100MM AUTOLOADER | Lorraine 40t (War Thunder 1.75 Gameplay)

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AUTOLOADER | Lorraine 40t ( Thunder 1.75 Gameplay)


  1. This tank looks the same a Swedish heavy tank, sadly it got cancelled

  2. 0:10 hey its slickbee

  3. wait but if the reload is 6.6 repeating then that would mean that the reload never finishes and takes an infinite number of time

    ripette baguette

  4. I swear Phly when you get excited you sound like Woody from Toy Story ?

  5. Phly, so the reason the French tanks such as the Lorraine has tires is because the French wanted a tank where they could potentially take the tracks off and use the tank without treds due to the thought that these tanks would be doing a lot of city fighting within Paris and other cities and the French didn’t want tracks to destroy the streets so they used the wheels as an alternative to tracks and no wrecking the streets

  6. Bruh is no one gonna say anything about the intro? That was Slickbee. What happened and why arent these two playing together anymore?

  7. If this tank is coming in at 6.3 then the tiger h1 really needs to be at like a 5.3 instead of 5.7

  8. Julio angstrom Beltran quispe

    como se llama la canción!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. This tank, like the region it is named after, is rightfully German clay

  10. if it has tires, can’t it still drive even with broken tracks?

  11. Russian bias didn’t see it coming

  12. I bet he doesn’t even understand the song he says he loves so much lul
    T drôle phly

  13. Hey fly ! French bias combo : Vautour and 50 Foch
    Attemps #1

  14. british vickers mbt fires main gun at 6 sec reload speed how is that balanced

  15. That rocket run made me bust a nut

  16. pretty sure the tires on it were meant for when or if it got tracked irl? idk 100% but that seams like a reasonable guess?

  17. Hey phly, for the tank request series i am thinking a combo of the daimler AC MKII and the canberra B1 bomber. Should be loads of “fun”

  18. Anyone has any info what new vehicles for other nations we will see soon?

  19. They need to put middle east in the normal map rotation

  20. where can i get this test server?

  21. , … I’m gonna die tonight. DHAHAHAAH cracked me up! :’D

  22. Phly if you read this the tires were actually used to reduce the weight of the tank as far as I know

  23. Amx 30 1972 !!

  24. I think the reason SOME tanks had rubber wheels in treads was that, if the tread itself snapped or got shot off or broke, whatever, there will still be wheels there instead of metal there.

  25. Fromage du omelette!

  26. Nope, did not enjoy that at all. I quit this game long time ago becasue I got tired of getting bombed when I wanted to tank. Watching others getting bombed sucks even more. Bullshit bombing killed the game for me.

  27. solid shot woudnt be so bad if direct hits on modules were more devestating. as in no reapair for you and ammo racks explode 80% of the time more inline with reality rather than fantisy aphe land of russia wet dream.

  28. so what happened with Phly and Slickbee? Can someone explain what happened and why they don’t play anymore?

  29. The ConfettiHunter1

    the tires are for road use so it doesn’t damage the road with its tracks

  30. la France et la trop cool

  31. The car tires reduce track noise, thus making it every so slightly more stealthy, they also reduce wear on the tracks and suspension parts as well as reducing overall vibrations.

  32. Nice choice for the French song =° That’s a classic !

  33. Hey… Another stupid idea !

    CHALLENGE > U-Boat Operation part 1
    – Vehicle > Ka-Mi (japan)
    – Objectif > Kill 5 enemy from WATER position.
    Attempt 1.

  34. Slickbee has nothing better to do than stinging ppl xD

  35. the Pneumatic tires on the Lorraine (and the M56 scorpion too) were popular for AFV designs back in the 50s-60s because they (in theory) gave a smoother ride as they basically give a larger wheel-track contact area (important for ground pressure) without an extra weight cost and also act like an extra layer of shock absorption in the suspension. They never really caught on because they generally wore out too quickly on anything beyond extremely light vehicles

  36. Phly you gotta get some math tutor i can help you if you add me its thedutchidiot

  37. If you don’t know anything about Edith Piaf, really at least watch a doco. Amazing chick.

  38. Oh yeah and Cas aids is a real thing now, espscially the revenge killing

  39. Play tiger 1 and me262
    Make ze German proud

  40. Oh and can we have the middle east april fools map back plis??????? Please plead to gaijin for support

  41. what if the wheels could help when you de-track

  42. Salut!

  43. Un grand merci de la part du la communauté française !

  44. Phly It’s been over a year and a half play the F-82E and go ham with those gun pods

  45. They are solid tires rather than inflatable. They are quieter than steel rims

  46. Comforbility, I think that new word could gain traction and make it into the dictionary one day.

  47. Phly pls tell me if you have done anything to the tracers in your game, they look really cool

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