$1200 Russian Pixel Tank aka IS-7 VS Propaganda M1 ABRAMS TOP TIER (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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$1200 Russian Pixel Tank aka IS-7 VS Propaganda M1 ABRAMS TOP TIER (War Thunder Tanks )

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Thumbnail Credit
1. https://live.warthunder.com//761158/en/
2. https://live.warthunder.com/post/740274/en/


  1. IS-7: The Tank That Could Do It All

  2. Can I play with you I love your content

  3. So yeah get Phlys t 64 from the back cripple him and then just run away??? WTF

  4. Press J to say goodbye to the King of BIAS IS-7 ??

  5. God such a kick ass last game. The charge across field, the hustle to A. It’s your best video yet imo

  6. In the last battle why was he killing Russian tanks?

  7. I only just decided to equip the leo 1 (not a fan of high tier sniper bs) rolled out stock and killed 3 is7s in in two matches it’s beastly but I’m not particularly impressed

  8. Yo Phy can we get some t-62m gameplay?

  9. i want to start a cult

    anyone wanna join me?

  10. Toyotomi Hideyoshi The Weeab Hunter

    The Russian accent always gets me. LMAO

  11. Stalin approves is-7 ?

  12. Please do the M60A1 (AOS) the M728 round is great.

  13. Always entertained Phly?

  14. Top tier tanks point and click adventure lmao.

  15. Can you make a video on the IL-2 37mm, last time you made a video on it was 2015 and it was only air rb. i would love to see you use it in ground rb

  16. Phly, i have a good challenge for you!!
    Play the M48 in stock configuration (you can uncheck the modifications making it stock)
    Or…play the M48 using only the APCR shell. Good luck, you will need it Attempt #83!!
    Common, don’t let me reach 100

  17. Stalin: physics? what a fanciest propoganda comrade!

  18. keep shooting that booty phly

  19. The only tank I have confidence in killing with my xm1c.
    It’s easy peasy with the 774 shells in the abrams and I had an easier time using the xm803 and MBT-70.

  20. challenge take t26e1 into 9.0 or 10.o and bring the f-82 for maxaim chesse

  21. Tetrahydrocannibinol

    Start doing requested combos again Phlee.

  22. With all that explosive filler in its ammo, it should light up as a xmass tree when hit, but nooo it rather acts like spaced armor. and turns yellow.

  23. 8:19 BT-5 kills a Leopard 2K

  24. Gajin has blessed you with the Russian Bias

  25. I was in a squad with my friends with three maus’s and we only found out we were against an entire fucking team full of Is-7’s none of us survived without success of getting a single is-7 only to somehow pen one with a coeilian nani?!

  26. Killed two Is7s in one match with the Leo (Tootin own horn…..mmmm)

    Is there a real weak point above the cannon?
    I think there is : P

  27. 8:20 looks like someone did remove high tier challenge

  28. When half th video is another tank?

  29. Christian Vasquez

    If I buy the post scriptum supporter, what can I get?

  30. The Artist Formerly Known as I'm Old Gregg

    How do you make the turret turn to where your binos are looking?

  31. makea video with a 1.0 plane in a 10.0 game

  32. Aaaaaand…where is that is-7 vs abrams fight…?

  33. pls is7 go to 8.7

  34. The Glorious T-10M

    Great job my Russian Komrade

  35. aw I wish I had is 7.

  36. What a joke, IS 7 penning modern tanks

  37. Frederik Claeyssens

    Wouldn’t it be a shame if you lost the game to a stupid cap while you were cleaning up house real good?
    *Laughs in Gaijin*
    Why is there still no fucking deathmatch after all these goddamn years. It’s cap cap cap cap cap…

  38. Why gajin why is7 !!!!
    Gameplay is dead.
    WT dies slowly…..
    Gajin wake up. Dont do another new beast.
    Work on map gameplay and stop the spawnkill.

  39. Watching after 1 in the morning squad wya

  40. Hasbro killed me to sell new toys

    Bias engineering is the best engineering phly.

  41. Hasbro killed me to sell new toys

    Bt-5 > all the WT tanks combined

  42. ThIs TeNgK Is To StRoNk

  43. Have you got “real” IS – 7 from Operation SUMMMER?

  44. 8:19 that BT 5 just killed a Leo

  45. Y are russians vsing other russians

  46. Well to be honest I’d be much more afraid of turning a corner into the gun of an is-7 than an Abrams.

  47. I always call the begleitspanzer the bakelites panzer. (bakelite is an early form of plastic)

  48. ask Gaijin for another test drive so you van take out the NUKE COMBO. IS-7 & Pe-8!

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