116-F3, First Chinese Autoloading Tier X Heavy + T32M Preview | World of Tanks Update 1.19+ News

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Source: DezGamez

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World of 116-F3, New Tier 10 Chinese Autoloading Heavy Tank. New Clan Wars or Ranked Reward Tank? World of Tanks T32M and Free Gift Tank. World of Tanks The Waffenträger: Legacy – The Return of The Waffenträger Special Event 2022. 1.19+ Patch News.

Video chapters:
00:00 Introduction
00:40 New Year's Gift?
01:45 Blitzträger
02:45 Announcement
03:51 116-F3 First Look
08:40 T32M First Look
11:40 Studzianki Map Chages

New tanks coming, including a free gift tank for the upcoming holiday ops and new year events. 116-F3 and T32M entering the supertest + some map chages on Studzianki.

What do you think?



  2. damm free celere sahariano yikes

  3. lol you can tel WG are going after the Chinese market right now lmao

  4. Im really enjoying the work they are doing to maps. Some are quite large in term of how they are played. Its refreshing

  5. Those map changes are much needed, it should make the map way more playable.

  6. Hope that map rework works better I always block that map

  7. Now rework mines, overlord, berlin and paris..

  8. Not worried about chinease heavy…. It wont be able to hit the side of a barn…

  9. you know fun fact there are more tier8 prem vehicles than tech tree tier8s and tier7s

  10. This game man what has it come to my god

  11. Nice, WG should focus more on map balance

  12. i well keep it as i have with all of the gift tanks

  13. Feels like with every map changes they are nerfing TD’s first they blocked sniping in ghost town and now studzianki. “Boo hoo bad map design the TD’s are shooting me from spawn and penetrate my HT’s turret”

  14. we do not need another t32

  15. on the ban maps i like it if i ban a map i never see it again on any battle type

  16. What is hard to win against wf?there r only bots in that mod.they don.t even look map,just like in random.of course it.s hard;)

  17. Steffen Agermann Christiansen

    Wargaming Nerf T29 after soo many years but hey lets make a premium version of T32 WG have no ideas these days they will basicly crawl over dead bodies to get a quick buck… id say stop supporting the filth and close your wallets guys.

  18. Ffs im done with gonsalo udarniy and now t32m fuck you wg fuck you wtf are doimg spamming doppleganger tanks ?

  19. No no no. I won every harrier battle already.

  20. Being hauled down isn’t Brawling Dez.
    Brawling is being mobile having thick all-around armor with a big-hitting gun or a rapid-fire gun. The T32 isn’t that mobile even if you enhance it. It’s 105mm is lacking penetration, alpha damage, and rate of fire. The gun stats would need to be changed to 360 damage. Have APCR as Standard rounds for the 252 penetration. Then HEAT for gold rounds of 310 penetration. Finally, the reload time would need to drop down to 8 or 9 seconds.
    Even if you do this to the gun. The haul of the tank is too big and cumbersome along with the lack of engine HP its mobility suffers painfully for it. Since WG has gone with speed meta with wide-open maps. Getting to haul down the spot before being intercepted is very hard now.

  21. THE big question is “If we had the WTF E100 BEFORE AND THEY TOOK IT OFF US, WILL WE GET IT BACK WHEN IT COMES INTO THE GAME?”…They can have my crappy grill if they want…

  22. You get an autoloader and you get an autoloader, and you, and you, and you get an autoloader, everybody gets an autoloader!!!!! WOAT= world of autoloader tanks.

  23. At least their priorities are in order, why buff or nerf or outright fix tech tree lines when you can just say fuck it, new tank

  24. I think that 116 will be worse then 114. I mean, it’s nice clip potential, but . 2.7 aiming time on papper means 6-7 sec real time aiming speed and maybe even more after firing the first shell. On top of that 0.42 dispersion and probably we can forget snap shots. My prediction is that this tank will be a pure garbage with 530 dmg per minute

    • Hope they would lower dispersion to like 0.3 – 0.35 and improve aim time to make it like a accurate tank (Balance it depending on how good dpm/armor weak spots are). AMX in tier 10 atm has ridiculous accuracy for over 500 alpha, u can literally shoot on the move and its refreshing.

