11 Years In The Making .50 Cals Are ORGASMIC

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Source: PhlyDaily

11 Years In The Making .50 Cals Are ORGASMIC


  1. day 34: can you play “Gunner, Heat, PC!!!”

  2. at the start i thought phly was doing another sound pack

  3. Geez, a world pandemic happening and suddenly everyone wants to be an influenza. Guys, it´s about making sure to not be contagious.

  4. I wonder if he dresses like a dad to

  5. The Germans mg42 sounds much better to. Right cyclical rate as well.

  6. Bro now, go listen to the dshk

  7. 10:25 why was the half track’s crew so blocky

  8. it is really orgasmic i really wanted the machine guns to change its more realistic now i play the game just because of this.

  9. last patches .50 cals sounded like paint balls hitting a tarp.

  10. Fly Phly – SM 91 or SM 92 – Viva Italia!!

  11. in my opinion the MG34 makes me happy than 50cal and the Yak 1 7.62 brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt

  12. 9 year old army💪😈

  13. Damn, American .50 cals. Gotta love em when they’re on your team.

  14. Phly play the M163 please

  15. Phly! Play the Swedish Beverly Hills CV 90120 light tank. Attempt #1

  16. 4:15 Me foaming the .50 cals

  17. Challenge: Play with asu-57 and try to kill a plane.🙃

  18. Jdjdjrduuejsjss Iejejeke

    Look at the crew 10:25

  19. I love the British 7.7’s sound change

  20. Dogfights give me more anxiety now the SFX are better,

    when a p47 is in your back pocket and not letting go of the trigger its scary

  21. Missed opportunity in title “eargasmic”

  22. Yes, SoundCloud Steve

  23. Ply if you see this play the g91 and call out my name thanks

  24. Thank you Gaijin, I did not play america just because of the bloody .50 cals sound, I could fall asleep to those .50 cals now.

  25. warthunder is dead, it looks like absolute shit, it isn’t 1999 anymore, play better games.

  26. this video is a crazy coincidence, literally the day it came out I was at a tank museum and saw an irl m16, m24 and m4a1

  27. love the 50

  28. They sacrificed the ZSU-23-4’s 23mm orchestra for this.

  29. 3:30 YEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!

  30. lol, german mg 42, 34, 20mm and 30mm sound way better than those 50 cals, but cool

  31. Phly is so realistic he took over 45min of fuel 😂

  32. Finally ,the .50 cal sound has come back …. home ….

  33. I’m not very impressed by the sound because I think at some point we already had them in game and they got replaced in the next patch.

  34. Owen Miller-Glentworth

    Germany mg34’s sound better

  35. Day 108: play the Rbt-5 at top tier

  36. I wish i can play one match you PhlyDaily! Because you are the one things the keeps me in warthunder. Really manny thanks.

  37. All the new sounds have some oomph thank god, if they made anything sound worse I would’ve lost so much faith

  38. it’s not a curse, it’s just you obliterating the enemy team so they have no SP for planes xD

  39. Please make a video on the premium american harrier getting x240 flare pod, and the new dogfight sparrows, Phloppy Woppy 😀

  40. They made the adens sound so good too

  41. You’ve stopped caring about your fans and only care about your money. That’s how I feel anyway. I unsubscribed

  42. I bet that phly has a real army thats full of mature soldiers

  43. Phly, remember to always fire the .50 cal, it chews through any tracks in the game with 3-5 seconds of direct fire. Also can we talk about how awesome the .30 cal sounds, like damn

  44. Americans is the only nation in the world that cares so much about how .50 cal sounds in a game.
    In return,the new 20mm sounds like 2 rusty metals bang together,which is sad.
    I miss last year’s 20mm sound update which sounds monstrous and fitting for a fucking autocannon.

  45. no more singing PLEASE!! LOL

  46. Michael Kenn Peduhan

    next up a girthy sound effect as the fury for the 50 cals.

  47. Is there a new test range? I haven’t been able to play the new update yet

  48. i challenge you sir, to cap your fps to 5 to 15 “depends on how suicidal and depressed you feel”, set your whole computer on fire, and the game settings to low. (lowest resolution, and ii possible play windowed.)

    just want to see how much fun you’ll have.

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