113 goes ham again!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. Hey now, once I get the 113 I’ll post some replays, friend. With the buffs
    its actually come in vouge for the CW scene, especially where Heaviums are
    ideal. Kinda a poor-mans 215B with better mobility

  2. Low rolls erry day

  3. keep em coming foch!

  4. A Foch video nearly every day? What foul sorcery is this?

  5. Really liking the amount and frequency of videos lately, keep it up!!

  6. Yes you are right foch, I play a lot of arty and I really really really
    really do NOT like when enemy top heavies crawl up column number 4 on that
    First they are arty safe cause arty dont fucking dare to stay in a position
    where they could contest the advance. But secondly it is not a straight
    line of rocks it goes in and out and in and at some points you can even
    left over to island.
    And there I sit in bat155 and whant to hurt 110e5s and other sort of agile
    confident top heavies WEASELING their fucking way up column 4 and I can not
    touch them. And if get threatened by tanks there rocks plenty of rocks too
    many …. how many he he he he too many …. like 2 rocks to much so arty
    can not get them and the TDs on the “ape hill” can not get them either.
    And so our unfortunate guy who ever he is in every game trying to stop that
    enemy weasel …. and at the same time using WiFi connection to play will
    have a 1:1 duel with a turret that is moving back and forth while he is
    standing still and concentrating real hard to decide when to fire ……. 🙂

    Scumbag foch ….. do NOT tell people about column 4 please?????????

  7. VK 16.02 Leopard always goes ham!

  8. I’m happy to see so many of these gameplay videos from you Foch. You are
    the most brutally honest WOT tuber out there.

  9. do more on 113, wz 120 and 121

  10. Damn I love the 113 now. Hands down most flexible heavy in the game. Great
    vid btw. Great seeing some chinese heavy love.

  11. I hate when I get this map in a top tier TD. Never know how I can carry the
    Map is so damn small so you are always spotted if you advance from the
    starting location. Most td sucks at being able to fire from arty safe
    locations so you just get shit on.

  12. Damn it can look easy.

  13. That TVP T50 player was from FAME…

  14. What about 121. Same tactic and outcome?

  15. They should buff the LFP a little bit more with thicker armor or better

  16. Is this a reupload or did i watch this on stream

  17. dam foch, you on a roll

  18. yh this tank has gotten a lot better after the patch. with it replacing the
    is7 in esports and the tier 10 skirms and clan wars (unless you need an
    unpennable turret)

    also wot mm. it’s not random it’s dynamic. better players get harder mm to
    “challenge” them. this is in the form of tiering. so if you play tier 7 you
    get tier 9 games more often untill you have a bad session which makes your
    mm easier.

  19. <3 Foch

  20. Do a death star game game.

  21. Salty E-75 complaining because he couldn’t camp hard enough.

  22. Lol, Foch the farmer

  23. foch eaten too much ham!

  24. Sick

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