11th Anniversary, Chieftain Proto Nerf, 2 New Maps | World of Tanks News Update

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks 11th EU Anniversary Event and Rewards, FV4201 Chieftain Proto Nerfed (Tier 9 Chieftain), 2 New Maps Planation and Silent Garden. 1.7+ Patch News.

Today let's talk about couple upcoming events and topics in World of Tanks, such as 11th EU Anniversary, the FV4201 Chieftain Proto and 2 new upcoming maps.

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. So what do you think about all of this?
    As always, have an absolutely fantastic weekend! 😉

    • I hope that the chief is not going to be in a marathon. It would ruin the game imo.

    • Can we get a Mines 2.0 map ?

    • Happy Weekend too. What I think? I think ASIA server stinks. We don’t have a similar event (at least don’t see anything in the news) or anything else to compensate…

    • @Lukas Paulik I would rather see it in a marathon, then locked behind a skill wall. Besides it will only ruin the MM for a few weeks, then everything will go back to normal. Its the same every time, a new tank is released.

  2. Another map in which I will get only once.

  3. But nobody cares about the EU server! NA all the way! And we all need everyone to support Putin from this Z dictator piece of shit!

  4. Man, NA sure does get the shaft.. If I didnt already own most of the available to non unicum grinders premium tanks, id quit buying them.

    • lmao NA is the most desperate server among all 4. They consistently gave crap away. But their server runners are also the most toxic. To hell with NA

  5. Synthetic Danimal 90

    There is what? 40 maps or so? Then why do i only play on like the same 10? The maps we get on lower tier play are fun too. We should get to play on those too

  6. problem is maps are to small, trying to acomodate arty/td/ebr/regular tank gameplay is not possible at all. i hate to say it but the way the game is now days dropping arty and td’s is the way to go and having maps made that do not need to acomodate that play style would be awesome for the game imo

    • Arty yes. Tds, no.

    • @Will de Noble nah TDs are the worst class in this game lol, going in front you slow to get there and you get outcircled by a fast tank when you get there, sit in the back? your team pushes and you get nothing to shoot at or your team does stupid rush and get killed in 5 min now you are 1 vs 6 and you have no armor, wheels mediums and heavies are the real meta tanks now

  7. 10:05 FINALLY! Thank you Dez for calling it out. I have been crying that so often ever since the first Recon Mode.
    We’ve seen 3 weeks where we could play a few new maps but why the F does it take so freaking long long for WG to GIVE them to us…
    I currently just stopped because I can’t stand it anymore I WANT NEW MAPS IN THE GAME!!

  8. The tanks they choose for the event are no fun and everybody plays like an idiot again.

  9. hahahaahahah

  10. Those maps offer you no way of flanking. Very boring.

  11. They can’t even give us a happy birthday inscription for free…

  12. I miss Swamp and Dragon. xD

  13. Janjos Sibinovski

    It would be nice if they could fix the EU servers for the anniversary

  14. Garbigi

  15. Both those maps look like garbage.

  16. Hiddenvilage vibes

  17. I hope that mini cheftain will be in a marathon event

  18. WE WANT MAPS and Grand Battle only mode

  19. Please add more maps and allow us to filter out more than 2 (preferably 5)! Add Komarin, Northwest, Sacred Valley, Severogorsk, South Coast, Swamp, and Windstorm back in and allow people to filter out the maps they don’t think are fair or the ones they don’t like (Paris, Tundra, Glacier)

    • Yesss, those were the best maps in the game, especially Northwest, i adored that map

    • I loved northwest and windstorm, severogorsk was good as well and haven kind of interesting too although not suited for all classes i had a lot of fun in it before it was removed. The best maps have all been taken of the game while shitty ones stayed and got even worse over time.
      I am lucky to have finished my obj 279 missions at the beginning of april this year and haven t played the game afterwards. I have no motivation any more, this campaign was the last thing that kept me going and since its done i am as well.
      I feel way more satisfied now. I can still play the game from time to time but i dont care any longer. No more permanent hate, no more rage and annoying behaviour. You feel way more free and satisfied if you either dont care about this game any longer while playing it or if you quit it completly.

  20. They nerfed a wrong chief

  21. Next time at least finish the battle in the background!!

  22. EU Server always gets the nice events and also codes.
    Meanwhile on ASIA Server: You can pre-load patch 1.16.1 and buy premium bundles 🙂
    I’m thinking to get starlink just to be able to play again on EU account/server (not just WOT) with less than 250-300ms ping lol. Should be around 80-100ms with starlink. But 99 USD/month is hefty.

  23. social3ngin33rin

    but I already have the sock style…. 🙁

  24. Why can’t they add the cheifs into the normal tec tree so uk has 2 heavy lines then. Ussr one has how many.

  25. I know people flip out when their hear “chieftan”, but this tier 9 version is worse than some tech tree heavies (like the conq). Obviously we need to play it first, but the name alone does not mean it will be amazing.

  26. Why more maps? everyone knows that, you play a couple of matches and maybe you played 4 different maps in one evening 😀

    I would really like to see old maps. WG should balance the old maps and put it back in the game. the both new maps look very idealess

  27. I’ll be playing for that free garage slot… to add to the 100 other empty slots I already have.

  28. i wish the put up better camo i reall do not like the sock camos

  29. the need to bring mack the waffen e 100 so every one can have an old op tank again

  30. i now right give us the maps we tested

  31. if you are play on na there is a code from wot next if give you 3 day rental of the soma this week WOTBIRTHDAY

  32. Ye
    11th eniversary *Special event*
    “Happy birthday sticker”
    If they have moving couldnt they just move event in Time? It wouldnt be First Time

  33. Unfortunately no one will listen…which is very sad

  34. Is only EU server? I play NA I wanna know if I get cool stuff as well

  35. if they put the tier 9 chief as ranked reward, then I might grind out ranked. if they put it in as a premium then I am definitely buying it

  36. Safe haven was the latest new map, time for new maps!!

  37. Great info, thanks again.

  38. I h8 the current wot gameplay and all that comes with it. fk new maps and tanks. we need a Nostalgia game mode where chieftains and other op tanks doesnt exist and play on original maps. fkn bullshit designers turned world of tanks into a 4mins battles of world of hull down tanks

  39. Some shitty rewards as usual from WG…

  40. The garageslots… wg is so generous..

  41. Roland Yancy Dorol

    I think WG are having too much intern who makes a bunch of bullshits.

  42. i uploaded an ace tanker game with chieftain, 9.4k dmg, kolobanov medal

  43. Thomas Ritzinger

    Remove maps like Ensk, Himmelsdorf, Mines and stuff, for higher tiers and add god damn new maps…im dont even care anymore abt any “new Map” cause they dont add it anyway, no matter how mutch ppl liked it. Then they come arround the corner with save haven or whats its name…

  44. mhm… if the chieftain comes as an rewardtank then there is no difference, just another op tank to make the “elite” players better in slaughtering the casual players
    if the chieftain comes as an premium tank then it will be an option for the casual players who can not play all the day
    but then all the unicums will complain again like they did with “mimimi, WG the tomatos scratch my hulldown reward tank with HE, please stop them…” “of course son, we will immediately “rework” HE…
    WG should rework ALL tanks first before bringing out new ones and as long they not touch the premium ones then it should be no problem
    in the past all the tech tree tanks also got nerfed or buffed depend on the situation in the game and a reward tank could be nerfed without violating some trading laws
    what a nice dream… 🙂
    have a good weekend too


    I can’t wait, he always makes everything more funny and enjoyable 😀 MrG

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