12 Players Didn’t Do Their HP on Lakeville… He Still Won

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Source: LemmingRush

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  1. 12:35 you said “I also got” 13:00 you said “i ended up”

  2. Downward Deviance

    Stopped playing because WG cheats so obviously. Sad to say, but true. doesnt matter how well you play, WG decides every match, who wins who looses. It’s bullshit. It’s rigged.

  3. Good job Dave

  4. The secret to doing great while other players on the team don’t pull their weight is to let them doing the spotting/create opportunities, while you do the damage. The critical thing is to make sure that the noobs….I mean *team mates*….take the damage, not you. Your job is to avoid damage for as long as possible while taking opportunistic shots (having good twitch abilities here makes you a unicum). That way you did great while they sucked!

  5. The only reason he could carry the game at the end is because the enemy did not push together for the kill. It was not skill on his part, it was excessively passive behaviour on the part of red team, basically luck. When outnumbering the enemy in the end game you dont sit around when finishing them off.

  6. Good ammo lol

  7. i would shoot full apcr .. but this premium ammo is heat and heat sucks for tracking+damage and gets eaten by guns on lightly armored tanks like a light tank or skorp G rhm etc which ap/apcr would otherwise go through

  8. To fucking shitheads who whine about him using full gold: try it yourself and do 12k damage, then upload your video, ok?

  9. Top tier full gold ammo a terrible exaple, or a great example why this game is rly dieing.

  10. Since you have a sponsor, ever consider of dropping the Ads? 13 minute video with 3 ads is annoying.

    • I’m curious, do you actually see an ad on every yellow line?

      My impression is that for every ad slot I put in, there’s about a 25-50% chance you’ll see an ad.

      Meaning that, I expect most people to see a Max of two ads for this video and on average, 1.

    • Star Platinum ZA WARUDO!

      +LemmingRush it’s seems pretty accurate. I never get all 3, sometimes 1 or 2, but very few times 0.

  11. Notifacate me pls. Lol. Nice analysis. Thanks for the learnings.

  12. Nice ammo setup…

  13. what the actual fuck lemming i was looking to buy new headphones, are you fucking buying user data from google holy shit

  14. Panza Camp Wagon Sevun !1! hahahahahahaha…. FFS at least try to say it right little buddy

  15. that’s a guy I do not want in the enemy team 😀

  16. Right, push hard, greedy team yolos to get damage and dies…. I hate that

  17. 4 ads for one video? Come on man…

  18. Great video

  19. Just here for the “he played good, but HEAT triggered me” comments :>

  20. lol that sell out though… “hi i’m lemming from statefarm”

  21. Yes, his positioning was good, and played well.
    This game was not won because of his skills, but because of other circumstances.
    -430U with it’s Russian not-OP medium tank armor
    -full gold loadout (5% my ass)
    -tier 8 enemies mostly
    You literally couldn’t have done this miraculous win with any other tank than the object 430u. I think it’s disgusting actually. I really like your channel Lemming, but I hate it when you feature these kind of plays. At first glance it seems like skill, but hell no, it’s not.
    Have a nice day!

  22. He featured this game not because of gold spam but of the positional play and choices made, but apparently it was too difficult for some to understand and learn from, thus they continue to be the in the canvas of these videos. Here is a thought, just try to spam heat for a few games, for the fun of it, see how much your average damage increases: don’t waste your credit, Not more than 300. from less than 1000.

  23. 2018 5% gold loadout…..

  24. Notificated? Good one. ?

  25. HEAT only is a disadvantage at last.

  26. I like lemmingrush, but this was the first video I disliked
    Sorry dude
    I just don’t want to see unneeded gold spamming

  27. TheWuerstchenwasser

    Impressive decision making. This guy certainly played a good game.

    But the 99% gold ammo hes taking into a game kind of kills it for me. I wouldnt give him shit for playing the 430u even though it is really strong and a little op against tier 8. Everyone has their favorite tanks and I am fine with him playing a 430u, that means he doesnt ruin other players day by playing a fucking clicker.

    But that gold spam, I dont see a reason to use gold against his targets other than that he took quite a lot of unaimed shots… Well i guess everyone has enough cash to empty their pockets at everything after getting tons of credits in frontlines.

  28. Ransom Access Memory

    Perfect storm: Good player, weak friendly team, just weak enough enemy team, lucky in +2 top tier matcmaking in stronk russki tonk

  29. TheDutchmanModifies

    Luckily this tank isn’t OP at all!

  30. Lakeville=though map??? BULLSHIT

  31. this 680 damage done magically appearing after the sponsor message. haxx confirmed

  32. vincent van asbroeck

    Can you do more tier 6 gameplay and stuff pls?

