12 UNRELEASED Premium Tanks in World of Tanks, Holiday Ops 2023?

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Source: DezGamez

Featuring 12 Unreleased premium tanks in World of Tanks, including BZ-176, CS-52 C, -113-II, K-2, M47 Patton Improved, TS-54 and More! Ops 2023 Loot Boxes Predictions.

00:00 Introdution
01:50 Udarniy
02:22 JagdTiger
02:55 TS-54
07:09 CS-52 C
10:50 Aufkl. Pz V
13:05 WZ-113-II
17:10 BZ-176
23:03 WZ-111 6
26:36 Object 259A
28:25 K-2
31:45 M47 Patton Improved
36:35 T-44 Lightweigth
39:00 Loot Box Tanks Prediction

How many of those and which tanks do you think end up as a marathon tanks or in the holiday ops 2023 christmas boxes?

What do you think?

►Tanks in / мир танков :
– Many tanks!


  1. Which tank are you looking forward to get the most? What do you think which end up in the boxes, or marathon, or somewhere else?
    Still in Africa, so stay awesome and much love! Here are the video chapter for your viewing pleasure:
    00:00 Introdution
    01:50 Udarniy
    02:22 JagdTiger Prototype
    02:55 TS-54
    07:09 CS-52 C
    10:50 Aufkl. Pz V
    13:05 WZ-113-II
    17:10 BZ-176
    23:03 WZ-111 6
    26:36 Object 259A
    28:25 K-2
    31:45 M47 Patton Improved
    36:35 T-44 Lightweigth
    39:00 Loot Box Tanks Prediction

    • I actually spotted a TL7 on live server, EU. I have screenshots that I will send you, but I don’t know how to. Do you have a channel e-mail address?

    • Udarniy and 259 armour layout is not the same. look at the upper plate on tanks gg. +100 nominal armour on the udarniy, hence the huge mobility difference. think its worth highlighting

    • Dez hope your enjoying your vacation you beautiful bastard 🙂 Glad you dont think the T44 lgwt. probably wont make the game as that would just be another light tank I need to mark …..lol Am down to only the tier tens to mark and would like to finish someday.

    • Patton for sure 🙂

  2. Too many crybabies in K-2; Arty will FEAST on you!!!

  3. I wish WG would stop copy pasting modules from tanks that already exist in the game to create all of these hybrid monstrosities that never existed and focus on adding tier 11-12 modern day tanks to the game like in war thunder. It is honestly getting very repetitive and boring what they are doing atm. New Italian TD line was absolutely “meh” at best in my book and the new premium stuff is just awful. They for sure ain’t getting money for the Christmas event from me this year.

  4. With these kinds of options for tanks to offer/consider, yuk! It’s really time to create Tier 11.

  5. Jagdtiger Pr was just createt to bury the old Jagdtiger 8.8 completly.

  6. nothing surprises me anymore with this company lol

  7. If they don’t make a seriously public statement about the paid feeder sites, and publicly name and shame all of the accounts they banned for using such services… I won’t be dropping a dime this holiday on WoT.

  8. Artyplayers dream BZ-176 – a time for armored artys

  9. All of those could be deleted if you ask me, except, TS-54, M47 a.k.a. new Super Pershing and BZ for the new mechanic. None of the others needed at all. Fuckin soviet and chinese clones of each other …

  10. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Look CS-52C and Grille 15. Both has 7 degrees of gun depression. Something is wrong in this game about vehicles geometry and stats. Check Grille 15 gun elevation and you will found worse abnormal fake stats.

    • Luís Augusto Panadés

      Grille 15 line is fucked patch after patch with zero compensation. The tanks were not competitive yet and are worse patch after patch: Cobras, Calibans, FVs, HE nerfed agains all vehicle except them for what they was buffed because it can pen now. Now BZs and so on. And for Wargaming the balancing seens ok. I wanna put these vehicles into the asses of wot balancing team, specially Grille 15 that was pushed over me.

    • Luís Augusto Panadés

      Just to register: Borsit has 207hp and WT auf Pz IV only 420hp. And Grille 15 ridiculous 850 with 45tons from nowhere with terrain resistances absolutly fake. Wargaming should fire its balancing staff.

  11. Hi Dez, I’m curious now, if you’d stack up the kings of spaced armor we’d have M47I and Bisonte, which would be better at deflecting HE(AT) you think?

  12. If the T-44 lightweight appears I will be surpriced. That thing has been in limbo for almost half a decade along with a pile of other T-44s, inc the T-44-122. My bets are the TS, BZ and the M47.

