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Source: QuickyBaby

Here's what 10 years of QuickyBaby's in World of Tanks, and other games, looks like!



  1. thank you

  2. in the past there more emotional on your face, preciate it

  3. You really feel old when you realize that you play thatr game since the open beta ….

  4. your chair survives same follower like me watching you since 2012

  5. Been watching for bout 8-9 of those ten years. It feels great to see someone last so long and stay so happy with what they are doing. Good luck to you, hope you can enjoy another 10.

  6. please just shave and cut your hair again!!

  7. God speed Quicky, for another 10 more years my boy!!

  8. Must be time to reupholster the chair for another 10 years of streaming!

  9. Please more Rust action

  10. UltamiteSlacKer

    I rermember wathcing your 7 year video a, nd watching you react to your first F bomb, “ahhh F-Bomb” Lol

  11. UltamiteSlacKer

    One thing that hasn’t changes in the 10 years QuickBaby, is your bloody. laugh mate, congrats on 10 years mate, you better enjoy WoT as much as you can now, you may not have much more time

  12. I was gonna say the chair still age the same well….

  13. daniel klobucaric

    Thx you QB for the first 10 years of your wonderful content, watching you make me happy and I hope to see your next 10 year anniversary video too. Gl and hf, QB.

  14. nice vid,my account have this year 10th birthday

  15. good stuff qb! thanks for creating all these contents for us, been watching you since 2013 and its hard to believe its almost 10 years! keep up with the good stuff!

  16. Well done, Will. Great job, Peppidy!

  17. That chair is legendary

  18. Glad to be Here as a latecomer- although i havent been too active recently, but- GG 😀

  19. Huge love for you and your terrible Content! Also a favourite moment for me was when you played The Last of Us 2 on Stream.

  20. You’re the best !

  21. bendegúz szabó

    It was such a memory lane for me as well. I started playing in primary school, and now im in uni, and although i haven’t been watching you since the beginning, I have as many good memories with you as with the game itself. Congrats, and thanks for the great content and this great video!

  22. just watching the chair getting older n older n older

  23. wow i remember when the garage looked like that . and premium had a different one . i also remember before physics where you could actually go to the edge of the cliff and not fall off and shoot down at enemies. good times 2012.

  24. Snow Blackfrost

    Can’t believe I’m watches this guy for 10 years already time sure flies

  25. Followed you since 2012. Listened to the whole speech, thanks to you quackybabs.

  26. Zoltán Kovács

    Happy 10 years! Let it be 10 more at least!

  27. The clips with Jingles and Ik are so amazing and funny to watch, I wish you did more collabs in the future

  28. Congrats on the 10 years bro

  29. NorthernUnion13

    Did you start out as an arrogant that or did that develop over the 10 years?

  30. I enjoyed this video so much.. incredible journey, keep up the good work!

  31. Nenad Kitanović

    10 years ago the game was more realistic then now.

  32. Aaaaw memories! I wish I’d started playing in those days! Love your content QuickyBaby!

  33. The Spiffing Brit

    *The evolution over the years is insane! Hats off QB!*


    I have tears in my eyes.


    This video brought back so many memories, hope to you the best man.

  36. Incredible video and incredible human being, Thank you Tanya and Thank you Will, let’s go for another decade of adventures ! 🙂

  37. Daniel1988 Jones

    Thankyou Tanya and of course thankyou QB for all the years you have given me and the community for the live entertainment.


  39. Get yourself a new chair!!! 😉

  40. ADonutPlaysGames

    Been following your content for almost all 10 of these epic years (first followed you on Twitch on September 26th 2013), a bit longer on YouTube over two accounts (this one being my main one now). It has been an absolute pleasure seeing you grow and become the awesome scrub that you are today. I can also say that your terrible, terrible content has made me better as a player, so thank you very much!

    Here is to the next 10 years Quackybabs. I may not be around much on Twitch these days, but I always make time to watch your YouTube content. Take it easy dude and best wishes to both you & Tanya.

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