1 vs 5 in my Wz132A – Can I do it? – World of Tanks

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Source: LemmingRush

Sorry about the audio, Itll be fixed in not next video but the one after, cheers!


  1. Hi lemming! Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Do you have any one best tip for the wz132

    • the best tip about the chinese light line is to grind the soviet one instead 😉

    • @László Herbut I love the Chinese light line.

    • @Peter Johnson they do look sexy af but they are seriously underpowered compared to the other light lines 🙂 there is rarely an occasion when I think I would rather be in my chinese light instead of my t100lt or t54 light .. gun handling just kills them for me and I haven’t even mentioned that magical chinese gun depression 😀

    • @László Herbut You don’t have to because I play with them every day. I hardly think you can compare a tier 10 T100LT with a tier7 or 8 WZ-131 OR A WZ-132.

    • @Peter Johnson I was more talking about the whole line in general. Tier 7 and 8 the chinese are the strongest but i feel compered to other lines still not offer anything special . When I want a good tier 7 light I usually go for the t71 (you can even opt for an autoloder if you want to) and in tier 8 the bulldog still reign supreme .. I don’t say the chinese once are unplayable or anything but they really dont have any characteristic witch is “best in the class” tier for tier (other then the sexy looks). I still had fun playing them when I was grinding the line but I stopped around tier 9 because I was loosing every matchup against other T9 lights .. but thats only me maybe I played them badly 🙂

  3. EU SQAUD ?

  4. Hey Lemming. I’m a 2600ish wn8 player and really struggling with consistency, especially in the new meta. I just wanted to let you know that your videos have shown me how to change my playstyle massively. My problems are still there of course but you’ve got some amazing pieces of advice. Cheers,.

  5. just found the channel, very informative and fun to watch!

  6. Interesting analysis. thanks Lemming.

  7. I would have capped once the Leo died

    • U a uniqum bro? Damn right ur not

    • You never would’ve capped out and on a corridor map like this there would’ve been no exit route. Trying to cap out in this situation lowers your chances on winning imo

    • @Marty Shaw nah you could.. the E75 was incredibly conservative and indecisive and the 704 was too into his own world.. he was a uncooperative team mate.. I would have banked on then being too slow and too uncooperative.. timed it til when they were milling about at 4/5 mins paralysed at indecision .. then triggered the cap.. they would trundle back and both be wanting the other to take one hit

    • @Ыуат май it was the highest probability to win… I’ve been primarily a light tank driver for 5 years.. u can sense the sort of ppl they have driving about

  8. But what if you use tea and pudding instead of coffee? Does that increase the two hrs?

  9. Lol. Humble lemming. Your last remaining teammate just died before you got that amx. So it was 1 vs 6 and not five.

  10. You are lemmingrush, therefore you can do it.

  11. Isn’t this tank horrible ?

  12. Great video! Btw really want to see you stream again 🙂

  13. Anemiko Cheeseburger

    I watched the Chinese light line video by skill4ltu. Is the tier 9 and 10 really that bad?

  14. Hey. Dude , wassup ?

  15. Its ST eye, not ST one

  16. *[nervous chuckling]*

  17. Hi Lemming, I just wanted to thank you for all your informative videos. I use to be 200 WN8 tomatoe but now my recent stats are about 700 and on a few vehicles I even have green to blue wn8.

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