10 Years in World of Tanks Feels Crazy – Thank You, Beasts

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Source: DezGamez

10 Years of World of Tanks Content – Gameplays, Epic Battles, Epic Moments, , Face Off, Challenges and So So Much More! for Being Part of This Absolutely Crazy Journey!

Today I celebrate my 10th Anniversary of making content about World of Tanks. I have seen the good, the bad, the ugly in this game… But despite all that, I am still here! I just want to say thank you for tuning in, for being so awesome and supportive!

Here's to another 10?


  1. Bratislav Cvetkovic

    Thank you for every amazing content Dez, specialy for informative content, I find only you to read news with such passion. Congrats.



  2. Happy 10th anniversary Dezman!

  3. No. We thank you! Nice evolution of your content. And all subs you have are deserved 🙂 Keep going.

    Nick: RedScreenA
    Server: EU

  4. Gz on the 10 years
    Eu sv
    CRYthe name

  5. Wish i could have been subbed to you from the very first video. O well, rather late than never i suppose.. :). Thank you for the great content and all your commitment

  6. Love your videos! You have so much crazy and random video ideas that other content creators dont have! 🙂
    Server: EU
    Nickname: KillroY2

  7. Congratulations, this video was very nosztalgic, I like your content in every way, thank you!! Eu jakabdaniel7698

  8. 10 years later Ensk is still a terrible map


  9. Congratulations and thank you for all the content and news


  10. RedArmoredBear M_E_K

    Dezoooo!! I’m around 3 years! ^_^

  11. 10yrs playing with yourself! I’m surprised you’re not blind already 😉

    Headless_Rooster, EU

  12. i like you so much ! You a good human
    Name: Aniima
    Server: EU

  13. One shots still happen…10 years of fun&frustration.
    Rumpumpel (EU)

  14. damn this is so long ago, still love your content. Have a great day
    Username: destroier33

  15. Congratulations!!!


  16. Congrats DZ.. 10 years.. i’m old fan for you..
    Name: trouble5

  17. Wow 🙂 nice, nice, nice 😀
    Good times and the best ones are up ahead 🙂
    bolid_cat eu

  18. Congrats. Where can I find out how long I’ve been subscribed to you!?

    oinked, EU

  19. Thank you Dez for all the great and funny content you make, congratulations!

  20. Congrats on 10 years of dedication

    mpolic2000, EU

  21. Graphic became way better but everything has to have balance so balance in tanks went to shit. You get something but you lose way more when it comes to WoT PC.

  22. Thank you Dez for all of the consistently awesome content. Perhaps not so consistent at first, but you are always a beast. Take care.

  23. Congratulations for the 10 years of content! Lets go for another 10!


  24. I like your first video, at least it has epic end 😀
    name: Pargavit
    server: EU

  25. it’s so crazy to think about it that you kept playing after all those years without having allot of subscribers and always kept a good mood now your a proud father had an awsome time watching you
    (for giveaway username: spongebob444 (clan IAMC) i know it’s a horrible name but i don’t have the gold to chance it.

  26. What a trip down memory lane !! Keep it up dez!! Vontassen Eu server

  27. Wow thank you for that clip at the of the type 59 that just brang back so many memories. Do you remember how op the hill on mines was before physics, just drive over the edge and shoot engine decks with HE hahaha good times

  28. Dez, congratulations on the tenth anniversary and all the best in further work!
    VojvodinaSilbas EU

  29. The Sanity Assassin

    You’re an inspiration Dez, like the last clip in the vid… never give up never give in.
    Here’s to another 10 years of quality content.

  30. Great video! On to the next 10 years!

  31. Don’t know if I can fight the urge to just put “something” in the comment section


  32. Keep it up!!!! U are LEGEND !!!
    Server :EU
    Username: _ AbbatH _

  33. If you are about to award me, roll the dice again, someone is in bigger need

  34. This is really nostalgic, how the microphone sounds and how was graphic completely elsewhere. I really like how the tank going through those tracks, that animation 😀
    _Blacked EU

  35. I am glad that you persevere all those years keep it up Dez. Folkisher on NA server

  36. I Wish we all could Go back to this old times and have fun together…

  37. Gratz on the 10 years Dez!
    My premium time ran out today, and I don’t think I’m re-upping. My time with World of Tanks has come to an end (for the most part, I might play special modes if they look cool). I TRY to play for “fun”, but it’s just too frustrating any more. On to greener pastures 🙂

  38. Just wish I’d found your channel back then, it’s been a fun ride!
    Name: Smegg666
    Server: NA

  39. That Type 59 clip is nuts, but interesting to see that there were paid actors even back then 😀
    Congrats on 10 years!

    flatsch EU

  40. Congrats! I was Free to Play for many years, and still have the bad habits from grinding, but remember the same path, goal reaching, and frustration. Thanks for the step back. NA Start2

  41. Always a class act!! Congrats on 10 years Dez!


  42. Hope we will see another one in ten years Dez
    User. Yan6956
    Server: EU

  43. Love you, Dez (no homo)


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