100% MEATBALL ARMOR + The Italian Nuclear Round (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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100% MEATBALL ARMOR + The Italian Nuclear Round (War Thunder)


  1. *hey about the thumbnail, i just wanted to make sure you knew what i was talking about. MERRY XMAS EVE FELLAS*

  2. Threatful > Threatening

  3. I see those rivers in vietnam map, and all i can think is gunboats and tanks together.

  4. The Maus has more filler.

  5. how u get eagles without purchase!!!

  6. Hi Phly,i am Louis,can you play Panzer IV H to take 7 kill
    Attempt again #04

  7. u are lagging

  8. Merry Christmas bro,having a break at the resort and watched your vids

  9. Merry Christmas

  10. Merry Phlymas everyone!!!!!

  11. New challenge: Shoot down a plane with Breda 501 rear gunners.

  12. Everyone is a gamer :3

    I don’t have some nuts but I can give u my baguette

  13. Appreciate the knucks bro I’m alone this week and watching your vids?at least someone’s here for me lol ?‍♂️

  14. LOVE YOUR VIDS! You never talk about how easily things like this are killed if someone packs like 5 high exp rounds for safety sake. I got like 4 today one shot with muh high ex. My Meatballs are spicier!

  15. happy leo a1a1 Christmas phly

  16. “There fucking meatballs” – phly 2k18

  17. Is this a better KV-2?? maybe..anyways, I was eying this “tank” for so long but I wasnt sure it would be good. now I do

  18. Hey Phly, thanks for all the videos! It does mean a lot knowing no matter what happens that there is always PhlyDaily videos to watch! New or old, they are all awesome and often have been a big pick-me-up. Merry Christmas!

  19. im here for you too you phly bastard

  20. Hmm, now I know why my panzer iv F2 was damn near launched into the air by this thing…

  21. fly is family !!!

  22. depession always get you killed lol see what i did there?

  23. T R W Z.G. R SG PENIS merry xmas??

  24. Could do a video called “this tank turns the enemy to pasta” or something close to that

  25. I jumbo, you jumbo, he she we JUMBO

  26. Merry Christmas Phly

  27. Meat balls are from SWEDEN

  28. As a fan of Robin Williams, I am offended.

  29. Tank Comander Ice_King10111

    I enjoyed spending most my holidays with you phly, my mom and dad gone to Europe and left me behind with my brother who works most the time but get some eggnog or hot coco, get some cookies / sweets, and a laptop to play war thunder and im good xD

  30. You have to stop yelling to introduce these videos man

  31. Merry Xmass and happy new year, Phly. You are lovable bastard, stay the way you are :-).

  32. phly you missed the golden opportunity for the video title “LET’S GET THIS BREDA”

  33. 13:02 To answer your question Phly “Yes you can shoot down the propaganda megaphones, in fact me and my friend in a privet custom battle shot all of them down, one was so hard to hi in a tank, I had to get in a helicopter to AGM it, it was on the room of the white house in the Vietnam map.

  34. in my game i have no italian vehicles how do i get them?

  35. others in christmas eve:*party hard and opening presents*
    me:*watch hentai and phly videos*

  36. Red shed redemption

  37. Can you show us how MiG-15 ISh works with those rockets? Its hard to use for me.

  38. Phly take out the 2.0 M15/42! It’s 3.5 second reload makes this tank OP

  39. Are you playing retards or are pc gamers clueless lol prolly the same thing lol because on console you would have died countless times.

  40. Please make a video about the Kv 1B in the German tree

  41. 3:58

  42. Why not Angelo? i know somany Angelos in Italy that i have to label them Angelo A Angelo B all the way to G
    It is statistically impossible that one of your crew isnt an Angelo

  43. A counter for the M4A3E2?

  44. A.C. IV
    Attempt #103

  45. In this channel is no video with T-55am1 please make it atempt:1

    Sorry for bad english

  46. I’m really enjoying these vid’s ~ thanks for posting 😀

  47. pls play t72a wit t80 and t64 .
    complete the family phly .

  48. Phly…I swear you must ingest so much cocaine right before you start recording…because you talk at a scream during half your videos lol

  49. A! Si! Marco e Antonio! I know them we A come from de same A village!

  50. 9:04 Turn subtitles on… Ok KB Cheese Destroyed.

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