114 SP2, Astron Rex 105, Free Bounty Equipment and More! | World of Tanks Update 1.13+ News

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks 114 SP2, Astron Rex 105, Battle Pass 5, SPG Nerf and More. World of Tanks 1.13 New Ranked and New Equipment Units. World of Tanks -113G FT, Tier 10 Chinese Tank Destroyer.

► Information from:
– https://vk.com/wotclue
– https://thedailybounce.net/
– https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/battle-pass-season-5/
– https://tanks.gg/

Today I have a bit different news episode for you, covering many different topics about upcoming tanks, battle pass season 5 and more! 🙂

Let me know what you think about all of that!


  1. Lots of things to cover today, so let me know what you think about all of this?
    I hope you have found time to enjoy your weekend as well. 😉 Stay awesome!

    • It looks like progetto 66. Change my mind.

    • well i looking forward to the SP2 any news on OBJ 780 not heard a thing since last may? recon mission is new mode for map testing there is no other way it can be released clan war seems a bit of but it possible or a 3rd campaign.

    • What is the next top pf the tre tanks

    • DEZ: This presentation is a good example of the need for wiser choices when you assemble the content of your presentation.
      For example, choosing “disturbing” background music for the screening of a fantastic TD replay would easily demonstrate all the flaws that we spectators suffer.

      You spend your time retating information and also offer us listen to live replay as extra eye candy. But several of us chose not to see your presentation because the choice was disturbing…

      Last, Many thanks that your personally presenting negative criticism to wg for key flaws found for f2p by being a creator with high credibility, Stay awesome!

    • “Why do Americans do that? Why do they have such large commander hatches?” Lol, because they were effective on those tanks in real life, that’s why. They didn’t know WG would make it such a problem for their players lol

  2. Omfg the useless zooming in and out is so annoying.

  3. 1 of the bounty is free , the rest are still behind pay to win wall

  4. Dez, pls don’t feature such replay with constant zoom in/out.. [Disliked]

    About commander hatch weakspot, the whole game will change if commander hatch is change to space armour and you can only injure the commander, no damage done to tank.

  5. For goodness sake stop zooming in and out. Make video unwatchable.

    • Sorry for that, wanted to feature some WZ-113 action and it was one of the only good replays to feature.. 🙁

  6. Do we REALLY need yet another autoloader in the game? It used to be unique between only a few nations and tanks and now it seems every new tank has autoloading.

  7. WG may have shot themselves in the foot by not adding more tanks to the list of final rewards.
    I got the Char Futur and the Object last time, I have no interest in the Kunze Panzer or the K-91-PT (don’t see the latter much on the battlefield so that speaks volumes about how good it REALLY is), so that leaves the AE to get. I don’t need the premium pass to get that, so I can get it without spending money.
    As I said when they launched BP IV, I think they should have added a selection of tier VIII premium tanks as alternatives too and made them cost 18 tokens (that way they wouldn’t have lost money). They could also have added a few tier VII for 9 tokens so that any free players have something to aim for.

    • if you can save up the tokens tho, whenever they do add new tanks to it, you could always get it, so at least the currency holds its value

  8. Dez Love your news videos but please this back ground video is so annoying with his constant mouse wheel action he makes me wanna scream. Watched this video with eyes closed.

  9. Gave a dislike on this vid, cuz of the poor choice of background vid

  10. Michael Antonelli

    good videos as always! i’m excited for all this stuff especially frontlines finally!

  11. Hey Dez, I dont really play tanks actively but like to keep an eye on whats going on. So sometimes if you go into a topic as if everyone know what is going on I fell a bit lost. Just….youknow can you explain stuff about new tanks where they come from, how far and why, not eveyone is super duper into all the details. I think approach like that would be usefull. Keeping us all up to speed you know.

  12. “everything is devalued with the massive commander hatch weakspot”
    This is why WG remove cupola’s from all of the Object heavies, even though many did have such a ‘weakspot’ in-design. Look at the Object 777, that pod isn’t even part of the damage model.

