100 Tiger Tanks vs 100 KV-1 Tanks – Total Tank Simulator Gameplay

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. HappyHusbandn Wife

    We need this game now, it should be Human rights to have this

  2. Poland can Into space !!!

  3. Battle of Brody 1941

    Soviet: 30 Light tanks
    10 anti tank guns
    5 atillary

    German: 20 Medium tanks
    10 atillary
    2 Tigers

  4. Hey Baron – Range factor seems to have a role, too. Saw a lot of rebounds
    off the KVs at longer ranges.

  5. The battle of Stalingrad five of artillery of each type on each side and a
    total of 15 heavies on each side and however many light tanks on each side

  6. Baron if you are searching for the Soviet equivalent of Guderian it was
    Katukov. Katukov kicked Guderian’s troops asses in the battle of moscow (in
    fact it forced the 4th Panzer Division to get out of combat out of sheer

  7. Juan Cruz Pascuarelli

    t 34 bs tigers

  8. Just a shit load of artillery

  9. SalmonberryTeaGameFilmHD

    Alright, alright, alright.


    I want it……..were did u get it from?

  11. please do 100 pacs vs 100 of old joes 76.2s

  12. You should try a vertical setup, put them in columns instead of rows.

  13. The Triggered Gamer

    Do Stalingrad!!!!

  14. 20 anti tank guns 5artillery (Germans) vs 10 heavy tanks 20 light tanks

  15. dokurskfor the win

  16. Hey baron if you want submarine world of warships like game. You should
    play Steel Ocean on steam.

  17. all anti tanks [100] if can
    and all tanks [100 T-34’s or T-54’s]

  18. Battle of kurz!!!!

  19. Click the question mark to see the tank’s stats!

  20. Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I am going to die,
    And so will you,

  21. Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I am Death,
    And I’m here for you.

  22. Roses are red,
    Violets are fucking violet not blue,
    My name is Toaster,
    I have a Dave.

  23. the russian rommel is zhukov

  24. ShadowSentinel X49

    dragaest played this and he found out how to find the stats of the tanks,
    artillery and anti tank by clicking the question mark next to the tanks
    when placing/planning them in the sandbox or campaign. Try clicking the
    question to see the stats including range and armour, etc.

  25. Herr Baron you must believe in ze German engineering. JAWOHL!

  26. Still more realistic than wot
    (From wot player)

  27. 100 artilleri vs 50 light tanks

  28. Im want to see 30 light russian tanks 10 medium russian tanks vs 20 tigers

  29. well…. kv1 vs tiger,ehh wrestling master vs weak nerd puled from his

  30. Fucking poles, never trust them to make anything with reference to the USSR

  31. Well of it would have been kv2s they would have won

  32. The devs are polish. There will never be Russian bias

  33. 11:56 flying tanks confirmed

  34. actually, the Tiger tank was superior to the russian tanks at the start of
    the war on the eastern front. However, the russians pumped their tanks out
    so fast and had so many of them that it didnt make a big difference.

  35. do 10 tigers and 2 artllery vs 8 KV-2s, 4 T-34 and 3 light tanks

  36. Right at 11:40 one of the german arties took out two bt-7s with a single
    shell that bounced between them.

  37. click the ? for unit info


  39. ur German accent is hilarious

  40. this would be awesome in vr

  41. Ive said it before and I’ll say it again
    Battle of Kursk
    Soviet :
    30 T-34 randomly placed
    20 bt-7 between T-34 randomly
    20 Kv-1 in the front and middle
    3 artillery at the back
    5 anti tank at the front

    Germans :
    11 Tiger in a spearhead
    20 pz 3 behind tiger
    10 pz2 support
    3 artillery at the back
    5 anti tank at the front

  42. where do you download it?

  43. Artillerie FK could stand for Feldkanone. But this is just what my mind
    puked out first when i saw “FK”, there was no research done. Dont take this
    for granted :D

  44. “hit em in the ammo rack” world of tanks huh

  45. How to get it

  46. absolutely crazy mine battle:
    100 mines,
    10 lights,
    30 mediums,
    10 heavies,
    3 artillery,
    2 AT

    50 mines,
    30 lights,
    20 heavies,
    30 mediums,
    5 artilery,
    5 AT
    Vote my idea!!

  47. Tiger 1 always wins

  48. Yo Baron, are you going to cover the Halloween Special for World of

  49. TTS is what it is now

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