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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Juan Juan Juan or Juan Juan Dos?

  2. Top tier – OP
    Bottom tier trash – gun

  3. Oh please 3 mark the 112. The hull is very meme worthy.

  4. Friendly reminder that chinese mediums exist…

  5. 112 frontal fuel tanks were relocated to the sides of the tank several patches ago, making running food a less risky option now

  6. I tried to pen a 122 with my T46 Patton at a reasonable long distance – I simply could not get through it. Then I realized that I wrongly assumed it had a pike nose… stupid me.

  7. I’m really thinking about trading my t34 3 to something more useful, I just cant really decide… It’s really a frustrating tank to play, you cant play true med because anything beyond 250m is just pure luck sniping, you can’tplay it heavy because, you know, shitty armor. I really don’t know what to get tho.

    • I have the chinese td, it’s great. I had superp., it was my first prem tank (back in the days when they took the type 59 out, I missed that by one week so i had to get superp), I traded it in for the full gold price and bought the 50t. I sure could get the sp back, it’s good again. I don’t really need the liberté, it’s good but I’m fine with the 50t. S1 could be a good choice, I’m at tier 9 with swedish TDs. Hmmm, choices choices… TBH I would love a lorr 40t, but it’s not available in tech tree sadly… Maybe an STG could be good? 390 alpha, better pen, better gun handling, although I have t54 mod 1 which is super good.

    • To be fair it wont matter what you buy your obviously a massive noob with a 45 percent win rate.

    • +caRn LOL sure 😀 you say this because you are one? 😀 also *you are/you’re

    • I cant recommend the S1, dude. It only shines by using double bush and sniping from afar through bushes, BUT the S1 is too fucking slow to do that properly. If you are not a scrub that waits in the back until his team is dead, then you need to relocate often to intervene on the losing side, retreat to set up new snipingpositions. The UDES is 100 times better for that, actually hitting more reliably at 450m+ and is much faster. The armor does not matter at all.
      Additionally this longrange “defensive” playstyle is absolutely shit to carry any games, since siegemode makes you a cripple in offense.
      Hence, if you are already willing to trade in capability to be offensive (and carry games), you want at least a tank that excels in defensives – the S1 does not do that. UDES, Strv103 and B version are a complete different matter.

      ps. I want to trade in my S1. Im thinking about the Chinese TD, but im afraid that the gun is too inaccurate to fulfill typical TD role and the armor too weak to fightfor frontline as you will mainly face tier 9 and 10 tanks. Then im not sure that it is fast enough to flank in brawling game, so that it is at least a good support… That made me think about the Cannonassault. Any thoughts?

    • +yosoy1loco I see. Wz120 is very similar to su 122 44 so if you have that you know how it ll be. If you don’t well, it’s a nice maneuverable td, good gun, aiming time a bit shite, accuracy will be .34 with my setup when I get full BiA (which is not like the horrible accuracy of 122 44). Gun depression is okay too, armor is quite good against russian 122mm 175/186 pen guns, you just have to wiggle the tank. I think this shines if you have a great camo crew as it has quite good values, many times you don’t even need double bushes if you have some kind of cover behind you as you can shoot, reverse with 23 kph, reload, go back and shoot again. I can’t say anything about CdA, but QB has vids on wz and CdA as well, and I think in the vid about CdA he compares Wz and S1 with it, so it might be helpful.

  8. It is one of those funny tanks where you want to be at long range and have your armor profile work for you but you need to be at close range so your gun can actually hit something. Top tier though this is a brutal tank. It is almost as bad as meeting a defender if your in a tier 6 tank.

  9. The Tiger has the accuracy to hit smaller targets like hatches. That’s why I like it so much. Good replay.

  10. You have not 3 marked the mutant

  11. Sorry had to unsubscribe, I keep asking for videos on lower tier and hard to play tanks because I’m trying my best to grind through them without a premium account. I don’t care about premium tanks, I feel like anyone who plays them is a tool of wargaming. Sorry. Have a good career. You are a great personality with plenty of followers. Take care sir.

    • You realize he streams almost everyday playing various tanks. Has tons of other videos on other tanks and this is just a series detailing the changes to the premiums that have just been rolled out?

    • That’s cool. : )

    • +TranceEmotion I know he has a lot of GREAT videos on a lot of different tanks. Unfortunately I do not subscribe to twitch, I only have time to watch content on YouTube. One insignificant person is not going to make any difference to him. His subscriber base is growing everyday. I know he is just reviewing the changes wargaming has made. I just have had such a bad experience with this game when going up against premium tanks. They ruin the game for me and I hate the fact that I have spent real money on this game and still desire to get better and get more tanks. I’m glad you defended him. He is good guy. Take care as well.

    • That’s the politest “unsubscribing” comment I’ve ever seen

    • Philip Also, one of the dumbest. He doesn’t get what he wants so he’s throwing a tantrum. I keep seeing these guys threatening to unsubscribe just because they don’t get what they want. If you like Circon so much, you keep the sub, even if you can’t watch/enjoy him anymore, because it costs you nothing but it helps the channel. Come on now, people, it’s a 100k subs channel, so obviously he can’t custom tailor it to each sub. I stopped playing WoT about 3 years ago, yet I’m still here and you don’t see me complaining about the reviews just because I have no interest in the technical aspect of the game.

  12. The highest damage I’ve ever done in a tier 8 heavy is around 4960. Christ, Circon, watching you play makes me sad. lol

  13. I loved my 112 even unbuffed.
    If u angle correctly, the lower plate goes up to 220-225 effective, without allowing the enemys pen your frontal track wheel

  14. Still no Super Pershing reupload?

  15. tomatoes are beast

    Next IS-6?

  16. Type 59!

  17. 112 or Super Pershing?

  18. Cup Holders??? Why would tanks need Cup Holders? Is Circon drunk?

  19. I’m still bottom tier 80% of the time in my 112 and I believe 186 pen is still stupid and 250 heat pen is so disappointing I would rather have 230 apcr pen I still want a refund from war gaming for ruining the mm

  20. Humplesdorf

  21. Luís Augusto Panadés

    My tier VII TD can’t pen it reliably with regular ammo. Ridiculous OP.
    Jagdtiger a tier IX pretensely armored TD from germany can be pened in the lower and upper plate. Well balanced… Same to all other tiers about german vehicles.

    German TD Wargaming mentality is: low penetration, low alpha, low armor, low mobility and normal dpm. It is german, ok it is balanced.
    But they have good accuracy. Yes!
    But absurdly bad gun handling.
    The number accuracy is good. But the ingame accuracy is a joke, even with fully aimed shots.

    German Accuracy is totally fake!

  22. why are all shots so fucking straight ?its like he got 0.10 dispersion

  23. The WZ 111 buffs was stronger

  24. Looking at player names, I would say that was NA

  25. APCR would be a dream – even w/ slow shell velocity. That HEAT is so shitty especially due to bad accuracy which leads to lots of track hits etc

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