114 SP2 Buff, BIG New Maps, 1.11.1 Release | World of Tanks Update 1.12+ News

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Lost Paradise and Pacific Coast Map Preview, New Maps coming to World of Tanks. World of Tanks 114 SP2 Supertest Buffs, Update 1.11.1 Release and HD Models. World of Tanks Update 1.12+ Patch News.

Today I am going to cover many different news topics about World of Tanks and most likely for the patches starting from update 1.12.
Let’s talk about even more maps in 2021, buffs to the 114 SP2, HD modes and update 1.11.1 release date!



  1. Honestly, them announcing so many new maps is becoming kind of SUS… 😀 What do you think about those tho, a bit bigger maps?
    Either way, have an absolutely fantastic weekend!

    • I think they will add on Public battles 20 vs 20

    • I love bigger maps. In higher tiers, small maps sucks, your vision is huge and you can cross it in few seconds with ebr, bigger maps means more places, more positions, more strategy. And one last question, Is just me, or when they made the HD maps, they make all super flat, like fisherman bay and with HUGE useless zones, like glaciar, stuzianki…?

    • Yay, we’ll have more map variety than just Himmlesdorf, Ruinberg, Ensk and Mines. 😀 Yes, the new maps looks very nice, but I’d honestly like to see some older maps to make return like Dragon ridge, Hidden Village, Port, Sacred Valley, Severogorsk, South Coast, Stalingrad and Windstorm.

    • “Race to the cap” maps. Annoying i think. When the “race” and the lot of drivin over the map annoy enough people than all stay in their own cap in the future. But we will see.

    • Hi Dez!
      Yes the maps are looks cool,BUT!!!
      WE NEED MORE CITY MAPS…open maps and 3 artys not the best funny moments combination!
      Many times killed by artys,because other tanks cant shot me (hull down,sidescrap),but if arty is on you,you cant do s..t!
      You just die slowly and pain full!
      WOT need more city maps…so pls WG…create more city maps!!!
      Have a good day Dez.

  2. Dez you can make su 122 44 fire for 5.5 seconds try make a video of it you need to put inproved ramer, inproved ventilation and on slot 3 what you wont

  3. Last 😛

  4. Arty won’t be able to help themselves drowning at the start of the game on lost paradise.

  5. it might be reminding you of airfield.. since it has literal airfield

  6. The new maps look like golf courses.

  7. Very good video, love it.

  8. I don’t think I’ll like these maps, because there’s deep water near all bases if you know what I mean 🙂

  9. Mixing a cocktail, putting on some sunscreen. Dez o7

  10. Nice we can drown easier now :/🙂

  11. they could bring back some of the old maps

  12. That’s my birthday today :p

  13. lost paradise more like tank destroyer paradise

  14. Hmm feels like WG is actually to dumb to create balanced, not mirrored maps. Every new map that gets into the game (or has been teased to get into the game in the future) seems to be 90% mirrored). I mean I get the point, it’s easy to balance since both teams got basically the same positions. But ngl the maps got no variety. The only map I can think of thats not mirrored (at least kinda) is fjords …

    • {Admonitor} Did you expect any less from a team of third-world communist developers?

    • @A. Melanoleuca Seeing what WG is currently doing with tanks (for example the totally broken reward tanks or the EBRs) I’m not really surprised that their mapping department is doing shit aswell. Well I mean not particualarly shit, graphics-wise the maps look good (at least for the engine they are using… overall the game still looks like 2015 or something) but as I said, they lack of any variety

  15. If they bring like 4 maps at the same time that could give some fresh air in the map rotation

  16. WG never learn symmetry does not mean balance.

  17. Tere Paevast Dez, could not waste the opportunity to comment on your maths. 1000×1000 = 1000 000 and 1200 x 1200 = 1440 000 i.e. 44% larger, not 20%.

  18. I predict a lot more drowning.

  19. Isle maps have awesome look

  20. I remember when my favorite tanks was actually able to hit it’s shots without premium consumables. Without bond equipments and stuff. Used to be that you would grind a tank line and be rewarded with a really good tier 10 tank. Now it’s just frustrations in every tank you grind. When they took away the accuracy of every tank they took away the addictive part of the game (the satisfaction of hitting your shots on your favorite tank).

  21. They should rework the old maps and not add new shit maps

  22. where can we see all the reworked hd models cause the links you put in desc dont direct u to them

  23. Lost paradise aka arty paradise

  24. Hey dez.. i sent u one of my replay with the Tvp, I would like u to watch it, i promise u won’t be disappointed. Pls check it i would like u to comment it!!

    Pd: u’re amazing bro!! Stay sexy!

  25. all these shittiy symetric maps…

  26. Luca Nicolas Stefan

    If it is 1200 by 1200, it is 44% bigger than 1000×1000, not 20% bigger

  27. New maps would be great but lost paradise big map? Ha, lots of dead area under water, so unless we can equip snorkels to our tanks that extra area is worthless & the rest of the map is very open, so you push you die. That’s all we need is another airfield with less cover. That open area you would need a Romulan cloaking device to move through there.
    Pacific Coast in reality it’s a 1000 x 800 map of not drowning area & I suspect that there is a couple of key spots which once someone is there then you can’t do anything.
    It looks like a flatter, more open Cliff map. If you get 4 good hull down tanks you win as one side is too open, the other the approaches are open & the big hill in the center isn’t usable. So I can see this just bogging down & HE/ HEAT shells flying around with arty pounding you ( CGC).
    Yes there is a theme” you push you die” aka airfield

  28. So, very open map to get shot from the sky, plenty of water to drown. Arty paradise!

  29. 1000×1000=1,000,000 square meters, 1200×1200=1,440,000 square meters, so 44% bigger dez

  30. These maps are going to be really OP for TD’s and SPG’s

  31. ehhe the maps.
    will give it a shot when it comes but it looks campy, arty paradise.

  32. Still waiting for weather conditions and night maps in WoT.

  33. I have deja vu
    Khmmm Gta Online Cayo Perico island

  34. All these maps are actually SMALL, war gaming are fucking stupid man, playable area is so small, Wargaming please drop this island idea, more maps that are bigger and the whole map is usable, like prokorovka and malinovka, why waste so much space with water ? And why make big maps but with just big coridors ? Why not big maps with big flanking opporunities ? and Why make them so flat ? you can almost shoot straight to opposite spawns….

  35. DezGamez when will spg rework come to Sandbox server?

  36. I want those CDC buffs

  37. 1:01
    1000×1000 = 1000000
    1200×1200 = 1440000
    1000000 – 100%
    1440000 – x%
    x = 144
    144%-100% =/= 20%
    dez maths man 🤓

  38. Lockdown maps – aka dream vacations

  39. Damn… Cant wait lmao

  40. I saw this replay a day ago world of tanks best replays posted it on their channel😂😂

  41. time to main arty

  42. Both those new maps have arfield on them, hopefully the one we have now will be scrapped.

  43. Urban Mihevc_Grabnar

    Wow thats a loot of maps.

  44. What’s the latest on Skills 2.0?

    It is the most terrible ‘improvement’ that WG have come up with x1,000,000,000

    I suspect most people will abandon the game at that point

  45. These maps are too big. they need to increase the amount of tanks on these bigger maps by 5 players a side…

  46. I kinda like wg

  47. I love the look of these new maps, beautiful! But yes, agree it looks a lot like airfields design in a lot of aspects. My sons loved it too!

  48. I read SPG buff and I almost shit my pants…

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