    • @MrMeepsYT let them keep accuracy, aiming time is more important. At least nobody will snipe with this tank like with tiger 2 for example

  25. Imagine being so stupid to care what wargaming is rolling out this time.

  26. If you have good teamwork and understand the mechanics it’s not impossible to defeat the BTE. I beat a 58% player just the other day and myself and 1 other player were the only ones above 50%, the other 4 were all 47-48% but they listened to us, communicated, and we supported each other.

    I’ve also lost to a 45% player in the BTE when my team would run around like chickens with their heads cut off lol.

    It’s all about teamwork and coordination. If you have it, you can do well. If you don’t… you’ll get eaten alive.

  27. all this rush rush rush changes for the maps are pretty bad… at least for what WoT wants to be and it makes people play brainless and just rushing in…

  28. Beating the Blitz E110 is ez af. People just need to not suck and use their brain

  29. T32M just what we need. More accurate tank that promotes camping in a ht

  30. Why? Probably same reason why we have like STA-1/ STA-2, etc.

  31. So they nerf German but refuse to nerf Soviet? As expected.

  32. Yeah the WT E 100 isn’t what it once was, the meta has passed it by. It’s a has been. Sad days. But i never got mine sooo…..

  33. I know on console they have a t32 proto which is the t32 but with a four round autoloader with 320 alpha.(might be 3 rounds)
    So I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s their actual plan for the t32m. I’d like that to be the plan cause otherwise it’s a complete waste of time. And to the Chinese tanks.. honestly WG just need to stop making new tanks for a year and hire new people. I think we are all tired of this hull down autoloader Metta we are in currently. All it has done is make every game full of gold ammo and a bunch of idiots to afraid to make a push play to take advantage of anything.

  34. Played 3 games cant stand this event ….6 tanks in total…the enemy spawns 3 tanks..time you kill them e100 all ready right in your face and just kills you…obviously designed so the WT players have all the fun and we are just the muppets who are there for its amusement…go shove it WG keep your bonds and crew dont need that much.

    • if you are a good player and all the others are also, its EZ to kill WT, i mean it, i even got 3 wins in a row before the nerf with great team. i dont understand what the fuzz is all about

  35. Yes, it happened yesterday evening in the event, the day before i played with it every time shield went down with 1500 dmg, now 2500 and yes it felt slower too, didnt even know about the nerf before i saw this video. I dont understand why people talking about event being hard… On wednesday evening i won 3 times in a row playing with Harriers, its just not hard at all IF EVERYONE knows what are they doing and suppose to do and for a bonus if Engineer is one of the dumbest its possible to kill it even before shields went down for good. In my eyes this event is suppose to be not the easiest, cause u can get free prem tank even without paying a single dime, heard people telling that they got free enigneer key and in the first roll with a FREE Engineer’s key got Chieftain Proto. i would say it was balanced. For me Mirny felt somewhat harder to kill that monster, but also if you had perfect team and stars aligned it would be very much possible even making some stupid mistakes…

  36. They give everyone a free tank at tier 3, that no one will play. They introduce a heavy with massive burst, and they rework a map to better fit hulldown heavies. Nothing new here.

  37. Besides Type 59, wz120-FT, 121b, and 5A look good, the rest of the Chinese tank tech trees are underpowered and garbage. 114 and 114Sp let us know how much garbage WG could make, 114 is Tir9 Tog II, and 114 Sp got a PEN Nerffed 268v4’s gun besides it owned a turrent… WG please make some remarkable Chinese tanks, like KRV, 277, e100, AND please do not make any more garbage like Type 5, 113, Rino, MVY…

  38. Why does every tank have to be an autoloader…

  39. Actually i like what i see in those map changes. Let’s hope that it plays better too

  40. Leta Make more autoloaders
    Kran out new china’s autoloader in


    yay, more autoloaders. bcz, there was a lack of autoloaders

  42. Another autoloader op trash…. I am running to puke.

  43. I come here for the news but I stay for the sexy voice

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