114 SP2 – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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114 SP2 is the upcoming reward in World of Tanks. Here’s all you need to know about the fully turreted Tier 10 Chinese tank destroyer!


World of is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. 为人民服务 Serve For People

  2. gun feels nice tho

  3. wasn’t this already in the china server since a bnunch of years ?

  4. Why do u recommend the Turbo if in face of such high terrain modifications ImpGroucers would be much better?

  5. its the first time im going to grind ranked just for this thing XD

  6. This is a monster

  7. This tank is a shitty Chinese glass cannon. Honestly i don’t see this tank being popular much. Why would you want to play that when you can play a grille which is faster, is more accurate and more snappy, has better rounds, low profile as well.

  8. It seems reasonable for stats, and does looks like it plays better as a hybrid med/hvy gun kind of vehicle.

  9. Thats a good tank without OP stats. If they keep this level with tier 9 premiums and maybe start nerving tier 8 premiums this game will be playable

  10. Lol, just saw the title, thought they were gonna add that American 114, the one that shoots 105 mm HEAT out an autoloader, theyll get there

  11. you should try the tank with additional grousers instead of the vents
    it helps a ton with ground resistance

  12. I loved the T30, so i think i might like this one too… The problem is this is a reward tank, and i don’t have the time to spend in ranked battles :/


  14. It looks rather balanced not like a Concept 1B for example. I will play Ranked but not for the 114 SP2 but to rech Division 2 and buy the Concept 1B. During the last Ranked season I bought the Kampfpanzer50t and I am loving it.

  15. That poor 50B on himmelsdorf, thought you have strong turret front and did not even try to shoot you lol

  16. 24:48 “aiming for far to long” looking at you Charioteer. 😀

  17. This tank looks more like the Obj 268 v5 that was added to wot, but never introduced into live servers.
    Compared to v5, the gun is weaker(Obj 268 v5 had the same gun as a Obj 268, 303 ap, 395 heat and fully traversable turret.)
    This tank looks like its comparable to a Obj 705A or Obj 268 4 in regards to the alpha damage.

  18. I’m very disappointed on the armor of this tank.. they should’ve made the turret armor somewhat troll or bouncy?
    But I enjoy Chinese tanks a lot so I’m going to go after this one.

  19. Now, I’m new to ranked in this game, how hard will it be to get this tank? im a little below avg player

  20. Turbo is useless on this tank – extra speed is wasted because you’ll never reach it and extra power doesn’t actually help that much with effective speed because ground resistances kill it. You need Additional Grousers on this tank. Tech tree chinese TDs (tier 9 and 10) have exactly the same issue.
    Only bond turbo is better than grousers.

  21. so sad the grille 15s stats don’t actully match what is in the game. this tank looks like you could shoot on the move with very good accuracy. its so fast to do everything. this is better than the grille 15 in everyway.

  22. Good bye e4 you will be missed. 🤣

  23. skill just played this tank destroyer ,, it moves like a medium tank with a great gun so sacrifice armor for mobility and good alpha humm i like it

  24. So I have to play ranked, Boo I will give it a go then just for this TD

  25. The only thing I don’t like about these tank reviews is that QB puts the best possible stuff on the tank.

    I typically have: Standard Equipment, 5-10 gold rounds, crew with ~3 skills, standard consumables.

    QB has: Bond Equipment, Half ammo is gold rounds, crew ~4/5 skills, FULL MODIFICATIONS, paint, Premium consumables, and directives.

    Then he reviews this new tank that is like 30% better than it was. Unrealistic. To top it all off, he shows the tank in its optimal position, with crazy lucky RNG when he lands a high amount of shells on low chance hits and generally bad enemies.

    TLDR: He puts the review tank on a Platinum pedestal in best case situations, which is grossly expensive.

  26. This tank has something of all classes

    TD: Gun
    Heavy tank: mobility
    Medium tank: flexiblity
    Light tank: Armor
    Spg: Big soft target

  27. gun rammer is so 2018

  28. When you realize the WT auf PZ 4 is literally better than this tank in almost every way

  29. is tier 11 from the previous april fool actually a thing now? look at this thing, exactly like a modern mbt

  30. in wot frustration is part of the addiction.

  31. This tank needs the extra grousers modification, it has the hp and top speed, doesn’t have the gr.

  32. Needs slightly better armor to combatant tier 8s, and a little more gun depression

  33. 1:41…it would be nice to have a rate of fire of 14.17 on any tank…except this one doesn’t

  34. IS 4 with different cuppola and gun mantlet !

  35. Looks like grille you can be aggressive with.

  36. it kind of looks like an E100 but smaller and more flat angles. or rougher angles.

  37. Tank review is good. But tank review without litteraly every single crew skill researched + all purple equipment + directives + all premium consumables would be even better.

  38. high explosive poor
    also has 90pen

  39. The SP2 is an artillery unit irl.

  40. It reminds me a lot of pre nerf Grille and will probably perform similarly well. That being said, I do not think a pre need Grille is OP anymore in today’s world of tanks, so it should be allright.
    Damn, looking at these horrible, horrible gun soft stats of the grille really hurt… it desperately needs an adjustment, like most of the t10 TDs

  41. QB this thing looks fun, not a console tank though yet lol.
    Though we do have the obj 268 v 5.
    Basically an 8 or 9 heavy tank Hull and turret, with the 705A gun, on a more mobile platform

  42. better gun than E4, armor does the same job… why does the E4’s 200mm of armor matter if it fails against AP?

  43. I tested this tank and loved it. This is what rewards should be. Novel yet not op. it has a hard hitting 650 alpha with turret but no armor and decent mobility which allows for high level gameplay but doesn’t make it op cough cough concept 1b

  44. Basically a t103 at tier 10 hmmm

  45. I really want this tank but I won’t ever be able to get it…

  46. So this thing will be camping in the back doing nothing all game and then die in 3 seconds cause it has no armor, got it.

  47. If this is a soviet tank it woude have a 200 mm of armor

  48. Of course the Char Futur didnt need to spam gold but stat padders gotta pad. Its this gold spamming bullshit that is making the game that much more unenjoyable.

  49. T30 is better than this

  50. Everyone loads the gold anyways especially in ranked. So who really needs armor and it has enough not to get slapped by HE like the grille 15

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