114 SP2 & Charlemagne New Ranked Rewards! | World of Tanks Ranked Battles 2021-2022

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of Tanks Battles 2021-2022 Season, New Reward Tanks 114 SP2 and Charlemagne. of Tanks New Bond Shop Premium Tanks. World of Tanks 114 SP2, Tier 10 Chinese Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks Charlemagne, Tier 8 Premium Heavy Tank.

00:00 Introduction
00:30 Overview of
06:15 How to get Chevrons
06:55 Rewards
08:40 114 SP2 Overview
11:40 New Bond Store Tanks
12:30 New Bond Tanks
13:30 Conclusion

– Organic Bijou – Ooyy
– Future Yellow – Ooyy
– Two Peas in a Pod (Instrumental Version) – Ooyy
– Come 2gether – Ooyy

Some bigs news were dropped by today – New battles season will introduce 10 vs 10 game mode and new reward tanks.

Let me know what you think about that!

►Tanks in action / мир танков :


  1. Stay tuned for the Charlemagne action very soon. Also, interested about any of those new Bond Store tanks?
    00:00 Introduction
    00:30 Overview of Ranked
    06:15 How to get Chevrons
    06:55 Rewards
    08:40 114 SP2 Overview
    11:40 New Bond Store Tanks
    12:30 New Ranked Bond Tanks
    13:30 Conclusion

  2. Can you do a video explaining how to get ranked rewards?

  3. So, should I spend my bonds on the m60 then? Or just buy bond equipment for my favorite tanks?

  4. AD for tanks is great but game is totaly crap

  5. Dont forget to save the gold for retraining your crew 2.0…

  6. I love my glasscannon paper tanks. Guess Ill make an attempt on the grind till you get an aneurysm event.

  7. Just waiting for WG to close cuz of the money laundering incident

  8. As a true progetto enjoyer I got the camouflage and I look sexy in it

  9. Finally news sound good,of course,to me,free to play player,I have no chance to get Chinese tierX tank,but at least some rewards are nice 😉
    They could bring back old HE shells,would nice.

  10. Will the tanks aka FV / 121B / and the other heavy, forgot the name will still be in the bond shop?

  11. Georgios Papahatzis

    When new marathon, battle pass and all that shit come online you should what I do. Pretend that doesn’t exist, continue your life as it is. You can play until the point its fun and after that switch off the lights and next day coming. Who gives a shit if there is a new tank. There are 600 tanks to play. Why should you live In a cave for like a month only to get a reward tank.

  12. I’m the 1,000 like thumb up!

  13. Does anyone know whether it is possible to choose bond turbo in the bond equipment selections? Thanks!

  14. hosi ja vam dam vsechny moje prachy

  15. And another event reward tank, some people have a life. And the update in the “normal” bond shop is crap.

  16. The IS-2 shielded was given away for free for one thing or another….and now they want to give it away for 8K bonds???? I have yet to even play with it and I think I have had it for 2 years..WOW….I have over 30K of Bonds and was really looking forward to getting a new tank…I guess I will use it for Bond Equipment. I waited over 1.5 years for these tanks???

  17. And they had never updated items for bonds store….

  18. So… order of least to preferred… 114 SP2 is a more squishy T110E4. T110E4 is a squishier E-100…. E-100 has a subjectively less desirable turret profile and worse gun handling than the 60TP… I will stick with my 60TP lol…

  19. I just bought 121b LUL

  20. Still no tier 8 chieftain, bleh. I’ve wanted that tank for months now.

  21. 10 VS 10 only helps the best players as everything they ever do does. Think i could be best of 30 maybe but the best of the ten no sigh .

  22. The Charlemagne is so bad . Its turret armor is trash . The reload is so bad . Its mobility is so bad . TRASH .

  23. Honestly I’m not super hyped for ranked because once again it is for high skilled player and try harder. And finally the rewards are good but I’m not convinced by the premium special tanks

  24. So a Japanese td – they coming to to WOT on the pc?

  25. meh, never played ranked, quite probably never will, care factor is zero

  26. Maybe it’s worth trying… I like its look, and I like glass cannons, but… will I have time to play? The only marathon I had time and will to finish was T26E4. The second question is: am I good enough? I have a MoE on X tier, but I don’t play so often… the third question is: do i have enough credits?

    • It’s about having a tank that gets you XP. Very simple. For me it’s Manticore. I don’t rage at heat spam in it cause it’s not dependant on armor 🙂 You choose yours!

  27. The biggest joke is how they took (if I’m not mistaken) meagre 12 chevrons out of the grind, but knocked an ENTIRE WEEK off the time to complete a stage… Like WG; freaking seriously?! And the chevron system yet again… The most toxic, selfishness inducing, lemmingtrain orchestrating sh*tshow this system is… But it’s okay, because account boosting services will het their slice of the cake even more now, as the average joe has no chance of doing each of these seasons at this point…

  28. Junk tanks for bonds.. lol I already have most of them, and I rarely play them. Non-Meta tanks for sale.

  29. Yep that’s what this game needs, another tank that takes 40% of my hit points.
    GG WG fucking triangles

  30. New Bond shop Tanks are a bad joke

  31. Skill did the Charlemagne is junk.

  32. Bunch of tanks I will never be able to earn 🙂

  33. If we reach the second division, are tanks like kpz or concept 1b going to stay available forever ? Or when ranked battles wiil be finished, they will be no more available ?

  34. I hate ranked so much. Period. Will only play enough to get tokens to get 114. If not whatever, game is dying anyways.

  35. how is the 114 sp2 going to be competitive in tier 10? worse than grille 15 in every way…at least grille 15 has speed and accuracy…

  36. So you can earn Battle Pass points in Ranked, but Ranked starts 6th september and Battle Pass ends 6th september???

  37. they still did not change the prime times for this mode, i can’t always play at those hours, so i don’t think i will reinstall the game….

  38. Wow only 500k credits after qualification… not 2 million anymore…

  39. 114 SP2 seems OP, to bad I won’t be able to get one.

  40. @DezGamez can you buy for example the is2s if you already have it? And if yes, what do you get as compensation?

  41. Everyone cry abot Kran and STB in ranked… You all forgot new VZ came in game? See you all in ranked my dear foods hehehe

  42. in ru server IS-2 shielded 6000 bond ,eu server 8000 bond wut ?

  43. “It has Good cammo” looks big like type5 heavy… wg?..

  44. The IS2 shielded is worth 6k bonds, you can already see the tanks for sale in the Asia server

  45. such camo, much wow was an exclusive camo for playing wot classic test server quite a few years ago, now I’m pissed that they are gonna sell it for 450 bonds so that means there’s gonna be nothing special about it anymore…..

  46. Chineese grille 15

  47. Nice, I can buy a Concept 1B this time. Only by reaching the 2. Division

  48. Deividas Kimsevičius

    Not really surprising that the t8 premiums they put into the bond store are all shit

  49. The 114 SP2 looks good to me. Mobility is okay and the armor can hold most of HE shells, definitely a bonus point after the HE change.

  50. Yes, IS-2 shielded is 6.000 bonds
    that was the typo

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