  13. Dez: talks in the background
    Me: getting gradually annoyed because of that WZ FT player’s replay until I stop watching

    • Sorry for that, wanted to feature some WZ-113 action. 🙁

    • @DezGamez It’s alright tho. I still listened to the whole vid. I don’t want to exit the vid without doing that much for your work/effort, and I understand that so no need to apologize.

  14. Mateusz Pajerski

    114 sp2 has no point at all! If u don’t use armor than get yourself a grille 15! Better aiming, better dmg per shot and its smaller!

  15. Adrian Partebună

    Hopefully they are gonna bring premium tank rewards in frontline 😀
    Anyway, frontline gamemode was soooo good for everyone, even got general just with rental T32 and rental T44 xD
    Thank you for these news episodes Dez, you are saving a lot of time for a lot of people, and at the same time, you are entertaining us, keep going!

  16. i hoped the 114 sp2 would become the tier 10 charioteer. But with this stats it is almost worse than the charioteer at tier 8

  17. 114 looked mobile, then you see the horrendous ground resistance.

  18. I hate that zooming .. Oh my.

  19. Dilophosaur sniper

    do the tokens from the previous season get transferred to the next season?

  20. Dezz did you review the gameplay video before posting them???? the idiot who was playing chineese tank destroyer gave me cancer with his camera work

  21. 114 kinda looks like a fat Challenger tank

  22. What a surprise….American tank with a huge weak spots….Well….Its not russian million armor inpenatrable bias on tracks…..Enough said…

  23. BinUnterwegs 60plus

    The background video is annoying as hell !!!

  24. HAH to ALL you arty mains!

  25. 0bj.777 is bad,I mean REALLY bad.Because of its horrible gun and no turrets armour.Tank is so low profiled,but because it’s heavy it has poor camo.

  26. Hey Dez, why can u pronounce the “t” in the word “tank” perfectly but cannot do it with the word “better” which u pronounce as “bether”?

  27. Sarapatin Cristian

    Where’s this accent from?

  28. I like how much points you get for only the daily missions. 45 points for the normal ones and another 25 for the bonus one. Ok the bonus one can sometimes be hard but it means you can get 70 points just with those missions and on top another 50 for the special one witch means around 2 free levels a month

  29. bert onderdeel tweser_g

    Mm m44 not that accurat its not always shoot hit

  30. zooming in zooming out zooming in zooming out zooming in zooming out makes me wanna puke…..

  31. Dude playing td had a stroke or wth.

  32. R2D2 Cuppola on the Rex 😀

  33. Had to stop watching, the zooming in and out was so annoying!

  34. Don’t feature replays with this much zoom in and zoom out action.

  35. Miroslav Tordaji

    great…battle pass about to end….5 lvls to go…..and i get 3 day ban for unsportsmanlike conduct…..tried to challenged it with support:guess how did that workout?…..”we cant give you any details about specific rule you break,but we stand by our decision to punish you”…or this one”i can assure you i personally looked at the case and it LOOKS like you did break rules…..please dont do it again or your next punishment will be more severe”….and then they go on and list what COULD be viewed as unsportsmanlike conduct…i claim im innocent and they dont tell me what i did wrong

  36. take grille over 114

  37. You beat up on Chinese TD again Dez. Shame on you. You’ll learn some day.

  38. Next time don’t use some ZOOMING disco clown as footage, no matter how good he is.

  39. chinese tank? PASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Xbox one as well or no

  41. Just what the game needed… a premium tier 10 tank.

  42. OMG!!! that WG -113FG player was about to make me puke…… let’s start here for this guy…. he may need to seek professional help. Tourette (too-RET) syndrome is a disorder that involves repetitive movements.

  43. Where in the game can you see the medal? Can’t find any options for it.

  44. The American tanks and those TC hatches are a real thing. They give that tank good vision 360* around tank, a separate .50 cal and in real life NO enemy is going to risk trying to hit a TC hatch and wasting a shot and giving away location on such a risky shot. To be honest the ranges we fight at in this game are WW2 ranges (100-500 meters) tanks are capable of way more..The M60 & M1 can easily hit targets at 2000 meters. With the Stabilization and Lasing, the tank can be traveling across terrain at 30 mph and hit a moving targets at easily 1200-1800 meters.

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