113 Review! Is it WORTH the grind?

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Source: TheFochYou

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Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. Where is the guy saying first? 

  2. I just couldn’t make the 113 work, so I sold it and bought the wz-111 back.
    I don’t regret it

  3. LOVE THE VID, i was wating all d&¥

  4. Ahh my baby the 113 to me its perfect tank. Brawls like crazy against is7
    and the e100s are a kids toy compare to you, usually takes a platoon of
    e100s to take down a good 113 driver, if the e100 is alone he is done for. 

  5. i love the 113. its sooo good. 

  6. Always thought this tank was awesome and that I would love it. Vents also
    help with all the bullshit hidden soft stats and the track modules are
    actually suspension modules

  7. FINALLY :3, Thanks Foch!
    The thing I like about the 113 that the tank forces you to think and learn
    the details of the maps(ex. small bumps that you can go hull down), and
    it’s really really fun to play,it also has the health that can let you do
    some ham plays.
    By the way, you forgot to mention that if you go for the Chinese heavy line
    first, the top gun on wz-120 would also be unlocked as well :)

  8. man, the HEAT on the JT made me cry a bit on the inside, I remember the
    good days when going hull down in the JT was a legitimate tactic,
    unfortunately with prem ammo and power creep, thats not really an option

  9. But the second turret on the Is-2 has a machine gun…A MACHINE GUN! The
    tank is sexy whit it it’s totally worth it!

  10. These tanks are so easy to deal with in an E-100 with good old AP.
    Shoot lower plate or aim down at upper plate at close range and if they try
    to pull any hull down shit on you just shoot the top of their turret that
    is paper thin, don’t even bother aiming at cupolas, just top of turret.
    You may miss and hit the cupolas, that will still do :D.
    Why would anyone who’s not Chinese want to play this tank over an IS-7 or
    E-100 or E5 is beyond me.
    Might as well play a medium-heavy like the E-50M, that’s better.
    Or an IS-4 that is slightly underpowered but will rain shit on lower tiers,
    noobs and lower pen guns all day long.

  11. Chinese T-34 and T-34-85: – Worse gun depression then russian tanks
    – Better soft stats on mobility and gun soft stats.

    so they arent technically worse…

  12. Sir Forch is getting funnier and funnier.

  13. How do you get tank inspector?

  14. Lol at that 13 90 yolo at 16:05. What an idiot, but funny.

  15. Nice crew you got in that 113

  16. Wow more DPM than an E5? That poor tank just continues to get shit on by
    other heavies.

  17. If you ask me this game WOT is not worth it at all. I spent the only 30
    bucks I ever spent to purchase a game getting a prem tank on this game.
    THey want you to throw away your life and do this and have frustating games
    with 10 year olds who has learnt how to cuss. Plus the grind in these games
    are just painful. All they want is money.Even if they have a prem event
    where they are abut to give away tanks. You will need to have no life for
    about 2-3 weeks just to be able to earn them. So i guess it was a good
    thing i did not get the update. Even with the e25 prem if i get about 25k
    creds prof per match which is quite hard to do/ then 6.1 mill creds will
    take 248 games. Averge about 10 mins/ game = 2480 minutes = atleast 42
    hours. Remember there will be games where you will make lesser creds and
    even nothing in some games. Plus some games can get quite longer. So
    estimate alteast 60 hours to get a prem tank abd gave no lkife. So 2 hours
    a day = 30 days of grinding -./ I regret the 9k battles i had every bit.
    They need to increase the creds coeff as well as the research points per
    game. Plus did i mention you need to grind all the way to t10 to get that
    tank and that translates to roughly 250 hours of wasted life on this stupid

  18. Didn’t you already do a review of this tank??

  19. Do the Batchat next PLZ


  21. “It’s not that Russian magic spaced side armor that can get you flat 300
    armor because it’s not retarded”….. can I get that printed a billion
    times so I can send it to Serb?

  22. could you tell us what mods you use?

  23. Fk off foch 121 was gud plyur Kappa

  24. degenerated people like this enemy 121 are completely retarded oxygen
    thief’s in this game.. hes obviously frustrated because he cant win more
    games and that’s his own fault, he cant do good damage so he spams Heat in
    a fucking tier 10 tank so he doesn’t has to learn positioning, weakspots or
    any tactic’s.. you cant say much if a good player sometimes shoots prem
    rounds to win a close game or to penetrate important shots but this
    retarded bitch spamming Heat = epic fail

  25. That’s why I like the 113, I can use it as a medium tank and also a heavy.
    This is my favourite T10 atm.

  26. I see, that your 113 suffers from low rolls – almost all the time. It can
    be seen both here and at the Circon’s streams. Really painful when it rolls
    below 340. Especially when u know, that T-54 (with a bit of luck) can roll

  27. “Critical hit city” – that is EXACTLY why I try to tell people interested
    in the 112 over the IS6, that they really should reconsider for a great
    number of reasons…

    As a player, it is VERY rare that a 112 is positioned so that he can easily
    hurt me but I cannot do the same, in fact, I cannot think of a single time
    that a 112 has gotten the better of me in the same tier tank!

    Similarly I believe the 113 is a tough tank to learn and play properly, as
    it is rare that I run into one that plays it like you do Foch – and that
    usually means a tier X WN8 piñata. BUT the people that are actually GOOD
    with the 113, well then it goes from a bad joke to downright scary, with
    how fast they move and maneuver all the time hiding the MANY weak spots and
    just going ham dishing out pain like it’s fuckin Christmas!

    To be sure, that is the EXCEPTION, not the rule. Most people suck in their
    113s – and I do too whenever I have tried it in beta (which is why I have
    yet to touch the Chinese line), perhaps it could use some SMAL, buff, such
    as 5-6 degrees of gun depression, if it had that I think I could do well in
    the 113! But that may also make it OP in the right hands… It’s hard to
    say, other than, currently, the 113 is a VERY niche tank! Foch is perhaps
    the ONLY WOT YouTuber that actually loves it and does well in it! – at
    least the only YouTuber I know of that regularly plays and does well in the

  28. 3 MoE on your 113 says it all, Foch! XD

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