  13. I just want to know what tank I should put my Dez Commander in…..

  14. 90% tanks no one wanted or asked for…….

  15. 1100 alpha and a 75mm pen a tiger 1 turet will eat it like nothing like most tanks with armor. Bz 176 is a gold spammer and if the price of the shells is correct in tanks gg it wont make much if any profit with full gold.

  16. gerrr a nother object real stop give us Russian object already

  17. only one that look cool is the jet tank

  18. i do not want to see the china tank in the game it is silly

  19. Ofc the Bz-176 will be in the lootboxes. New tank, new tech tree line, new features, new gimmicks. Remember we had the Yoh tank, M-IV-Y with its reserve tracks last year?

  20. WHY is that BZ in tier 8? Why does WG keep adding overpowered pay to win tanks? A fucking rocket boosting tank? Seriously? I guess it’s time to quit this game once again.

  21. The obj 259A doesn’t have the same armor as the udarny, it basically trades frontal hull and turret armor, and dpm for better mobility and gun stats.

  22. 259A and Udarniy dont have the same armor. It looks the same but 259A has much weaker armor on both hull and turret

  23. I do hope that this BZ- 176 will not be released with the Christmas loot boxes. For me it needs a lot more testing and rebalancing because those stats look ridiculous for a tier 8 heavy. What is more, this tank is basically forcing the player to use gold rounds and with a full gold round setup it will probably lay waste to everything in tier 8. Also, I don`t think we need another hull down monster without a weak spot on the turret.

  24. i have been in a battle with a bz-176 about 2 weeks ago, and against lower tiers that thing is just the worst nightmare ever, but i think it struggled against even tier 8 tanks so, its gonna be dank asf
    also the jet booster made it so friggin fast i couldnt even catch him in a mobile medium, uphill he just straight up nae-nae’d on me

  25. Where is “home” at? Like what country?

  26. guaranteed im buying the BZ 176. or im buying lootboxes until atleast i get that tank. i DEMAND to have that tank.

  27. China is the new Russia. China stronk!

  28. i did do a fece of whit the m47 imp whit my t34 while i was marking my tank and that guy or girl dident no how to play it i cruchd that poor tank like is there was no tomorrow ora as skill would have said not even asking his name ….. in a bloddy t34

  29. The TS-54 Balanced? Lmao

  30. Safe travels, Dez. Have fun in Africa.

  31. You mention the BZ a fewer time with fear

  32. Please WG do not add BZ 176 in the game, not with theese stats…it will totally destory mm, players that won’t be able to get it and free to play players, im gone if that tank shows up in game with stats like that…seen it in game, they tested it, unable to circle him, escape from him, or even to pen him without gold, even with the gold rounds it’s a struggle, hull down, not one type of shell pens him…

  33. Dez be like on BZ-176…
    Dez: I’m afraid this one will be on the lootboxes…

  34. Think the Light T44 is more likely the well deserved reward because its quirky its not that competitive and the loot box tanks are going to munch them up fast

  35. Nem sikerült jó nevet találni

    Hi dez. Maybe 1 week ago i was against a “Lion” (tier 10) tank! How can i send u that replay?

  36. For those who didnt noticed the 113 II has an obj140 turret and nerfed barrel

  37. Charles Rafael Del Prado

    I fought against Jadgtiger Prototype in Asia It was hell, and it was like a teir 9 tank in teir 8. I was like what the hell is that tank lol

  38. The BZ-176 has an extremely weird part of the armour. When not using any gun depression the top of the turret just above the gun is 41mm (to stop 122mm overmatching I suppose), but when it uses its gun depression even a little bit, that part raises up and becomes 29mm. I’m not sure how that makes any sense, the plate straight up loses 12mm of thickness, but it does mean that if it is point its gun at you with even 1 degrees of depression, it is overmatchable by 90mm+ guns. Super weird.

  39. Too much of heavy tanks. There is nothing “must have”.

  40. wow more t10 tanks on t8 as a premium gg wg balanced ……

  41. M47 improved i would love to see. Increase the spaced armour a little more so it’s own HEAT won’t yolo it. Improve gun to 0,36-0,38 accuracy and 2,4 seconds aim time, and i think it would fit in perfectly. Maybe give it 6 rounds per minute as well and we got an interesting medium tank.

  42. these imba tanks really make me want to stop playing.

  43. They played with the Gonsalo and Caliban thingy, so I think it’s the same story here for Udriany and the 259A

  44. Do you have all the tanks in wot sandbox ?

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