12,000 Damage in World of Tanks – T110E5!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today __5er__ will show you why the T110E5 should never be underestimated in World of Tanks!



  1. Ofc crybaby e100 didn’t even do 1k dmg

  2. The economy in the Top Tier still s!!cks. Even if you played well, you loose credits. Well, whatever, massive replay QB!

  3. Would it really hurt if he had 10 or 20 more shells, could have been a real shame

  4. Premium round spam is an easy fix. Half the damage but double the capacity of rounds carried. Easy fix.

    • actually the easy fix is just to remove premium rounds. but wot players are too conditioned to dogshit game design despite living in 2022 (no other pvp game is as embarrassingly designed as wot).

    • Actually the fix is to just stop crying and get good

  5. Poop! I thought this was going to be YOUR game and your first one over 10k was also over 12k. Soon, buddy. Soon.

  6. Funny. When I play this tank I get shot for 12000 damage in the capola.

  7. That fadins medal would have been insane

  8. Definitely a very good player, but not a great player. Shot selection was poor at many points and should have loaded AP when dealing with the phase 1 and easy shots. Still an awesome replay regardless.

  9. Thank you for the high-quality and interesting videos, and a special thank you from the bottom of my heart for your position on the aggression of orks on Ukraine (that’s how we call them orks =) Finally, wargaming separated normal, civilized people from savages, bloodthirsty, unprincipled and greedy! Every day there is an air raid, every day they hit us with rockets. Because as it turned out, they don’t even know how to fight! That is why they attack with rockets and drones in an impotent fury. Times are very difficult for us Ukrainians and such entertainment as computer games is a luxury. But if there is a free and quiet moment, I love to watch you on Twitch and here =) Thanks again to all the Brits for your support!
    God save the queen!

  10. Steffen Agermann Christiansen

    Mindles heat spam on the sides of tanks he coud have reloaded ap many times for easy pen.

  11. Complaints Department

    Spammed almost nothing but gold.


  12. Remember when they buffed the E5, including making the tumor tougher? And when the tears from the other meta tanks caused them to nerf it again, turning back into the newborns soft spot. I’m a mediocre player, but opponents of mine seem to have homing rounds aimed right at the tumor. Congrats to this player, impressive.

  13. Tier ten shitshow

  14. really nuts game. great aim, dumb enemies. perfection

  15. Using “pro nouns” like ‘they’….. WOW It was a male obviously, but continue to be politically correct coward…

  16. What if we had ‘experts’ show the 110 E5 to be meta and encourage the top 10% of players to revisit it. I think we would see some balancing of the win ratio

  17. Dont get a chat ban because WG will stick you on every crappy team every game. The teams have won maybe 5 outta 50 games.

  18. Fuck I need to stop watching these videos. I quit the game 2 months ago because of the constant gold spam and arty in literally every game and 15-1 blowouts 9 times out of 10. But every time I see one of these videos it makes me want to reinstall and play again, thinking for some stupid reason that I myself might actually not get spammed with gold, have arty free games and actually good fights between teams.

  19. Gideonpriyadharsan.W 9012

    T110E5 is a hidden gem among the mud

  20. Gideonpriyadharsan.W 9012

    Most players won’t use advantages of this tanks

  21. 1 game no one damge, when no all player no show point easy for you shot. That always have in game Draw.

  22. the IS 7 and e5 were my fav 3 marks old but still good tanks

  23. I love watching these replays

  24. Alphahunter11 is the alpha snowflake.

  25. why do the tanks have health bars

  26. full ilegal mod trash game

  27. este juego es completamente una mierda

  28. Good content

  29. camera was looking blurry thought it was my PC lmao

  30. Do we know what build did he use?

  31. damn. what a game

  32. Γιάννης Κουρουμίδης

    More like T110E_5er_

  33. the most aggressive player EVER !

  34. Tryhards, with bond equipment, prem consumable, full gold, just ruining other people’s matches. How not to love this game

  35. Ah yes,paid actors

  36. Llywelyn ap Gruffudd

    There is someone using your name to scam poor people who are desperate for some luck in their lives. they post under your videos and say people have won a prize and send them to telegram.

  37. im gonna be honest he aimed soooo bad in like 50% of his shots and he is extremely lucky so many actually did damage and didnt get absorbed by ground or the tracks.
    he actually didnt even play that good, his enemies just gave him free shots and focussed other tanks, many players could have done 10k in this game

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