121 Goes Ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

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  1. Love my 121 – great tank

  2. Shoji_WarThunder

    Why do chinese tanks almost always get critical hit first shot killed a
    crew member second shot hit the ammo third shot hit the radio

  3. Foch do t1 Cunningham goes ham

  4. The snapshots are real…

  5. Foch can you leave your opinion on the first iteration of the sandbox

  6. “The T-57 commits sudoku”, the most procrastinating kind of suicide.

  7. Well french arty has awful splash radius with HE. Its easy to fuck up with
    zero dmg on ground shots with AP but the reload time is quite fast.

  8. a european World of tanks player got an invite for a tour to the WG HQ in
    russia, the player asked “who is responsible of what goes to the game and
    doesnt”? Tour guide: Vodka

  9. Actually that BC 155 55 shot HEAT, French arties from tier 6 and up never
    have AP shells

  10. Double Double 4G

    Nice game, ‘grats on the Mastery Badge :)

  11. Ladies and Mentalgen. Ha Ha!

  12. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    Inbred Batchat arty player xD
    I’m dying Foch!

  13. Doing some review soon!?

  14. EU servers look so easy lol

  15. You really can only play that position in the middle like that with a tank
    with Stalin’s mustache, or in this case Mao’s mustache, for frontal turret
    armour. Everyone else gets shit on.

  16. First i like the video to support my favorite wot streamer, an then i watch
    and enjoy the video :)

  17. commit sudoku?

  18. seppuku / sudoku 🙂

    nice replay!

  19. shit game

  20. Im early, quick say something funny

    121s dun depression

  21. foch play the b1 and ace it

  22. first

  23. Hello, how are you all lovely people today?

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