  33. Nice game but that skill spam just isn’t right as top tier in 3-5-7
    WG should balance that spam by making a game like this cost a million credits. Linear price increase per shell on tanks that don’t need to spam premium when their base pen is more than enough ( +10% base cost to replenish each shell fired / like 5000 – 5500 – 6000 – 6500 – 7000 – etc. )

  34. Russian OP med tank with alfa, dpm and armor better than half of tier X heavies, in 3-5-7 MM, full gold and enemies equally smart like his own team – all skill.
    I wonder if someone would play another russian balance-mobile – obj 268v4 with full gold ammo in 3-5-7 MM (balancing factor – no turret) if people would still be so impressed.

  35. lemming, no more streaming ? 🙁

  36. The pure HEAT spam does NOT take away anything from the result, it’s the fact that he’s in a 430U that does…Not even a damn E50M could have bounced THAT many shots, so not that impressive numbers wise.

  37. “gonna call him ‘Dave'” made me laugh out loud in the office ))

  38. Okay, a few things:

    Great job reading your ad. You were confident and convincing.

    Pronunciation: Yes, I know, language/pronunciation isn’t important to you. As a former student of languages, I’m a little different in that respect. I can only throw things your way and hope for the best. 😉 Soooo….

    I ended up doing a little reading after hearing your pronunciations of the name of one of the tanks and I found some things that are wildly interesting: I think the name of the tanks, “Caernarvon” is derived from the name of a castle in Wales. Welsh is an extant language but it is one of those languages that is like Polish, one where they threw the Latin alphabet onto it coming up with weird ways of producing sounds that have nothing to do with English or Latin and only Welshmen and professional linguists can tell you how anything is pronounced in it.

    Think I’m kidding? I’ve had conversations on various levels in English, German, Spanish, Russian and French and I couldn’t tell you how to pronounce the title of one of my favorite Robert Graves short stories, “Week-End at Cwm Tatws,” if you put a gun to my head.

    In any event, Google Translate renders the original Welsh Spelling of the fortress’s name as “‘Kai-narr-von” and the English pronunciation as, “Ker-nahr-vin”. No one on the planet can fault you for “Ker-nahr-vin.”

    You can check that out “here” if you like:

    Hull down positions have a name in military tactics. In the case of a tank, being (mostly) protected from the front is called being “in defilade.”

    The idea of enfilade and defilade is interesting if difficult to get from descriptions. Short form: Enfilading fire is fire at a unit or group of targets along its longest axis. Even if you miss what you’re aiming at, you are still likely to hit something else the enemy doesn’t want you to hit. Defilade is protection from or avoidance of enfilading fire by cover or obstacles, the instances in your video where you mention a tank can go hull-down are definite examples of defilade and wonderfully important ones.

    I recently got to use defliade in a game on El Halluf where I put my object 263 behind a scrap of bush on the opposite side of a rise in the ground with the marvelous effect that I stopped losing hit-points and made the enemy lose them instead.

    Maybe you’ll find this stuff interesting/useful, maybe you won’t but you’re more than welcome to have access to it on me.


  39. No skill, no aiming for weak spots, just look at the enemy and spam heat in an OP russian troll tank. Only positive, he actually has map awareness

  40. “In world of tanks to total average of premium rounds being fired is at no more than 5%”
    Meanwhile in the real world … this guy.

  41. The pixel hunting mechanics to be good in this game with outlines and color to show if you can pen sorta detaches from the game back in the days when it was just you and your tank, its sorta pixel hunters vs those that don’t.. The game tells you when your spotted, it tells you if you can pen color codes spotting circles… he knows it beter than them.

  42. Seriously, well played game as far as tactics go, but without the full gold layout, this doesn’t happen…at all.

  43. featuring a replay with full gold loadout , now that some next lvl game killing with salt and peper added..

  44. meh casual obj 430u top tier game when enemies are retarded…..but what could they do vs this armor :))) obj 277 is just useless compared to this thing lol
    i mean over 6k blocked dmg,really??? try that in obj 277 lol :)))) or any other medium, E50M used to be that “armored” medium tank…..can’t find this replay that exciting sorry LR but op tanks replays are lame

  45. mmm arty dont count, but he was one of the few to do his hit points, guess who hates arty even though he did his job better than most of the other team

  46. Full HEAT against tier 8s GG

  47. This would have played out very differently had the enemy T10 heavies gone to the town. I think the vk168 and lowe were both caught out of position and completely unaware, so the aggressive push when he realised that the Pz vii was in the valley worked well. Big lesson here was that “Dave” watches his mini-map like a hawk and reacts accordingly. Great vid – thanks Lemming :)!!

  48. Loving all this hate,, fuck that player,, heat spammer

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