121 HD review!

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Source: TheFochYou

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  1. I just unlocked the tier 8 Chinese medium, too :(

  2. Totally agree with you, I also really love the look of the 121. It’s one of
    my favourite looking tanks (if not my favourite).
    It might be a little bit weak compared to the other T10 mediums, but I
    don’t mind, I still enjoy playing it. Especially with my 5 skill Type 59
    crew (started from 50% in 2012 😀 ).

    Also agree with the T-34-2 statement, it’s VERY weak, needs a buff. The
    WZ-120 is kinda OK IMO, but it could really handle a little aiming time
    buff (like 2,7 or 2,9 seconds). The best tank in the line in its own tier
    is the T-34-1.

  3. I think tanks gg rounds things, which is why it said 4 and 3 degrees of gun

  4. chinese tree getting so much love from wg…

  5. Next the HD 113 pls :)

  6. Well that Jagdtiger driver failed because he camped the whole game. When I
    played mine I just went forward aggressively and if I died big deal at
    least I did not camp like an idiot in a frontally armoured machine. One of
    the reasons for that was indeed the poor mop up ability of the TD…

  7. Mr. Foch, after a plentiful experience playing with the 121, I have come to
    the conclusion that the armor is not even close to being as bad as you
    portray it to be!

    In the hands of a skilled player, the tank is a vicious front-line bully
    that can slug it out with even the heaviest tanks in the game without the
    need for excessive gold ammo consumption!

  8. 121 is a brute of a Russian medium

  9. Noooo… You exposed the weakness to them all. :(

  10. i think i have an idea you could consider: how about showing the tank you
    are reviewing in the opposing team killed by you in many short clips? i
    mean, after the game you have shown, you could show fragments of other
    games in which you catch it in a bad situation explaining why he should not
    had done what the enemy is doing.

    good video

  11. Holy shit that 50B needs to leave his bags of salt at the beach next time!

  12. !TheFochYou .. u should try T54’s stock grind or E50 ;)

  13. It is funny, i have the same opinion about the 121: I KNOW it is bad, I
    know i could do better in every other T10 Med i have, but for some reason
    ist my favorite T10 Med. The Russian Meds just Play to easy, even boring
    sometimes. And I just love to trade shoots with the 440 Alpha against the
    100mm guns. Maby i love ot because it is so bad and i still do very good in
    it, or just because it brings something drifferent to the table. But jeah
    after you mentioned it: It Looks amazing as well.

  14. Conqueror GC review please. Only needs to be 5 seconds

  15. Gun depression kills it

  16. Great vid as always

  17. 113 HD? :)

  18. Hey Foch!
    That is all

  19. Abbadon Despoiler

    This tank represents everything wrong with the Chinese tree…Bad mobility,
    bad gun, bad gun depression, bad hull armor, idk about the view range, bad
    ROF, crap modules and the only good side-OK turret armor.

  20. It was 3.5, but patch or two ago it got buffed to 4. In the same one that
    113 got depression buff.

  21. The greatest tank ever!

  22. Oliver Entwisle (RevilO501)


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