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Source: SirCircon

Thanks watching!


  1. I am clueless about Cliff, it’s bad map in my opinion or I just don’t know
    how to play it…

  2. So glad Circ is doing yt actively again ^^

  3. The windmill is not safe. Trust me since I have 1080 battles in my e100.
    Try sidescraping it and you get hit or splashed by arty for 800-1200

  4. 6:45 broken turret and still able to turn it.. Is this normal?

  5. Can’t really add anything about the map, you covered pretty much all of it.

  6. ThePainTrain4234

    In my opinion all the maps are rubbish in World of Tanks

  7. What maps are good? Not many.

  8. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    *Windmill was the word you were searching for the “fucking building” on top
    of the hill :)

  9. Wotko s Vokurkou

    You need support on the hill which u had, if the other meds did not come
    the hill and camped bushes below, you would be screwed, cos the heavys
    would just run you over. To do the stuff you say you can do 9/10 times…
    really depends on team, be on the hill alone is just certain death.

    Agree that in heavy, this is really painful map and it is like two complete
    different universes when there are more then 1 arty per team. Overall it
    feels the south side has so much advantage apart from the spotting bush by
    the “swamp/lake” which is now useless even for the north spawn as the
    render is circle and not square, so even you spot all of the enemy who go
    on hill, cos u do not have the diagonal render, your team just can’t shoot
    em… I have rewatched my game when i did 10k+ spot from the north spawn…
    if that replay was 9.15 and not 9.13, i would have not been able to do
    that… just cos of render change.

    I agree this map is not very well balanced, but it is not as bad as mines,
    fjords, ruinberg where one side has just huge advantage. At least it is one
    of 3-4 maps where u can do the light tank spotting job properly.. take this
    one out and you are left with Prokhorovka/Fiery Salient to do all the
    scouting missions..

  10. Worse than Airfield? I dont think so!

  11. 100% approve of your rant :)

  12. I got a little horror story from 2 weeks ago on Malinovka. I had just
    bought my FV215b and took it out for the first game, bam… malinovka with
    2 t10, 1 t9 & 1 t8 arty on either side. The first six kills in the game
    where people being oneshotted by arty. I myself was killed by the BC 155
    58, but at least i reached the top of the hill. The Type 4 who drove beside
    me, reached the base of the hill and was hit for full health by the CGC…
    Great design, fair and balanced.

  13. Some maps are really terrible… malinovka, mines… Why are they terrible?
    They have no options! If you have a brain you can only do one thing,
    contest a hill that dominates the map. Dynamic gameplay boys!

  14. lower the hill area and add more indestructable buildings….simple. That
    improves things for heavies and allows them to fight each other without
    some unseen pig dumping an atomic bomb on them. The map itself overall is
    fun & since there are fewer and fewer maps for scouts to have epic games
    in, nothing else should be changed.

  15. I like this map becouse the game don’t get many open maps for scouts and
    TD´s , but it is umbalanced and arty really ruins it for frontliners .

  16. Well we need it, so you can do scoutmissions :P

  17. MOre imbalance map videos! This way Wargaming can see these flaws pointed
    out and fixed! their already doing sandbox mode, why not fix these maps

  18. Whelp, youtube did some house cleaning, we lost like 2400 subs ahah, still
    above 60k tho!
    It’s going to be tough, but hoping to reach 100.000 subs at some point! 😀
    Streaming again at 17:00CEST today: overwatch tomorrow: World of Tanks @

  19. SHould i grab the 112? or the T62?

  20. More map rants, like a half hour one for mines pls

  21. I agree about the heavies part. 2 other maps that I feel are completely
    against heavies are fiery salient and prokhorovka. Heavies on those maps
    either camp the 1/2 lines waiting to get spotted and reamed,or climb the
    hill to get shot in the side by mediums/TDs and rained upon by clickers.
    Sure you could go middle yourself,but again,clickers… (Love the videos

  22. That map is: south spawn = Oh YESSS!, North spawn = fml. And if it’s arty
    is fml either way.

  23. sovelis holimion

    it’s one of the few maps that’s good for scouts… you can sit in ze bush
    and wreck days… and yes it’s bad for heavies but there are so many city
    maps in the game where the heavies are stronk… of course the lack of arty
    cover is a bad thing (but most maps have this problem, they should add
    roofs like in pilsen in every map :/ )

  24. Welcome to every map except himmelsdorf and maybe ensk – Circons most hated
    map in the game:^)

    To add in,
    Malinovka is gud mep comrade, kemp long time ez game da.

    I feel like this game could benefit from community made maps that would be
    playtested or something and people could give feedback and if it gets
    enough positive feedback they should be in the rotation..

  25. Neville Thompson

    Completely agree, remove this map or fix it.

  26. I hate Fjords. Malinovka is at least as shitty for both sides. Other maps –
    LIKE FUCKING FJORDS – are unbalanced as fuck. One team having one open
    plain to conquer, the other having 3 distinctive corridors.

    Edit: I should really only write after I watched the video. Yes Malinovka
    is also imbalanced. Fuck wot.

  27. last time I came so early UK was still in EU

  28. circon what is your outro music?

  29. First view wow

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