1,000 Subscriber Replay Contest!

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Source: LemmingRush

*The only tank the DQed the Kv220 or any varients of it. EVERYTHING ELSE that tier 5+ fine!*
Contest info down below

The contest prizes are as follows:
1st – 4500 Gold (or equivalent on other servers)
2nd – 2500 Gold
3rd – 1750 Gold
4th – 1250 Gold

Im only able to give prizes to the NA and EU servers!

Replays from the latest patch only!

Ill stop accepting replays on March 25th 2016 and the replays will start being announced over the next 2 weeks!

No, I do not confirm receipt of submissions, if you think I didn’t get it, don’t ask, send it again.

Good luck, and major thanks to thearmoredpatrol.com for helping me grow so big 😉

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