10-Shot Machine Gun, The Craziest Gun in World of Tanks? | AT-7 Autoloader Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Graziest Guns in The Game – Autoloader? World of Tanks AT-7, Tier 7 British Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks Best Battles, Best Replays.

Today I am going to show you one of most ridiculous tank setups in World of Tanks – The AT-7 tank destroyer with 10-round autoloader. This thing is going to be a surprise to everything and everyone it meets on the battlefield! 🙂

Have fun!

► Player: Meeeee!


  1. Not 10 seconds in and I’m already throwing up my lungs from laughter

  2. Fun staff but for me its not now bcs my state 🇭🇷 hit by an earthquake of 6.2 and some of the people die 😢😢

  3. ”Mom i want to buy AMX 13 57 ”
    Mom – ”We have amx 13 57 at home”
    Amx 13 57 at home :

  4. That commander though

  5. You know you camp too much when one of the slowest arty in the game come and shotgun you x)

  6. Around 12:25 video is black for under a min

  7. Good morning Dez ❤️

  8. Btw why are you not using equipment for bons? It has bigger bonus

  9. 24k silver for 700 damage
    Dez: “it’s free real estate”

  10. 12:24 Black screen 🙁

  11. A-10: brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    AT-7 : brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  12. Chi-Ri also has a autoloader and can use gun rammer

  13. I saw nothing besides blackscreen 😂

  14. this build is only for players have shit ton oof premium tanks and 1yr or more yrs of premium account and huge number of boosters and items. lol

  15. I love the tank but I skipped the stock gun. May have to go back and try it out!

  16. The guy couldn’t even camp out the loss right, got shotgunned by an arty instead, now that’s just embarrassing.

  17. Notification Gang Check! We lit!

  18. Anyone relaised that he speaks the commander

  19. It’s churchill III gun 😄

  20. Why the black screen before the last battle? Or in the last battle… Happy new year

  21. this gun deserves a Bruce Lee aoud track:” wa dadadadadadadadada Wa~da!”

  22. I got ten rounds one for each of ya…..

  23. 110 pen with this gun its silly in tier 7 destroyer

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  26. is this a premium or everyone can have it?

  27. we need a platoon of this

  28. dezgamez can u giveaway gold again plz
    🙁 i want to buy the ELC EVEN 90 im a poor player with
    0 gold …

  29. I have tried this setup and I just can not make it work. I get uptiered so much and can not pen anything without spending ridiculous amounts of credits on “special” ammo.

  30. Dez play the Cruiser III with the stock autoloader wich a Shell Costs 1 credit in

  31. Wg going to nerf this now

  32. Smaller channel: *makes great meme content*
    Bigger channel “I’ll use that and never say where i took the idea from”

  33. The commender delay it s anoying

  34. Very nice 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  35. dez you should try AT8 with stock gun, fully upgraded modules =3800 dpm on a tier 6, i use that and dame its fun 1,5 sec reload

  36. krunoslav barišić

    Haha LOL

  37. I only play this tank with the autoloader. I did 4k dmg in it once

  38. First burst clip I fired from this tank-gun: 7 crits, zero damage, as had just been predicted by someone on the team.

  39. nice tank

  40. Just like a hentai MC: Shoting multiple loads fast

  41. Great vid, I followed up your tips and got one too, only my crew is a bit “fresh”, I’m not the best TD player but am practicing to improve my skills and patience and strategy because you have to think ahead with a sloooooow beast like this one 😉 Please donate large boxes with gold for APCR ammo, my WOT in-game name is the same as my YT name haha

  42. 2400/shot..this is the credit gun!

  43. I miss old MT-25 🙁

  44. Best way to burn credits

  45. do a HE only version!!!!

  46. Yasss! AT-7 with machine gun is great 😁 so much fun

  47. Hey Dez just a fyi there’s some editing thingo that flashes a black screen, unless thats an effect

  48. Pz.II: im the real machine gun
    Pz.I C: No! I am!!
    AT 7: Ametures!!
    Pz.II and Pz.I C: what was that punk!!?
    AT 7: *Ametures!*

  49. WTF E100 hidden easter egg

  50. Lol… That prog.46 Be like: Dafu* ??

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