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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. i actually really liked this thing. its one of my most successful tier 7 meds 😀


  3. Yay he did upload the match tho by the way and HD ferdi with the shoot 105 mm in the last game before this

  4. Misery Loves Company

    God i hate that tank

  5. Who remembers the mission of the crack team scientist in this stream tho who ever saw the stream yesterday tho so funny

  6. This tank killed my motivation for this line. I despise you sometimes circon.

  7. I love this tank…

  8. TVP VTU is the tank that made me want to kill myself, fuck that tank and fuck WG for making it shit

    • Gewel nah it’s fine haha the front has tons of weakspots and that tumor on top of the turret… Plus that extra armor makes it slower and has less pen than a Cromwell but it has better gun stats and the higher alpha with food, vents, BIA gives it the same DPM as a Cromwell… I run mine with the upgraded gun rammer, vents so it’s got a very good 2.6-2.8K dpm? I’m not 100 percent sure… That’s with food being run since with a decent game without premium account you’ll still make 10K credits even with food

    • Bryan Nieves But that DPM is a problem. It’s fucking cancer. I don’t want to be forced to load gold for a T-34-85 cause if I bounce once he can just fucking shit on me. And that’s not OK

    • Sebastien van Tiggele

      Griffin Faulkner YES i bought the tank lately, played around 100 games in it and got my marks up to about 93% but DAMN… this one needs a buff wen they make it HD next patch. The T-44 does everything better except being small and having a bit more camo.

    • Gewel yeah you gotta load gold on basically everything… I rarely do cause I aim at weakspots plus with food and everything the snapshots at close range tend to hit

    • namingisalwaysthehardestpart

      Bryan Nieves the 85m has reeeally trollish armor that can bounce a LOT of things at an angle and has about the same mobility as the regular 85. It has 1 less pen than the cromwell, not a huge difference. The only problem i have with it is the bullshitly high dpm that needs to be nerfed to the ground.

  9. RIP Jangles 🙁

  10. T34 100% Bias

  11. What mod do you use that displays the enemy armor values below the reticle?

  12. OK 1st how many goats do we have to slaughter . 2nd which satanic ritual did you perform to get that hitrate.

  13. Cornelius Qvist Tøpholm

    This tenk?

  14. T 34 100 gun btw

  15. I am early papa Circon. Notice me! 😀

  16. Love that ARL-44 trying to window-lick the hill.

  17. Remember the days when T-34-85 to the T-43 and KV-13 all had that gun? And people complain about OP tanks today lol >.>

  18. Hacks? It’s not a horrible tank but… oh fuck it.. it is horrible 🙂

  19. Circon, they changed something in mikro-patch. My M4 45 started to hit like stupid (on 105mm). I can send you a replay

  20. This thing , t34-1 and panther 1 are my favourite t7 tanks…a bit outdated , but fun 🙂

  21. I have also a better hitrate – or a better RNG (?) if I use premium ammo. And it has nothing to do with a higher Shell velocity if I hit or miss a sitting target. I never tried it with food. Sometimes i have the feeling that this premium stuff gives some kind of RNG bonus.

    • Eos Laverde with prem you are probably aiming for center of mass which in return would make it hit more compared to small weakspots that are harder to hit

    • No not really. I have sometimes targets which are too strong to press only the 2 key and hit the autoaim. For example some AT’s (I drive often lights). Everyone knows where their weakpoints are. AT’s are slow and it should not be a problem to pen them “IF you hit their weakspots” and that is the problem.
      From 5 shots AP – 1 hits from approx ~100m distance. With premium I guess I hit 3 from 5. Remember we do not dicuss if I can pen or not. We discuss if I hit a target zone or not. After 20K games I have a bad feeling using standard ammo in some important situations. Standard Ammo is simply not reliable enough to hit a target – again we do not speak if I pen the target. The result is that I shoot more premium ammunition as needed for targets which are under normal circumstances easy to pen.

