11 Games / 1 Win – 5800 Wn8 Session

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Source: LemmingRush


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  1. I don't care that you broke your elbow

    what is your tvp t50 equipment loadout

  2. 10k km is a good interval. Make sure you get a good filter, like mobil 1 or k & n

  3. so much for x2 xp weekend, I just fucking gave up as I had the same type of results as you. be back later in the week when the retard meter is lower.

    • Tomás Turbando Pinto

      Meanwhile I got a shitty 1900 WN8 session for the weekend but 59% WR which to me is pretty great. 😛 Even better that I was grinding the FV215b 183 line which made it much easier since it’s boring to play those TDs battle after battle because of the sluggishness.

      Well, the next weekend will be x2 on wins and losses though, so good luck next time.

  4. SEA server player here
    Anything unarmoured is unplayable during weekends

  5. Losing with style.

  6. Black Dog has HEP, personally, I often load it in the early game for scouts.

  7. Havn’t watch the video… yet. But wanted to say sorry… for all the people that die for no reason, that doesn’t understand their role in the battle and think they’re being heroic while taking bad fights… or just people that lack the skill to do their weight in damage…

    Sorry man… this is all-days nightmare in WoT.
    I mean players of mediocre skills are around in all matches for every team, but having more than the enemy shouldn’t happen more often than not. So don’t lose hope about having a better team than the enemy…
    I take it as a challenge, having to prove myself more and more and you’re more than capable at that, so just don’t lose hope.

  8. you need to platoon more. 1 vs 30 is just too much.

    • if you couldnt take anything from how hes always saying that lights are more fun even tho they are worse than mediums, hes a competetive person that likes challange. hes not in it to win it at any price. he plays for enjoyment. sure it may sound weird and some people might say “but how do you not get frustrated?”.
      but for some people the enjoyment and the rewarding feel of having those close rounds and rounds where you can say you made the difference are far outweighing the bad games.

    • maritimezhang platooning is really bad for wn8 if you are playing with other good players.

    • That isn’t true

  9. bruhhh I react the same way to the ring and Ls lol

  10. This just makes me want to start playing again. Perfect example on how one player can struggle to get wins. If you can get so many losses in a row playing that well, I won`t feel too bad getting the same 😉

  11. Im not kidding, wot has the most retarded playerbase

    • im just watching this Video and had a wicked game in the Emil II that got me 6k damage and over 2.1k base exp. luckily i had some multipliers so i had 10k exp all up must be the luck of watching one of your Video’s. :p

    • A no trust me , I’ve played mmos , shooters etc. every game has their fair share of morons, it’s just a bit more evident in games like this since it requires a bit more strategy to do well.

  12. Yea, I feel ya, grinding recently has been rather inconvenient.

  13. How can you be a canadian and not have a Ram ll! 😛

  14. LemmingRush, I am an OK player, about 5200 PR. Picked up on your videos earlier this year. Appreciate your honesty and how you explain strategy so well.

  15. That’s one of the reasons I never play on Sundays. This plus x2 xp bonus after Golden Joystick meant that you got the shittiest playerbase trying to exp their tanks, so it was a big no-no for me.

  16. It’s the missions for the black tanks causing such a shit storm in randoms. Players click battle and know that they don’t have to do much to be in the top 10 for xp so they just get as many battles done as fast as they can and hope they get carried to a win to get the mission. WG fuks their own game with these current black tank missions.

    • I’m just glad that most people either haven’t figured out or don’t have the tanks to just spam pref 5 games for the win missions. It’s relatively easy to get 60% WR and you’re almost always going to be top 10. If your pref 5 of choice is the Church III it’s almost guaranteed. Also useful for knocking out the “finish top on your team 3 times” mission. Took 3 games in the Church III. The xp bonus is abusive for that mission.

  17. Good to see great players showing how even they struggle in a bad match up. Trying to mark my Tier10 Pz.kpw Vii – stuck on 60-62% Total frustration.

  18. I’m so glad Lemming isn’t immune to the kind of teams you get on a big weekend.

  19. this last week has had some magical pubbie nectar attractant because I had a twelve fucking game losing streak one day :/. at least i get a t34b 😛

  20. Working as intended.

  21. So the only way to win is to cap it seems. CAP FAST

  22. That 21:30 moment 🙂

  23. I have 55% wr on NA ~4k battles, as a newbie, 53% wr on EU with 12k battles but I always get super shitty games on a friend’s account while playing kinda the same tanks.

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