100€ Worth Of Engineer’s Gate Loot Boxes Opening | World of Tanks Waffenträger: Legacy Event

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World of Tanks The Waffenträger: Legacy – The Return of The Waffenträger Special Event 2022. World of Tanks Waffenträger: Legacy Lootboxes (Engineer Gates) Tanks – FV4201 Chieftain Proto and KV-4 KTTS. World of Tanks The Best, Most Dangerous Tier Tank Destroyer Waffentrager Auf .

► Official article about the Waffentrager event: https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/waffentrager-legacy-regulations-2022/

So let's see if this was not.

What do you think?


  1. How was your luck? Because, you know, at the end of the day it’s all about the luck…
    Stay tuned for the WT E-100 video, coming up soon!

    • I got the KV 4 first, then AMX Proto, then Chieftain Proto and then VK. So seems more random and you dont have get all others first, still missing T95 Chief

    • I got the Chieftain P on the 5th engineers gate, the WT on the 9th, and an Emil I on the 13th. I guess that was just luck

    • don’t panic too much since the WT is only a rental of 5 to 10 games. but that necessarily means that WG will reintroduce the WT in the original branch. is not it.?! 😉

    • 20 boxes: after 5 i got the KTTS and after 10 (+4 skips) i got the Astron Rex.

  2. Another episode of “I do it so u don’t have to”. Thanks for ur sacrifice sir dez

  3. can’t watch all of it rn, did u get the chief?

  4. CC acount RNG!!

  5. Hey Dez,

    is the worth spending to try to get the tier 9 chief? Is it any good? or should I wait for the christmas loot boxes?

  6. I bought 100 starters for 80 euros. I also had 18,000 gold in my account.

    I also rerolled 68 times (250 gold rerolls only) – 17,000 gold flat.

    So, 168 rolls. I only had the M IV Yoh and the Skoda T27 tanks.

    Chief Proto dropped within first 20 starters.

    In 140 starters and rerolls. I had all of the vehicles. 10 of them. So the last 28 starters I didn’t even reroll. Literally the last starter – second Chief Proto, so 13,000 gold back.

    In conclusion, my luck was the following:
    9 tier 8 premiums, 2x Chief Proto.
    6000 gold more than I started with,
    23 days of premium more than I started with
    All 3 3D styles
    8,000,000 credits
    12 2D styles (7 breadboard, 3 lightning, 2 network)
    1 personal training manual
    1 10 battle WT E100 rental
    and a bunch more of the other rewards that I didn’t note down – demounting kits, booklets, boosters.

    I was incredibly lucky, yes. But all in all, it was extremely profitable for me as I was looking for 7 out of 10 tanks that I didn’t have, and I was going into it with the mentality of being happy with whatever I get. Turns out I got everything lol.

  7. I got kv 4 ktts in 2nd box, sadly didnt get any wt auf e100…

  8. Bought 50 keys and rerolled about 20. Got two prems (the new KV-4 and EMIL) which i can’t complain about but only got 20 battles for the WT E100 which is pathetic if you ask me since it is the main advertisement for the keys. Basically wg wants us to test WT E100 yet made the rentals for it so rare you barely can even get it…

  9. I got the chieftain proto on my 51st pull

  10. i got chieftain from 20 keys

  11. I got mine rerolling too, box 50 for me

  12. Wargaming , the biggest scam company on the market! Absolutely disgusting scumming scheme!

  13. I got the chieftan in box 23. Didnt get any WT auf e100. Lots of gold and skins

  14. lol. special CC preferential treatment

  15. Wow, you did very well, very well.

  16. I would have liked the location on WT to be in 10 game is not 5. but after that it’s nice to see a mythical tank on the EU server again.

  17. Sadly I lack the Renegade and rampanzer

  18. this roll of chieftain on seventh lootbox has robbed you of all RNG-esus blessings for the rest of the year. Enjoy getting misses, lowrolls and every misfortune for next few months…

  19. You could re-roll 5 times insted of 3. There is counter how many re-rolls you can do

  20. With my luck I would got worst prem tank (don’t have any of them) in the 50th box. 😛

  21. I bought 20 boxes and got t-27. Good enuf for me, I actually kinda wanted this vehicle. And got like 18 days of prem.

  22. So 1st opening gave me can…the KTTS :). Had another 4 openings with crap but that 1st one lol.

  23. Out of 1 package of 50-something boxes, I got 2 premium tonks, all the styles a couple of times, like 20 credit boosters, 4-5 million credits and 5 Waffel rentals. Not too bad.

  24. You had me dying 20:16 That’s my kinda luck too lmao

  25. Kinda feel like you have more chances of getting good rewards with rerolls…

  26. I got chieft proto after 30 rolls. Its horrible but I got bulldozer after the 15th rolls

  27. Thank you Dez for convincing me not to waste money on these lootcrates

  28. SO my luck – first i bought 20 keys and in this amount i got ktts (i do not have 4 of tanks from leser list) then i bought another 50 keys – and at 27 i got cheftain and at 28 i got another cheftain – i have 20 more keys but got all of needed tanks – also in this 55 keys i got 4x 10 rental battles for wf 🙂

  29. ill choose electricity bill instead thanks dez

  30. rerolling is minus ev if you win allready 100 Gold with somehting on top.

  31. I’ll purchase boxes and give you password for my account… You will get nothing… All minimum shit guaranteed. We regular players get no tir 8 premium tanks from 10-20 Christmas boxes.
    Like you see YouTubers get 3 premium tanks in 10 boxes and I bought 20 boxes and get sexton and tetrach… Same shit happen to few my clan mates
    You regular player don’t spend money because you will get nothing

  32. Can’t wait to go home and spend money

  33. lucky bastard 😀

    150 keys:
    -0 WT 🙁
    -exactly the 3 guaranteed premiums, never got one random

  34. it was shit getting demounting kid is a joke

  35. Thanks for the time and money you spend on the clicking spree

  36. Also 100 Euro spend . Well, the ru TD, a german VK 75.01k, the new AMXproto and the Chief proto plus 7k Gold, 4 Mio Credits and countless boosters. So worth it for me

  37. This game is becoming dangerous… I mean i only want Wt e100 battles but with not guaranteed chance- Might just not

  38. is this free
    yes or no

  39. How did you buy 50 boxes for 45 euro ?

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