    • I find it’s a better hit rate too, but I think maybe it’s because I’m thinking, mostly subconsciously…”every one of these shots is gonna cost a butt load…make them count.” I don’t really overtly worry about it, it’s just always there in the back of my mind. I’m a non premium player.

  22. stupid tank , no armor , bad aim time , nothing good about it , it’s stupid

  23. I jave had a 100% hit ratio ace tanker in my Hummel once. That is not something you get everyday. Pig guns can be really troll.

  24. Guys is not the tank is the person who drives and shoots the tank

    Is Circonflexes he can hit pretty much everything 😉

  25. checkm8 atheists

  26. When I play this tank, I make 3k damage and lose anyway, or play like a beginner…

  27. The34/100 is fantastic.

  28. What black magic is this?!

  29. Hey, I am the one that is 1st on the March of Nations thingy with this tank 😀 For me the gun is not really so bad, as I am used to tiers 5 and 6 guns and they have the same (if not worse) gun handling as this, but usually much lower pen and alfa for its tier.

    Anyways, I was playing really well yesterday morning (and thus got 1st, luckily) but then it ended and I am playing like a braindead again. Yeah, it’s not about the tank…

  30. This is what dreams are made of.

  31. What is his nickname in wot maybe I saw him :/

  32. I have to say, this tank surprised me a lot… was expecting terrible things, but its AWESOME 😀 however what comes next (VTU…omg)

  33. Yesterday I played with amx 12 t it’s 6 tier light… So I spotted tiger 1 I made 2 Shoots and 2 nd shoot amoracked him so with 2 shots I made 1.185 dmg at beginning of game xD fuck it was awesome I ended with 3.5 k dmg that day it was awesome ?

    • West Coast Warriors Archive

      Did something similar with the T71 took 3 shots at a t-54 first one bounced, second hit for damage third one and the t-54 exploded. I just sat there for a second wondering what happened.

  34. Can someone tell me how he can tell people to fuck off and they fuck off but when I did it it’s the opposite? Is it a streamer’s magic?

  35. Unicum RNG confirmed 😛 … gg

  36. Leann Rimes – Are You Ready for a Miracle?

  37. I really like this tank! Can’t understand other players… :/

  38. Always amazing to see a team take the hill in the east almost without opposition. What’s even going on inside the heads of the other team?
    “Let’s not rush and fight for this immensely important location. Let’s just let the enemy command a spectacular view of nearly the entire battlefield while we skulk around in the middle of the map.”
    Yeah. And how did that work out for you?
    Random battles. Fucking hell.

    • deployedkitty agreed, teams that dont push the good ground are the reason more games end in like 4 minutes these days.

  39. whut how??? This tank is beyond terrible ;-;

  40. @Circon can you please attach the Memepack you’re using thanks

  41. Maybe all the conspiracy fuckwits are right and you do get better rng than the rest of us because when I played that shitbox it couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn from the inside.

  42. and the one shot that bounced off of was a Cromwell. Herpaderp.

  43. Well tank is still a POS, but you will get a game like this or two before the end of the grind with a 100%.

  44. No arta, no cry ahahahahahha

  45. For anyone that hasnt played this tank.. My God its Awful!! circon is running food and a 4 skill crew and its just playable! Its by far the worst tank in the game. Ive snap shot tanks and missed from 50 meters. Fully aimed shots into dirt. Best way to play this tank is “You Dont”!!

  46. “I think Jingles is a happier man for not playing this game”… exactly; as far as I know I’m a waaaaay happier man since I do not play WoT nor WoWs, after a week not playing I found myself not trying like a mad man to find excuses to play. WG products are dangerously close to be “online heroine”.

  47. Absolutely love this tank! Its one of my all time favorites!

  48. Keel haul someone under a tank? Circon, tanks don’t have a keel.

  49. When are you going to 3-mark the TVP VTU?

  50. As always a bad tank played by Circon becomes a good tank. GG

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