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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks – 0 Years of Tanks. Wargaming’s latest fun mode celebrates 100 years of tank combat – let’s see if it packs a punch.

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World of Tanks is a 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. in the console event you get to play as the mark 1, it’s a lot of fun

  2. I see everyone say that your modpack is out QB.

    I have to say, I have regressed from most of XVM, and pretty much all
    modpacks aside from hit logs.

    I think not knowing that my team is stacked with reds, and the other side
    stacked with all greens and up, or vice versa has taken a LOT of
    frustration out of the game for me xD

    Thanks for providing the modpacks! But I am finally enjoying the game
    again, and not raging at MM, because I can no longer know what it is, and
    deal with the expectations one gets from seeing the usual really bad
    imbalances on both sides xD

  3. hi QB I saw that u have SU-18 SU-26 and SU-5 are u playing with those

  4. 2:11 lol, wargaming knew they were gonna allow only ap shell. Look at the
    damage with apcr if you can use it (400) hmm maybe that is the “heavy
    weapon” you get.

  5. looks great, can’t wait to try. Even a noob like me can handle the car (I
    hope) lol

  6. NitroMonkeyGamer 500

    So… if we can’t play the Mk. I than why did wargaming post footage of
    several Mk. Is being driven around?

  7. For infinite laughter, play the benny hill theme 10 hour version and play
    this mode

  8. Austin F (SpiralTarantula)

    Man this mode looks WAY more fun than what the console players got. We get
    to play as the Mark I in a 7v7 death match. They are really awkward to play
    in, flamethrowers are pretty cool though. The console tankers have the
    opportunity to earn the Chieftain/T95 for free via ops.

  9. The consoles got the mark 1 tank… it may or may not have a flamethrower.

  10. Hey QB your modpack is glitching out the gun firing animations and it’s
    making it difficult to aim.

  11. hey quickie baby on WoT for Consoles we actually get to play as the Mark 1.

  12. World of tanks Mourek

    quicky baby is stupid idiot

  13. This would be a great game mod with normal tanks. Please Wargaming

  14. Yo QB did u know they added the chieftain to wot Xbox ? If so just telling

  15. On Xbox you can play as the mark 1. So sad PC players

  16. I have had a bunch off rounds where players run away with the bomb or
    repair and not taking it to the MK1…its so hilarious

  17. it looks like there is not reward at the end when the mock one gets to the
    enemy base. They should have made the mock one at the end to destroy some

  18. you can be mk1 driver.. in battlefield 1.
    sad that in the game about tanks we cannot use the first tank.

  19. whens it coming to the SEA server

  20. on Xbox we got the t10 chieftan which doesn’t replace the fv215b and for
    are game mode me get to use the mk1

  21. So who started WW1?

  22. Thinking about it, WG able to put various game modes in to the game, yet
    they were not permanent. I can imagine how fun it is to have various game
    modes in the game, where you could play for a bit-less competitive like
    this Escort mode, or TDM mode. Yeah I can see people would say “Look at the
    supposedly permanent Rampage.” And I understand that it was because it
    locks for Tier 10 battle and having huge credit loss is drawbacks for most
    people, which ultimately led to its demise due to nobody plays the mode at

    But to be honest, WoT DOES have rooms to improve. Their game isn’t all out
    of ideas. They could introduce new game modes and learn from it’s Rampage
    mistakes. Introducing fun game modes is NOT a sign of arcade-ness or making
    the game competitive falls out. it actually provides wider options to
    various players who plays the game. Some might want to stick to competitive
    battle such as Stronghold, Team Battle, or Clan Wars. And some could stick
    to enjoy fun games such as Escort, Rampage, or whatever it is. But I guess
    due to the game’s e-Sport scene, it could be hard for some
    ultramegahardcore fans to accept that WG provides “fun” in their game. And
    yeah, I’ve seen someone commenting how WoT should stick to competitive
    modes and he proceeds to bash newbie and fun play. I was like, alright
    then. Nevertheless, in all seriousness, Armored Warfare did manage to
    slightly outperform World of Tanks in terms of introducing features. They
    were fast, and able to grasp what a tank game should do. It isn’t hard to
    see that AW would have more game modes during it’s beta phase until it’s
    final launch. And I hope that WoT does the same. Competing for market is
    what makes a company strive for better product :)

  23. That’s the probably the best and funniest gamemode Wargaming has ever
    implemented. Great work!

  24. I gave it a try yesterday.
    Seems, that I am too old for this shit (c)
    Well, it is kinda fun, but too fast and chaotic for me.

  25. hey quickybaby were do you upload replays to you?

  26. this mode is pretty good 😀 just proves that we could have vehicles with
    wheels in WoT. WG clearly can do it :D

  27. QB you can drive a mark 1 if you play the ps4 version

  28. I miss the Stalin-Ball gamemode

  29. what a major dissapointment ! PC users can’t drive the mark 1 when the
    console can do that. Yeah just promote the mode with mark 1 plastered all
    over game mode and you can’t drive it, what a great idea WG

  30. Эльвира Шевченко

    Large repair kit is better for this event.

  31. worst minigame in wot so far. Unbalanced, becouse attacking team have 2000
    HP more then defending team.

  32. should have seen after the update, na servers completely died

  33. You do on ps4

  34. You get to play it on ps4

  35. Hey QuickyBaby, I play WoT on console (Xbox One) and I love watching your
    But this certain video caught me off guard because you’re not able to use
    to Mark I but on Xbox One we are able to use the Mark I which is awesome
    and fun!!!! You’re able to use the turrets and flamethrowers!!!!!!!

  36. Console you get to play as the Mark 1. You PC players have the landcester
    to play, lol

  37. qb, your xvm mod doesnt work after this update, so what do i do to get it
    to work ?

  38. Don’t worry Quickbaby. The engine and the crew shared the same compartment
    in the Mark I (a major problem IRL). We wouldn’t want to be breathing all
    that exhaust. :)

  39. The rewards suck I tried it once did really well and only got 15,000
    credits whoop de doooo

  40. I wish the developers would spend their time nerfing arty instead.

  41. on console we get to play with the mark I tank, 7vs7 and it gets a
    flamethrower xp

  42. Michael von Hirschmann

    IS the QuickyBaby replay site down? I cannot connect to it.

  43. I was expecting the Mark 1 to blow up the enemy base when it reach the end

  44. I played it,its so funn!!!

  45. there’s a black cat beside the Mark in the end hahahahaa

  46. Does anyone know what happens to the unique WW1 crew after the event?

  47. when will be the update of it? sir
    is it the same here in asia server?

  48. The game mode looks pretty fun but id like to point out that one Xbox One
    we play as the Mk 1 tank!

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