121 goes ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 11
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 8 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. That HE in the end.

    You should have seen my face full of respect there, wanna hold Foch’s beer! 😀

  2. Pen IS-7 from the side? They cannot resist the power of china, foreign devils!

  3. 8:16 “ooooh bwooiiii, now you’re sooo banned”

  4. 2:58 gun inaccuracy, you say? Don’t press and hold LMB while reloading, I say. Let it reload fully, wait 300 mS and then fire.

  5. Aleksandria_Samusenko_1stGTArmy

    Lol, 60TP bashing you in game and barely did anything. Typical

    • What I always think in these situations, when someone calls another one a bot, is: ‘”You performed worse than the so called bot, what does this mean to your skill. You basicaly called yourself worse than a bot” and then I laugh about the guys’ stupidity.

  6. Even without the superb accuracy it’s the smart tactics and mindset that are so enjoyable to watch. Like to know the equipment line you used to give.

  7. 121 should have 490 dmg per shoot


    You should hire an editor to clip your twitch channel and upload here.

  9. More videos please.

  10. Hate those positions, far too many maps now have them and it makes map control completely pointless because the bot who camped base all game still has a better position than you, even though you have fought through half the enemy team to get to yours, whereas he just spawned next to his. Top WG logic, punish people for actually trying to win.

    • These days, WoT feels like it punishes you for playing at all. Balance goes further and further out the window and maps keep getting reworked to become campier. Rather than fixing or adjusting anything, we just get more premium tanks churned out to add fuel to this fire.

      It doesn’t help that I’m unlucky enough to be consistently bottom tiered (on Console, where we don’t have the 3-5-7 template), which can often cost me a lot of silver and cause frustration. I do so wish that +/-1 matchmaking was the standard.

      I’ve played WoT for the last five or so years, but I still have little faith in WarGaming’s judgement concerning this game. I’ll probably be finishing up the last few lines I haven’t ground out (for completion’s sake) and then shelve Tanks again for a nice long while.

  11. Why does this guy sound like he’s got a clothespin on his nose?

  12. Report foch for penning stalinium))!!!

  13. They are planning on nerfing the stb 1 s pen and shell velocity. They did that to the amx 30 b and it became the least played tier ten. Bs. Im calling here watch they will nerf the 121 s damage per shot and accuracy next.

  14. My monthly recommended dose of salt has been doubled I guess.

  15. I only disagreed with you once about wot and im going to have to do it again. As a paper td and leopard lover most maps have either no spots for sniping tanks or bushes that dont count as cover. In my humble opinion. There is only 4 good sniping maps out of 40.

  16. That 60TP’s problem is that he did nothing and died like a bitch… and it’s your fault. Obviously.

  17. Hey foch how would you buff the 121?? Chat?? 121 is my favorite medium i hope they dont ruin it with so called buffs. Like nerfing its alpha or pen or dispersion or mobility.

  18. Don’t worry 430u nerfs incoming

  19. Of course the genius calling for bot reports has sub 50% win rate on almost every single tier X he has lel, never change wot retards, never change.

  20. SirFoch, the only player who can 3 mark a tier 10 with normal ammo. Unlike the retarded baboon….

    • Why so mean, i have my way of doing things he has his, and there is nothing wrong with either

    • His fanboys think he’s the shit. But there’s something teribily wrong loading 100% “special” ammo on a tank and then lecturing ppl…..

  21. Epic 0 dmg contribution by your teammate 🙂

  22. The map spamming arta disliked this video

  23. My 121 is used as a garage paper weight.

  24. the worst part is that steppes is one of the better maps in the game and still has these retarded camping spots

  25. Debil! lol

  26. GG Foch, GG!

  27. At least hit the Maus even if you bounced off the back. If that was me I’d be laughing way too hard to even aim at it XD

  28. AWESOME GAME!!!!

  29. Pay2win Pedocache

    the momet BOT carry team of dead morons…

  30. Nice! I’m working towards the 121.

  31. Can you make a video on how to play Jagtiger? I have stock gun and it’s so hard to play for me

  32. What is this *121* you speak of

  33. Snake Enjoying a Sandwich

    I remember this tank!

  34. Tharaka Wijerathne

    No premium consumables, no HEAT spam, no food. Played really well

  35. Well played, really enjoyed this video

  36. more you lazy ass

  37. once again,spreading lies and misinformation.

  38. Tier 10 lemming train….
    Shame on enemy team not win this one.

  39. Opinion on proposed medium changes? Also 121 ignored again by wg

  40. Dont you wonder about persons….that Claim bot and Create a lemming train, and bitch you aint following it…TRYING to get the other team to win??? Farming to get THERE friends points..

  41. yet another steppes battle


    Ffs cheer up!

  43. Where is the salt Sir ?

  44. 4:25 I love typing “This is true, I’m a bot” whenever anyone claims that I am one.

  45. Replays like this make me happy I quit wot. Still nice to watch a good player
    Gdi now I have the itch to reinstall….I hate you Foch

  46. Hey man you alright? Play arty twice if you need help.

  47. hey my dude found your channel yeeears ago. love the frequency ;your posting Subscribing because you are the most watchable to me Notifications

  48. bad tank outdated in hands off good player

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