100,000,000 Tank No One Plays… 💲 | World of Tanks WZ-111 Qilin – Most Expensive Tank

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of Tanks WZ-111 Qilin, Tier 10 Chinese Tank. Most Expensive Tank in World of Tanks, WZ-111 QL.

00:00 Introduction
01:15 WZ-111 QL
04:05 First Battle
07:55 Second Battle
14:25 Annoucement Details & Conclusion

Today I decided to take out one of the most expensive tanks in this game, which for manay players cost 100,000,000 credits more on the previous black market… Lowest bid was around 36-37 millions credits, which says quite a lot, right? 🙂

What do you think about it?


  1. Do you remember how much you payed for this tank yourself, if you were crazy enough to go for it in the first place…?
    Also, 10 Years of DezGamez account on YT, let’s go celebrate it BIG TIME: https://gleam.io/Gwq1A/10-years-anniversary-part-1 🔥
    *Much Love*

  2. TehButterflyEffect

    Oh yeah that tank. I ran into one on Ruinberg maybe last year? In my Std. B. He got owned. By me.

  3. i got this tank my self and just play one game with it 😛

  4. TehButterflyEffect

    I love your little jabs at Skill. Hahaha.

  5. Happy anniversary Dez !!

  6. yeh i got one and dont play it

  7. NA was 30.1mil for this. I paid 40,123,456 for mine.

  8. The thing I’d most like is to get the Dez, Skill, and Circon commanders. I have an E 50 that needs a Dez voice over. 🙂

    But as for all the things Wargaming has done in the 10 years for me the best thing was the light bulbs to see tanks that have never been spotted. As a light tank player that is invaluable info to know as well as being able to locate the camping TDs faster.

    NA Server

  9. HBD to Dezgames

  10. I just slapped that like button, like i slapped you yesterday in our duel 😀
    Happy Birthday Mr Best Content creator out there

  11. Day 18 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  12. Butter Apple Pie

    t10 tank collecting simulator

  13. Spent 44 mil on it. I regret it 🙁

  14. thank u for content for 10years=)

  15. Srsly. WoT blitz is more strategic and games last longer at this point in time..

  16. Happy 10 years, DezGamez! EU server

  17. Saw one not long after the black market. Asia server.

  18. Never saw this tank in Asia server

  19. Доржоо Баяраа

    Mine was t1 LPC for 9 million credit and ppl get it for 3.2 mil soo sad. Name Hunt1ng server asia

  20. PickelJars ForHillary

    I killed one with my T92 arty.
    He sent me a ton of hate mail for it. He was down to 12 HP when I slapped him so he was dead anyway.

  21. Congratulations

  22. muntean nicolae andrei

    happy birthday dezgamez!!!!

  23. Hi Dez! Greatings from Lisbon my friend! Happy “Dezversary” !!!
    (PS: in Portuguese “Dez” actually means Ten!! Lol!)
    PS ² : Well i dont play many tier 10 tanks so its normal that i dont have seen one actually for mounts by now.

  24. Congratulations for 10 years Dez! Good decision to create the channel 😉

  25. I’m engaged with your birthday 😎

  26. Congrats with your 10y channel.

  27. Happy B-Day!!! One of my three WoT content creators i’d Love to see!!!

  28. I met it yesterday on Ghost Town with less than 10% HP left. Went in with my Lynx to flank it and finish it off but got killed by some sneaking Skorpion bastard before. Such is life. Such is WoT,

  29. Never seen one yet.

  30. DEZ, what do you think …if you could drive an AWOL friendly tank if you’re knocked out?

  31. I preferred to bid on the T22 Medium because for me, it was the legendary tank that was unobtainable. And thank God i did because it’s much more special than the Quilin. Got it for 42.5 million on Eu server

  32. I got mine for 28m – would never bid 100 🙂

  33. Happy Anniversary!
    This tank cracks me up, lol

  34. Happy anniversary Dez. But I still won’t play till they get this 15-0 or 15-4 games fixed. I am sure it is being programed this way for short games. It’s no fun to win this way, and it’s for sure no fun to loose this way. The thrill of close challenging games are gone, so why waste your time playing it?

  35. Congratulations on making it this long. Keep up the great work and thanks for your devotion 🙂

  36. DEZ
    Enemy M53/55 drowned at 6:50
    Exactly when you said you hate arty shitting on you the whole game and drowning.

  37. I replaced the model skin with the standard 5a in my game data. So sorry, I cannot ever see this ugly thing.

  38. Happy birthday and anniversary DezGamez.

  39. Happy birthday. Never saw that gold overpriced tank in a game yet.

  40. I bid 50 million credits and I won it.I play with it and it is good tank.

  41. HBD Dezzzzz !!!! I wish u another 10 years with 20 give away & x20 more followers & subscribers !!!! Luv u !!!!

  42. Can I get a gift tank please.

  43. i actually see it almost every playseasion

  44. T95 just got sick of the matchmaking 15-1 simulator farce that is all too common in the current game. I feel his pain.

  45. Meh, I got it for 27 mill credits and I usually play it every now and then.

  46. Moureau Pierre-Olvier

    Personally, I got my QL for 31 million credits, and I heard of ppl that got it for 27 millions “only” (on EU)
    Thanks for your work dez, please continue to do so ^^

  47. There seems to be a bug or something at the gleam page. I am following you on Twitter, but every time I press the button it says I don’t follow you. Had this every single give-away so far..

  48. My bid was 30 000 100 and I won on EU server.

  49. I play with Qilin but i only play wot once a month!

  50. Im always out of money, farming those tech tree tanks. Didn’t have any money during black market..

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