10th Anniversary Event Hype + Secret Code Revealed! | World of Tanks Birthday

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks 10th Anniversary Celebration Event Countdown. World of Tanks Birthday Events, Specials, Secret Code. World of Tanks 2020 Anniversary.

Today I have quite an exciting episode for you. I am going to talk about the hype WG building around World of Tanks 10th Anniversary… Big number simply needs BIG PARTY and hopefully they are not going to disappoint us, 10 years is no joke!

Let’s take a look at the first article + let’s dive deep into the in-game progress bar, what that quiz or puzzle has to offer!?

What do you think about all of this?

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– All the tanks!


  1. ⛔ Some players are thinking that the code will be a re-usable code, for more stuff a bit later, because at the moment it turned out to be a bit WEAK, even as a little hype for The Main Event!?… Dunno, will see. So, what do you think about all of this?
    Anyway, can’t wait to see what they come up with to celebrate such a massive number!

  2. AMX 13 57?

  3. Well these 5 fire extinguishers are quite disappointing.

  4. at 12:04 it said it take 5 year for tank to underwent trial in ct before getting into the tech tree. if you guys remember on april 1 2015, they did a video about adding modern tank. i really hope its real even though the video was on april fool. update 2.0 pls

  5. Are these cides abilable for only ine day?

  6. Hey Dez. Code is 1357. Seems a big coincidence that we have the AMX 13 57 !

  7. The reward that always wot give..you can throw in in toilet.

  8. Typical wot players, get a challenge and emidiatly cheat

  9. Note how they are showing tanks in the order they got added

  10. Found the counter before i saw this video and had no idea what it was.

  11. I think that Wargaming made that code with a little trick. Because if you enter the code now, before all the questions are officially handed out, you get a little price. But maybe, after the questions are through, the reward for the code might be much bigger.

  12. Damn, I heard you say “Secret Goat“

  13. all f2p players should be showered by free stuff because when if not now? – Never, you know WG.

  14. It seems the consoles are not getting anything. Its the 15th of April and theres nothing new!

  15. I think WoT Classic is coming back

  16. WoT: Thank you for 10 yrs of your time here’s a few small repair kits
    Us: 🙄 that’s all we get? 10 yrs for basically nothing?

  17. “stay sexy” lol.. , i think that’s easier than playing this game . …and damn…i wished he said to wait with that code at beginning of video coz i entered code before video finished ….oh well

  18. im f2p players since 7 years playing 16k battle i just have 4 tier x :'(

  19. Secret Code 1357

  20. Sw1tchd Badarovski

    GUYS, why do I have a feeling that the 1357 code will end up in amx 13 57

  21. Who else tried to close the add on Youtube when Dez made the video full screen? 🙂

  22. World of Elves so WOE, well that makes a lot of sense. I think I will stick with that as the name for this game, WOE!

  23. 10 years and getting worse.

  24. 5 fire extinguishers for all that? i dont even bother. i guess the person from reddit or other sites are pretty pissed on that award for their work

  25. ah WT Auf E100 my very first t10 tank x) it was fun to play but i never learned how to play it well xD

  26. 12:55 But actually it is 26% today 😂😂

  27. I hope WG will bring chatting to enemy team back. It a lot more fun when we can trash talk to the enemy team.

  28. 2019 was 10th anniversary
    2018 was 10th anniversary
    2017 was 10th anniversary…
    Every year is 10th anniversary wtf

  29. 1357 doesn’t work for me

  30. I cant believe this game is still alive with this kind of attitude by developers

  31. Funny how they keep saying WoT is an MMO.
    Do we have a world map in which I can drive and meet other tankers???
    Nope, we only have instanced games. No central hub.
    Not an MMO.

    Anywho. I expect some 10% discounts on EVERYTHING (but not on 90% of selected packages)

  32. World of Tanks is older than most fortnite players

  33. …I also restarted the game when I saw that orange 15% “bug” 😛

  34. 7:46 oh Dez i wanna go back, i wanna

  35. I think they knew it would spread like fire and thats the reason for the fire extinguishers its a joke

  36. I’m still pissed about that. The one really good tank in the German tech tree and it gets removed from the game, while tanks like the 430u are still around

  37. the quiz makes me believe it might be the return of the su-122-54

  38. Geez am I that old….fuck

  39. Now I get it

  40. 10 years, and still they milk the players. Viktor Kisli has become a billionaire on the back of the game but his greed is stronger than ever.

  41. The thing is that there are players with more than 50k games and still they have BOT stats, and still they make the same mistakes every fucking game, going kamikaze every game with any type of tank. How can you have years of experience and have 500wn8?????Or even less, yesterday i encountered a player with 64k games and 112 WN8. WTF??

  42. this game is still not dead hmm this is super sad news I don’t know why you are so happy. Oh well hope we don’t see it after 10 more years

  43. That T-34-85 running over that poor orc is golden! 🙂

  44. What a massive troll thing to do if WG actually counted on people finding out the answer this quickly and then we find out that the code is not reusable and only the people who wait til the last day will get the full reward.

  45. Wait with the code to get a bigger reward? Wishfull thinking! WG just botched it….again!

  46. who cares….me not i hate this game

  47. i hope we dont see wot in 15 years couse it sucks a lot actually

  48. and today 26% xd

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