10 Guns on IS-3 and Tesla Hetzer, New Meta in 2020! | World of Tanks MEME Review

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks MEME Review, and Memes about World of Tanks. “New Premium Tanks” in Loot Boxes – Tesla Cybertruck, Hetzer Edition on -3 with 10 Cannons.

I will always be providing free entertainment and content for you, but it really helps the channel out!

Today I am going to bring back one of the most requested series, MEME Review: World of Tanks Edition.

Today I have many ones, which got me off guard and I was able to get quite a few laughs out from them. Hopefully you can do that too. 🙂

On the top of that, there are some more free stuff up for grabs from Dezmas 2019, good luck!

Enjoy the show!


  1. ⛔Beasts, in the episode I said I have 2,500 Gold + a Tier 8 premium tank to give away, but I am actually going to give away *2 x 2,500 + that premium tank!* ⛔
    Thanks Raid, for making it possible for the Beasts, check it out over at IOS: http://bit.ly/2YtuZbB or ANDROID: http://bit.ly/34ZW6NO ❤?

  2. Username: vilikettu
    Server: EU
    Meme: My intelligence is limitless

  3. IS-3-MMXX meme

  4. Anonymous_Pigmy
    WG bouble barrel meme…….

  5. username: Pop_junior
    server: EU
    best meme : battle bus tog

  6. Username: Balonknight
    Server: Asia
    Favorite meme: The Powerhouse Rheinmetall Panzerwagen

  7. Username: elodiu
    Server: eu
    Favorite meme: “my intelligence is limitless”

  8. Username: matejblack
    Server: EU
    Favourite meme from the episode: Thought it was a fitting template

  9. Name: dreamerman
    Server: EU
    Meme: The Tesla Hetzer

  10. Username: tarjandavid
    Server: NA
    Favorite meme: my intelligence is limitness

  11. Ripanna Yuki Hashim

    username: MiAceX
    server: Asia
    Favourite Meme : Laughing in balance

  12. Im sorry Dez, you make awesome videos, but every time I see you advertising I give you thumbs down. I cant stand youtubers that advertise

  13. Username: magnum1998
    Server: EU
    Meme: Every EBR play

  14. Hi there i m pataaskir from eu server. the best meme for me was the ine with the ebr

  15. Username:_Vajco_
    Server: eu
    meme: drowning is-4 and e100

  16. User: Randz7
    Server: ASIA
    Favorite Meme: the box KV-2 one with tom hahaha

  17. Once I flipped my maus…

  18. Nick: MLCro_2002
    Server: eu
    Meme:my inteligence is limitless

  19. Username: HolyHunter
    Server: EU
    Favorite meme: My intelligence is limitless

  20. username: McCyC
    server: EU
    meme: *laughs* in balance*
    I had my e100 for over 5 years now and played 50 battles or so because I just couldn’t take it anymore, IS4 bought 5 years ago, not a single battle played, I’m too scared.

  21. xXK4L1NXx


    Tank cat memes would be even better tho

  22. Meme: my intelligence in limitless
    Name: 2deshadowmaster
    Server: EU

  23. Username: rappekef
    Server: EU
    Answer: The one about driving the wheeled vehicle.

  24. the meme with IS-MMXX was my favourite IGN : pipjivko : Surver : EU

  25. The Hetzer truck meme is my favourite, but I also liked the light tank flip on mines.
    Name: juliandejunkinl
    Server: EU

  26. Mango1971 EU server Favorite meme: Moments before losing the hill

  27. Did you know the german POWERHOUSE? 😀

    Jana13 EU

  28. Username: husy01
    Server: EU
    meme: KV-2 as Tom

  29. username: dubbel_kill
    Server: EU
    Favorite meme: Seeing your face xD

  30. username: KingGeorgetheRabid
    server: Asia
    meme: my intelligence is limitless

  31. Username: omeexxx
    Favorite meme is: laughs in balance ?

  32. Username: PixelDotOriginal
    Server: EU
    Meme: Send udes!

  33. Username: datumkiller
    Server: EU
    Answer: laughs in balance 4:46

  34. Username: ade0n
    Server: EU

    Best meme: My intelligence is limitless. To do that, u truly must be special :))

  35. fav. meme: EVERY SINGLE ONE 🙂
    Name: DerEnthusiast
    Server: EU

  36. Username: Er_JV
    Server: EU
    Best meme: momento before losing the hill

  37. Username: Warrior1945
    Server: Eu
    Fav. meme: Tonks

  38. E100 and IS4 drowning

  39. Favorite meme – Tesla truck Hetzer
    Username – Capt_Arja
    Server – Asia Server

  40. My fav was with auto loading wheeled arty 😀 Reguslav server eu 🙂

  41. My favourite meme? Definitely the 10 barrel IS-3 tank/artillery. BobPro1 from the EU server

  42. Name :Hessovica
    Server :EU
    Best meme: My inteligence is limmitless

  43. Username: pugnare5
    IGN: eu
    Favourite meme was the is3 mmxx 😀

  44. Username: valhappy
    Server: eu
    Favorite meme: the spongebob one 😉

  45. premium ammo loaded all game agaisnt tier6 i clicked without noticing and at the end i found that i have no more ammo exept somme AP

  46. Username: SirGusta
    Server: EU
    Meme: The Teseledzer

  47. Username: monster9806 Server
    Server: EU
    A: the first one was the best ??

  48. Username: SneakPeak_NL
    Server: EU
    My favorite meme has been laughing in balance xD

  49. Username : XChasseurX
    Server : EU
    Favorite meme : how to balance 430U

  50. Wraith Executioner

    Username: 123456789_
    Server is eu
    Favourite Meme is laughing in balance

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