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Source: PhlyDaily


Editor of the vid is WEBE here is his car channel!


  1. End was so anti-climatic 🙁

  2. Isnt that tank also a ZSU?
    Edit: im high and needed a second view to realize it was indeed, a chinese ZSU

  3. Most Anti-air is so OP, not even against aircraft, but against enemy ground vehicles

  4. day 92: play the tu-4 with da bois and bomb jack

  5. 2nd_Nightmare Gamer

    Phly i got an idea for you. Take the squad with the 8.8 CM flak or the VFW and use it as flak in ground AB or RB also maybe some plane like the D5 stuka

  6. I see those dual barrels and wonder, why do you not appreciate sophistication of So-ki?

  7. We must cherish this man

  8. Wasn’t expecting TF2 references in Phly’s vid, but I’ll take ’em. 😀

  9. Year 6 day 214 since i watch phly

  10. i know it really goes without saying, but your intros are unbelievably f**king lit.

  11. Eating Scabs For Breakfast

    Dude, it’s already uptierd to 8.3 for me. But yours is 8.0? How

  12. Can you please play the T26E1-1 Super Pershing and the M26E1 Super Pershing please. The 1st one has extra armour the 2nd is premium same tank no extra armour. Day 13

  13. 13:26 Peter Griffin be like:

  14. Thats why i saw so many AA yesterday 🤔

  15. Phly: Aims better than John Wick in WT
    ME: still cant see a enemy tank in realistic as him xD

  16. The most hated tank in the game.

  17. Stathis Papadopoulos

    Nah, the best non radar spaa is the begleitpanzer. That thing’s proxy fuse HE is demonic. Absolutely one shots everything, huge radius, no need to reload after 4 shots rather the entire ammo storage is one single belt, is fast, has good aphe, is small, doesnt die from mgs that easily, has gun depression, has thermals, has atgm. That things, once you master it, is absolutely demonic. I really cant understand why noone plays it.

  18. shoutout to *Furies* Zane the Fox XDDD

  19. wiphe: earn money for diapers and powdered milk for babies
    phlyydaddy: im lovked 247 help

  20. That trio of russian heavy dancers passing by had me cracking up. Brilliant edit with that “music”. 😂😆😂

  21. I like the Begleit more as a TD, Light tank, spaa hybrid

  22. aa=anti anything

  23. Heimvar the Apprentice

    Lmfao @6:50 when he sees the outline of the is3 😂

  24. Hurr durr, InTrO LiKe DoLlAr, YoU cOpY hIm

  25. just love it

  26. this the best …..this the best …..this the best …..this the best …..this the best …..this the best …..
    this the best …..this the best …..this the best …..this the best …..this the best …..

  27. What had this gone to an army of anti air

  28. phly, thats me every day. im brrrting dumb.

  29. i prefer the amx 30 dca :p no recoil, radar, same pen and guys in front of you are freaking out trying to see where you are 😀 but yeah no twin 57 sauce :p

  30. Well i’d say the stabilized guns on the falcon are better. Although this thing is prob better at AA and has more armor.

  31. My hvac instructor was cursing like a sailor and said “Excuse my French”. I responded with “French is the language of love”

  32. how do you get this map

  33. The intro’s just always get better

  34. Tactical Chi-Nu Kai

    Now I want Phly to play Objec 279 just so he can make it into an actual UFO on the miniature

  35. Princess Applestrach

    I wouldn’t mind if the normal ZSU 57-2 would go up to 8.0 and get proxy fused he or the radar modification

  36. 0:03 is that a VIETNAM tank ?

  37. are you trying to copy Dollar?????????

  38. 14:29 epic moment

  39. i dont understand why zsu is 7,0 and chinees zsu is 8,0 XD

  40. What is this song from the Intro?

  41. Tysm for the daily uploads

  42. If there is one thing to like about Phly videos it is cursed tanks in his Thumbnails

  43. Im fairly certain I saw you in a match a day or 2 ago, phly. GGs

  44. no joke my guy

    think about doing vacation in some relaxed nature based place

    tag along 2 or 3 friends that like tanks

    and just life tank history life with them for a week

    play warthunder on laptops

    maybe go hiking and chillax

    if ur cool ull have little rc tanks battle in the forest

    not much but will get your head clear and your health up

    just sain

  45. Silveryuki Yumekawa

    “Spy is ded…. Y E S” nice going Phly

  46. ur good at counting

  47. Logo Việt Nam 🇻🇳 kìa

  48. fkn cancer tank…

    Destroyer is misspelled.

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