10.0 Matchmaker | Decompression of the Modern Tank Mess (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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10.0 Matchmaker | Decompression of the Modern Tank Mess (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

Thumbnail – https://live.warthunder.com/post/747915/en/


  1. just for the future… would you guys like me to gamma boost night battles? Or just leave them how it is?

  2. Loving the unloved : He 162 salamander..
    Take this honour challenge and fly as an Ace out there

  3. mutiracialbeatdownPB

    This is very unfair to the M1, it’s very underpowred vs the 2A4 and Type 90

  4. There’s many different parts of the Leopard 2’s engine and transmission. Two distinct whines in particular, the turbo spooling and the gearbox’s gear whine. That’s why you hear two whines at different pitches sometimes. This is what War Thunder engines lack, gearbox whines and proper dynamic turbo spooling and down spooling. Currently there’s 12 engine sounds per engine type in War Thunder and only 12 or so types; 4 “on power” rpm loops from idle to max rpm, 4 “off power” rpm loops from idle to max rpm and 4 “load soundbites” (the ones you hear when you throttle for the first time). There is currently only 2 loops for forced induction in the game and they’re just loops, with no distinct down spool sounds and while some engine sounds are nice and near spot on they still lack a lot of real layering that the actual engines have. TL;DR Engines have more layers of sound, the Leopard 2’s engine has many distinct noises and layers (gear whines, turbos, down spools) and Gaijin needs to implement these layers for all engines to create richer sounds.


  6. AP shells don’t melt steel beams

  7. pleeeease turn off the gamma!!!!!!! im begging you

  8. Xm-1 players in a nutshell – “Ok I’m going to push him, oh nvm he just stayed there.”

  9. Is the Abrams in this game the M1 monkey model?
    (usually “M” or base model, e.g. T-72M)
    Or does it have Depleted Uranium armor and such, like more modern/United States versions? (M1A1/A2)

  10. Thunder War

  11. No turbo,No life!!!

  12. Constantinos Veletas

    *W H O A*

  13. There’s some audio things it’d be nice to have in game. Like the blue note the Gloster Meteor has.

  14. Rifa Andika Pratama

    look at that golden eagle phly have

  15. Love the vid phly… the gamma boost was a nice touch

  16. God of destruction mode gotten M1 abrams and F-86 sabre attempt #30

  17. Armando Rodrigues

    10.0 Matchmaking is a good first step but considering the things yet to come they should seriously consider stretching the current lineup to at least 11.0 or 11.3 for the M1’s, Leo2A4, Type90, etc… that would automatically make any future top addition (T-82, T-72, M1IP or M1A1 or M1A1HA or M1A1HA+ or M1A1HC, etc…) place at BR 12.0 and not recreate the same problem all over again
    of course that would mean some BR’s would become empty but it is their fault for introducing the top BR tanks without creating the steps/foundation for their matchmaking, simply put they should have added enough stop gap designs to link from the more conventional tanks at 8.0 to the new era tanks that will now be 10.0

  18. hope this means france gets the AMX-56 soon at 10.0

  19. Have you heard of the game Tanktastic? Just wondering if you would
    Like to try a free and fun tank game for Mobile and PC.

  20. So that’s why there were so many questions this morning…

  21. turn up gamma is cancer

  22. > it’s night
    >night battle
    > turn up brightness
    > *gamma bosted*
    > eyes: AAAAAAAAAAAA

  23. But isn’t Leopard made by euro capitalist pig ?

  24. yo, gamma boost, wtf waaaay to much, SOME not ALL you know?

  25. It kinda sounds like you can hear the turbo diesel from sniper/inside the tank view. Idk why they would do that.

  26. Raihan Ath Thariq

    With the tiger,man can you??

  27. Garbage kill dude?
    I want kills like that happen to me more often !

  28. Now Thats what i called a good meme 188Tons Stoped by Lil Fench

  29. i love it

  30. T64A or B and Abremas no chance T90 or Leo allways win

  31. Its a beast:-)

  32. Stupid move gaijin

  33. is it just me or the US really needs the M1A1 or the M833 shell because now the abrams is underpreforming compared to the leo2a4 and your teams are garbage so its only fair if they give a better tank like they did for the germans

  34. this game is stupid russian shit bias game…

  35. OMG who wonna play this in 2018 :P………

  36. H.35 tanks vs stukas, B2s. Like this comment if you like the idea xD.

  37. William Brighton

    Phlee, you need to bring out the He 111 H-6 and use the fritz X bomb from space to nuke some unsuspecting ships!!!

  38. Germansherman 383

    But the t64bv won’t be 10.0?

  39. BERNUS The Unsalty

    Hears the sound of the turbo

    *bust a nut*

  40. lol germany is also a capitalist country

    • In war thunder the Germans still uses the WW2 Nazi flag so yeah let’s go kill some capitalist pigs for the führer

  41. Phly you should do a video on the type 90, we haven’t seen anything of it since the dev server.

  42. Isu 253

  43. What about the Amx 40 t64


  45. The night vision thing blinded me every time the shell impacted the tank

  46. Is the Leo 2a4 or 2a7 stronger then Abrams

  47. planes should be banned from tank battles

  48. Uhmm 10.0 tanks maybe Bradley, M1A1 $ M1A2 Abrams, T-72 Challenger 2, Leopard 2 etc. In my own opinion

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