12,000 DAMAGE – E 50 – World of Tanks

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Today NoExuces is going to have… no excuses for their epic in the German E !



  1. the amount of people crying about gold.. holy shit.. imagine crying about gold in 2022.. even if all the bobo players would use “gold only” they would still be trash.. because gold can’t compensate skill issue… it can only make you pen shots more reliable.. but for that you need map awareness, aim and knowledge about the enemy tanks stats (armor, gun pen…)… but it looks like the average WN8 value of people here is 500.. I don’t mind if you are not good at the game.. but than don’t talk bullshit and pull the “goldspammer” – card… I mean: I only laugh and joke about stupid people..

    anyways: crying about gold = skill issue

    (btw.. it is indeed dump to use full gold on a tank with APCR standard and HEAT as gold.. because heat is only good against strong armored tanks. not good to snipe with. it s slow and can crit for 0.. meanwhile APCR is bad against strong and angled armor.. the e50 has apcr standard and apcr gold.. why use standard if you have the credits to use gold which is straight out just a better standard apcr… your goal is to do as much dmg as possible)

    last: if you want to know how to play good, watch kajzoo

  2. Hallack first 😛

  3. At least ease up on the gold usage >_>

  4. Levski did 12k aswell in E50 Last week :))

  5. I’m sorry QB, but every time I see the person featured loading nothing but gold ammo, it instantly turns me off the video

  6. i noticed that this game has Black Prince. how does that tank play? i know in WT it used to be stupid OP until it got nerfed twice.

  7. Its nice being top tier. T29 when there are only a few Tier 7 tanks, it feels filthy the things that you can do. That said, tiers 8 and 9, people are trying harder than tiers 6 and 7.

  8. Saw the title and hoped it was you.. nope..

  9. Five players did nothing, literally!!! That’s the reason they lost.

  10. To all you light tank players crying about getting uptiered.
    You’re in the most dangerous tank in the game.

  11. boring farm fiesta against tier 7 with a deserved end after 9 min on one position and then fearing a T71 with 150 Alpha DmG as a gift there was a nice arty hit. To win, there was a lack of overview and balls and the Tier7 TD wins the battle, a good RNG didn’t help anymore.
    From 6:00 he could still have won, but preferred to go back to a position that was useless at the time and left the rest of the team members to their fate.

  12. With a locked turret…what is his aim reticle doing at 09:05?

  13. There is absolutely no reason for a player to do 12,000 damage by himself and still lose. It simply shouldn’t happen. How has Wargaming allowed the playerbase to get this bad?

  14. I’m so sad, I was thinking that if he won this, it would be the greatest game ever.

  15. Really speaks volumes about your team when you still loose after dealing 12.000 Dmg

  16. Good to see the chode who takes 44 gold rounds lose.

  17. lmao the same dudes praising this match are the same dudes crying about someone shooting them with gold in a match. I recognize this guys ability to target tanks well but he used all gold so I have zero respect in that regard. If I loaded all gold, I can do this easily and have done it in the past. its too expensive and requires no skill.

  18. Okay but what a team of bellends. 5 tanks on his team did absolutely nothing.
    WG skill-based Matchmaker, everybody.

  19. if he didnt throw 2 shots of HP due to bad angling at the start he would win this easily. shame, but still an insane result

  20. Oh gee another gold spamming stat padder. How not fun to watch. Forget this game.

  21. That team was full of utterly useless braindamaged players.

  22. Only criticism i have is he should have killed the t71 behind the building before heading back to the cap. Was obvious he was going to get shot in the ass when he didnt

  23. 8:35 sus camera move “aimbot snapped ?”

  24. Tier 9 versus 7 & 8, lols

  25. if you see 5-digit damage it probably isn’t QB

  26. I really thought he was going to blind fire the bush. He paused there for a second.

  27. The thumbnail got me thinking you broke the 10k

  28. All premium is why I don’t play/pay anymore

  29. Shit seeing the title I thought QB finally broke his curse and got over 10k damage.
    I am sorry the curse still continues…

  30. WTF
    He doesn’t even stop to aim, and yet always hits the exact same pixel.
    How accurate is this tank?

  31. Great match. I have no problem with the full gold loadout. APCR is just simply better than AP. In my Is-7 I shoot only APCR and HE too, since the AP sucks. The extra shell velocity makes HUGE difference. Of course we can say that he should have 2 different loadouts, but if he has the credit, why not just burn it on ammo? It’s not our credits after all..

  32. E-50 best medium tank ever I ever played, I stop playing last year so is great to see what people can do still with this beast.

  33. pay2win should have paid more 😛
    damn, that light tank spanking so much armor

  34. he did not deserve to win

  35. Wow! That was awesome! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game this great!

  36. full gold ammo means shit player no matter his or her stats

  37. Sorry QB , dont stop calling out the cheaters, scores like this are subject . Not believable. Until the cheating has been stopped , high scores like this dont matter

  38. 7:21 Why do you say they?

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