100% The Smallest TANK IN GAME | 3.2 TONS Meatball Launcher (War Thunder 1.85)

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0% The Smallest IN GAME | 3.2 TONS Meatball Launcher (War Thunder .185)


  1. (Stripper)Clip: metal strip which holds rounds by the back part of the cartridge. Used to hold the rounds while you push them down into an internal magazine.
    (removable)Magazine: metal “box” that loads rounds into the chamber of the gun with spring tention.
    Please get this right man >~<

  2. Why are the -3% expire in 1 h

  3. Did his tank turn black

  4. I’m the only one that notice the color change of Phlys tank at 6.56?

  5. gloria borger will be happy to have a new story about another racist youtuber.

  6. 10:18 That car is about the same size as your tank. And appears to actually be slightly taller than the tank.

  7. We should nickname this thing the tankette spaghet

  8. 한국인 손!

  9. I remember when i saw pictures first time at that i was jonking than IT will come to warthunder

  10. ASU-57 vs this meatball?

  11. I didn’t know tanks could get that small lol

  12. You might wanna review the crazy bullshit that is the panzer iv @ 1.3… it pretty much is boss, one shots almost everything.

  13. The fact that you HAVE to make that sketch about the yellow in order not to get hate is sad.
    Sad but true.

  14. Phly its and RCXD that your referring to

  15. PhlyDaily best 2018 Quote 12:06 “Look at his dead body go.”

  16. 16:55 Gloria Borger is that you?

  17. phly when will you take the new RAF javelin out

  18. Tanket in top tier when

  19. Baby Stug doo doo doododoo baby Stug doo doo doodoodoo baby Stug!

  20. We need more CV (Carlo Veloče) tanks in WT!!!!

  21. Kill a maus with it

  22. Hey phly! Quick question. have you seen the new vehicle in the french tech tree? a new amx ^^

  23. *cries as Stalin remembers his ASU-57*

  24. *PIZZA TIME*

  25. Anchovy is gonna be proud

  26. Soviet Union : we have the smallest tank

  27. Take out the Panther D, because you asked (Ostwind video). #2

  28. Lame game. But at least your video editing skills are good.

  29. Is this the new ASU-57

  30. It looks soooo fun ingame. Like a small kids tank?

  31. DoggoGamer Doggodoggo

    Ah those reparable walls

  32. DoggoGamer Doggodoggo

    Ans why do I dont have this garage ….

  33. Combo Attempt:#1
    L3/33 CC with the G.91 R/1!Try to kill someone with the AT rifle!

  34. Crutches Fakelastname

    Thanks for the inspiration to push through the learning curve, you got me into WT 🙂 thank you man. WoT aint got a nut hair on this.

  35. Kinda reminds me of the T-96! Small, lightweight, fast & maneuverable!

  36. Unsubscribed, wasn’t PC enough for my taste. How do you even dare to call an object ANY colour in 2018.

  37. 0:15 concrete fence can respawn only in War Thunder

  38. Think about it, it might be a good daily driver.

  39. Play that piece of crap tank again on a regular server with the up-tiering in AB and you will change your tune. It wouldn’t pen tissue paper. Quit using developer servers and trying to pawn them off as real games the normal jerk will encounter. I am very disappointed in this b.s.

  40. PhlyDaily can we call it the Tic ?

  41. Furious Italian ASU-57

  42. When your tank is smaller then a Fiat Topolino 😀

  43. 10/10 for best intro XD

  44. concertina Funiculi funicula, fits this tankette so well

  45. Looks like it’s got a magazine not a clip

  46. Cap’n Phly, please review the bias powered Pr. 206 and the ridiculous suspension of the new French vehicle.

  47. 2:50
    I love the way it looks from the front, it literally looks like a cute lil snail

  48. Hey phly, please cover that in bushes and make a video killing MBT’s from the back.

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