113 Beijing Opera (BO) – Under the Hammer – Worth it?

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Source: QuickyBaby

Beijing Opera (BO) is the first rare tank in of new Under the Hammer auction – but is ? I let you know!



  1. based on stats in game they indeed are 0 bia crew?

  2. @WEST SIDE He’s in Belarus right now and doesn’t have a green screen.

  3. Alexander Yordanov

    QuickyBaby, the crew has 0 skill BIA. Its confirmed and you can see it in the garage.

  4. those people who buy this makes Wargaming rich

  5. did wargaming seriously thought their player base is that noob? its just a skin for the love of potato.

  6. So, let me get this straight…I already have the 113 and 5A with nice camo, and WG thinks I’m gonna spend over 19K to get a new SKIN!?!?

    Wow, War Gaming. You have really missed the target with this first offer.

    And while I have a lot of gold after the Christmas Large parcels I purchased, as a tank collector I’ll definitely be holding off for something more tangible.


  7. your full of it….You would use directives if you wanted to be stronger. duhhh. as far as im concerned your fuill of shit. Your always saying it is the strongest it can be..??? well thats a lie sir!!!

  8. Wg sinking the economy of world of tanks after the Christmas lootboxes again

  9. 113 is just worse version of Soviet equivalent the obj, it’s bigger, slower and weaker armour.
    Come on WG, your balance department really need to do some work

  10. They moved this tank to the collector’s tab for two reasons
    1. because it didn’t had the same vibe as the rest of the tech tree vehicles
    2. to not care about it ever again just like the T-62A and the AMX30B
    Now they are milking all the gold people got during Christmas either buying it or through lootboxes, with a tank that has been in the game for years, only available to the Chinese server I believe, same as the Qilin, but now we get it while China, I think, gets the Waffentrager 12 which is a Waffentrager Auf E 100 (P) with an unremovable 2D style
    But well who cares really, if we see new stuff that’s better than nothing

  11. This “offer” is an insult to the healthy common sense.

  12. two words to answer that Question: ABSOLUTELY NOT!

  13. Wg is just trying to get all the Christmas gold.

  14. have this crew a special sound?

  15. BO also stands for Body Odour

  16. Thanks for this top videos 🙂

  17. 113? The same tank like the 113 im WoT Blitz?

  18. More or less its a skin

  19. this tank alaso have a cool looking crew that u didn t talk about

  20. here we go wg trynna milk more gold out of players buy releasing a skin that is worth like 25 bucks

  21. Check the crew members Mister QB

  22. This tank is a stinky poopoo! I’ll keep my gold! tanks…..


  24. Should be 113 BS

  25. Wouldn’t it be nice if WG did something like this to raise money for charity and not Serb’s pocket? Seriously, even if a decent portion went to charity.

  26. In simple terms. No, it is not worth it. Also are you biding against all servers? Like there’s only 4500 of this across all the servers or 4500 on each server?

  27. I expect the minimum bid will get the tank, but even that is generous for what is available for 6M credits

  28. Keeping my gold for the battlepass.

  29. Here in the HK Server (Asia), it is only offered in Free EXP Bid only.

  30. “If only there were some way to remove all the gold we inject into the WoT economy every Christmas with our lootboxes”
    “actually, i have a plan…”

  31. why the fuck would you pay 18 k gold for that

  32. pro tip: WoT is such a slow game you can easily watch YT videos on 1.5x speed and save time xD

  33. Will you get your gold/ free xp back if you dont win?

  34. I will buy this tank only if QB, Skill, Mailand and Daki will paint their faces in Beijing Opera style and do common singing stream.

  35. Short answer : No.

  36. 18k gold for a skinned tech tree tank, NO.

  37. Svetlin Bostandjiev

    20k for 113… nope! gg mate 🙂

  38. Of course wargaming doesn’t care about making heavy tanks faster. faster heacies means no need for mediums, means more armor on the battlefield, means more gold being used.
    why would they change it?

  39. Remeber that epic stream moment:
    -if you already have the tank you will get its value in gold because you cant have 2 of the same
    -unless you paint it black
    *everyone laughs

  40. Slow down the video or you will tired your self!!

  41. Б. Билгүүн

    hahahahaha today’s quackybaby’s RNG just forget him hahahaha thanks a lot so damn laugh

  42. I got a question! If you bet and don’t get it because someone bets more do you get your Gold back?

  43. Wz 111 qilin but worse.

  44. 113 for 20k gold, the audacity of wg

  45. Barry Wojciechowski

    What a stupid tank for auction..wow.

  46. Or just buy it without that horrible skin for 6,100,000 credits at any time.

  47. Funny thing was when they add Beijing in tank name every Indian not even bother to look at it.

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