121 Goes ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

I know I’ve been putting up a lot videos, but I like the tank so I play quite a lot!
System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. first? wow

  2. nice something good to watch ,ty Foch

  3. President Donald Trump

    These Chinese tanks are taking away our jobs, they’re brining in OP turrets, they copy soviet magical tracks and make American tanks look weak.

  4. SirFoch: WoT has shitty game design > continues to play 60k games.
    But for real, are there no other games that you like to play or do you play WoT because of your youtube account?


  6. but arty is good for the game. War gaming are amazing at balance. Listen and believe.

  7. Double Explosive diarrhea. LeL, I love you Mr Foch 🙂

  8. I’m on my way to the 121. I like my WZ-120. I’m not so good, as I would like in tier 9, with regards to WN8, but keep wining the important situations. I like the close combat high alpha brawling style these line offers.

  9. still waiting for a “M3Lee goes ham” video

  10. Well nice game that showcases two things:
    -RNG gives and RNG takes
    -WG had great idea for a game and fucked it so badly with arty

    And why is it ham? Why not sausage for example?
    And why the gun or shot is potato and not beetroot or some other vagetable?

  11. In your hands I bet any tank can go ham, maybe not the slow British TD-s

  12. Good insight, I wouldn’t have reacted quick enough to stop the enemy 121

  13. Situational awareness like this is the difference between a 60%+ super unicum and a 58% blunicum pleb like me. I would have just ranted in chat and blamed the 1 line campers instead of doing something to change the game.

  14. The salt about arty is getting ridiculous lol.

  15. i will never understand why people like this map. its so fucking dull and it plays out exactly the same every single time you play it and one side of the map is impossible to push because you just instantly get wrecked.

  16. Speaking of SPG….
    SPG mission 15 for the StuGIV….
    always do more than 2k dmg in M44,but never live to tell the tale
    Fuck me and my scumbag SPG

  17. C’mon Foch, you complain about arty so how about playing arty to see how not easy it is? Specifically ‘murrican arty. *FULLY FUCKING ZOOMED IN ON A FUCKING MAUS AND E100 BUT FUCKING MISS ANYWAY BECAUSE FUCK YOU ACCURACY* Then you get to jerk off for 50+ seconds and spend another 1.1k+ for another shot that’ll probably miss as well and you’ll only fucking do splash damage. Or better yet, splash a fucking IS-7 but do fuck all damage because ‘space(d)’ armour Romulan Deflector Shields.

  18. Sir Foch is like FilthyFrank of WoT to me.. Idk why tho…

  19. I don’t play WoT any more, but its still fun to see you wrecking peeps Foch. Cheers!

  20. Is the Swedish TD “Worth the grind” video coming out someday?

  21. LordMizan Ishida

    Motherfucking super strong IS-7 kemping skillz! KreygaZm

  22. افضل مقاطع الترفيه

    still think that 121 needs buff

  23. Meh why complain about arty,if there is a war situation there will also be artillery so why not in the game……

  24. Obj 261 has beast armor. 😀

  25. useless Batchat princess

  26. That IS-7 player though… What a game he had! Total carry!

  27. i guess it was the JT with binos who spotted you .. IS7 wouldn’t stand a chance of spottin u with itz sh*ty view range ..

  28. That IS-4 and Skoda hiding behind the light tank on the 1 line, what a couple of ass-hats.

  29. oh, these special players like the batchat make me so fcking mad….

  30. Vincent The Keeper

    The brawl with the Leopard 1 was good stuff.

  31. Im not sure about that IS7 would have spotted u behind the double bushes…could have been the JAGD which was unspotted at that time…

  32. How artillery works:
    1) Arty splashes you while you are driving at full speed
    2) Your tracks are destroyed, you cannot move
    3) You are camping at one place
    4) Second arty hits you because it prevents camping
    5) You are dead

  33. 10:15, how in the fuck did you get spotted? Seriously? I thought maybe there was another enemy tank near you when you hit the IS7, but there wasn’t… so wtf?

  34. “I know I’ve been putting up a lot of 121 videos, but I like the tank so I play it quite a lot!” Bro noone posts 121 replays, your the only one so give us more if you like it <3

  35. 121 always goes ham when will other tanks go ham??

  36. Daniel Grabovskiy

    RNG knew you needed the luck more with the t54 so it took the luck away from you vs Arty and gave it to you vs 54

  37. Do you think they’ll ever give the 121 better than 3.5 gun depression?  Even 5 degrees would be a blessing compared to 3.5

  38. I watch these vidoes mostly for the intro. Fuck arty, fuck people that play arty, just fuck arty. SirFoch is doing gods working spreading the antiarty message.

  39. From my experience in WoTs, I would spot more in a french tank if I could trust my team in a random match lol

  40. That was a solid game. You don’t see many 121’s shooting over 6-7k. well played.

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