notes.”(?) Find an enemy team the is not that good.

  16. Another classic

  17. Man, that lefh really did everything to throw that game xd

  18. This channel, boys, this is the shit.

  19. 13:45 I like how after 5/6 years Circon only played 1 game with the D.W. 2 and it’s still sitting there with ~1.7k exp in that only battle.

  20. just a random guy

    haha, why the fuck would you earn money using gold rounds?

  21. This better be in a Jingles episode, goddamn.

  22. Full gold spam with tier 5 at top tier mm..?oh come on. Is it supposed to be a called a challege, marking or what….unicum playing btw…its a good battle, but pathetic on all other fronts!

  23. you liar! why do you lie that you killed 9 enemy tanks but you were not alone against 29 tanks – you are a big liar

  24. Circon video sounds like poggers to me. Well played, my dude.

  25. so next u hop on the kv-1SA ? 😀

  26. just a random guy

    @Johnny well if you actually looked at the tanks before using them you would see that gold doesnt increase the damage on either of the tanks… it just increases pen.

    on the t67 it increases it by 38,3%
    on the T110E4 it increases it by 27,2%

    so of course the t67 bullets will be more costly per bullet when it has 11,1% better pen. the damage is purely the fact that its a tier 10 vs a tier 5 which is a fucking massive difference

    on top of this its a lower tier so it should always be more pricey since you should not use gold on lower tiers you should aim to earn money so you can climb the ranks and use gold at the end game (tier 9-10)

  27. @just a random guy I know the gold doesn’t increase the damage, I was replying to Circon about a message he sent me in an earlier video, it’s to do with the gold round conversion rate of cost compared to damage, lower tiers costs more to do damage per point of damage, the tier is irrelevant in the equation.

  28. @0:42 jews did 9/11 – that’s what “kek” means ….

  29. Circon showing us plebeians that all you have to do to win tier 5 matches is 3.3k and kill 2/3rds of the enemy team. Idk Circon, I’ve been used to see 2k base XP games on this channel, the viewer base is gonna need you to step up your game. No not really, well played Circon, nice vid.

  30. Wow. We missed you Circon. I’m a wot player from 2012, but only an occasional player these days, but I remember the good times you had with other CC from previous decade.
    This game need Jingle’s commentary for sure, please send it to him. Welcome back.

  31. Circon makes it ez.

  32. epic keep calm an carry on moment!!!

    salute Circon go well sir

  33. CAll it, ‘ Game of Throws’…They could of had it. if hey grouped up.

  34. how to set to always see enemies hp na right side?

  35. Hetzers not gonna Hetz?

  36. Not even 2k base xp 😛

  37. Nice.

  38. I wrote in a forum post a few months ago that in the early days, this game was 15 v 15 because you only had to win. The only disagreement would be to cap or kill at the end game. And sometimes that screwed up your win, but mostly it worked out. These days the game is more like your title, a 1v29. Between the Daily Missions, Bonus Mission, Personal Campaigns, Battle Pass, Specials, Events, Marathons, 3-marking and Boosting Bots, it is very likely that of the 14 other players on your team, very few have the exact same goal in mind in a random battle. Instead of simply winning, some would rather sacrifice the win and get 1 more kill, or 500 more dmg or 2 more spots, someone desperately needs to track a vehicle or set one on fire… Because of all the extra stuff WG piled on, winning is often not the primary goal for a good amount of players on your own team and for many, winning will actually get in the way and is actively avoided. So these days, you’re lucky if it’s 3 vs 27.

  39. Never heard of this tank. Looks like a KV-1. Was it a German captured KV-1 with German markings?

    Awesome game BTW Circon.


  40. I think you were lucky when Hetzer bounced HEAT on your ass shot.

  41. Definitely send it to Jingles 😀 I love seeing your games with his commentary haha.

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