113 Goes Ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. Sik1 m8

  2. Hi foch

  3. First comment

  4. Richard Komendanchik


  5. Richard Komendanchik


  6. Damn you Henry!!

  7. Shit yiss Foch videos!

  8. Oh snap! No views, this is my chance! Lol even though I’ve yet to watch it,
    this video is excellent content brought to you by YouTube’s best WoT

  9. Since I have The t34 – 3 for like 700 battles I think its worth it tot
    grind my way to it :)

  10. 1th 

  11. Great use of the 5x multiplier.

  12. Hey Foch, what are your thoughts on the Lowe?

  13. On my way to get this awesome machine <3

  14. Nice video Foch but could you consider on redoing IS3 review or do another
    video on FCM 50t?

  15. Ahh the 113, sniff.. Your such an inspiration as a 113 driver!! 

  16. Foch ‘going for flat ass’ confirmed.

  17. Foch going for the flat ass. Kappa

  18. makes me really wanna get the 113 after my 263 🙂

    Cold?sure….you just 420 blazed it too much mang, like wg when they gave
    VK B ARMAH supergeil

  19. Seen this live ! supergeil

  20. I sold mine back for the 111-4 ): couldn’t get it to work for me. Might
    give it a try 

  21. I originally preferred the 121 than the 113 for an obvious reason –> the
    gun handling is much better on the former. However, after getting pissed
    off by tat gun depression on 121 a billion times, I decide that 113 with
    better sloped armor and more gun depression might be the better tank of the
    two. (still, the Chinese tier 10 are just not good enough to be very

  22. Really enjoying your content and commentary is just hilarious. Thanks Foch
    and keep ’em coming!


  24. Sir Foch can u do a download link to your intro song plz I really like the
    song Thnx ;)

  25. Lol t54 light weight rammed you at the end

  26. I thought you sounded like a yeti because you ARE a yeti. My bad.

  27. Jesus….Foch you are a machine…definitely the best player I have ever
    seen….JPZ E100s are like toys against you.

  28. nice 5 skill crew

  29. Man, that T-54 Lightweight at the end was desperate for a hug.

  30. Yay 15 – 0 in a tier 10 game…..how the hell can that happen? -__-

  31. Got to do a “is it worth it” video on this one (even though we know the
    answer). Still need to see it Foch! +1

  32. Foch caught a cold while chopping up bodies in the forest, it was snowing
    of course

  33. Another good job, get well.

  34. 10875 damage done….

  35. +TheFochYou Can you show us all your medals and stats?

  36. gr8 content !! <3

  37. I saw it live this video.

  38. Warm milk mixed with a teaspoon of turmeric will make you sound less like a
    sober scottsman.

  39. MUPPET

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