121 vs Object 430U – How Much Worse is 121? | World of Tanks 121 and Object 430U Gameplay

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World of Tanks Object 430U (Объект 430У) 121, Tier 10 Medium Tanks with Best Alpha Damage. Best Replays / Best Battles. Best Medium Tank in World of Tanks.

Guys, I got myself YET ANOTHER new toy, new tier 10 medium tank! 🙂 This time it comes from China, 121. This tank introduced massive 440 alpha damage for medium tanks, it was unique, but now, after Object 430U, it is kinda forgotten… How much worse is it? Is it a simple waste of credits?

Let’s find out!



  1. Hello you sexy people! 🙂
    So, what is your take on it? Still enjoying 121 after 430U?

  2. Man 121 was my second tier 10, I love it so much even now, u just gotta be good with it, it has a good aas camo and love the gun, I’m not going for the 430u, Imma wait til they do something to the 121 because when u asked the devs on live they said they working on it prob this year or next year

  3. The time i played that line and got the t9 wz wg decided to introduce the abomination 430u. I stopped the grind at that points cuz it was pointless no need to say. But i finished the line half a year later to use the 121 wich meanwhile dropped with expected values, What made the missions for 279e a walk in the Park. Honestly i got the 3 out of 10 ace Games in the first 5 rounds^^

  4. Prediction 430U wins the match up. Why? RUSSIA! It’s so obvious it’s become a joke at this point. 2 tanks in the works both OP both Russian. Update: No surprise I was right.

  5. I’ve seen my Alpha max out at 550, and no it’s not bad, it’s really good. People just suck lol, both 121 and 430 have different play styles. But I like to be the tip of the spear and punish people in return of my HP

  6. My poor Sexy and Sleek 121. Hope wg give some love.

  7. DeepFried Wat3rMel0n

    Buff the engine power to like 700, gun depression to like 7 deg, and aim time to the same as 430U. thatll make it more special and fair against 430U.

  8. So basicaly there is the one that is better in a lot of things, and there is the other that is russian… And obviously the russian wins

  9. The 121 is a balanced tanks. The 430u proves that the donkeys over at Wargaming don’t have a clue about game balance

  10. I need to get the 430 U ??

  11. I had 121. Was my first T10. I sold it. =D
    and I am not even premium.

  12. Gvozden Čekićević

    I am recently adicted to playing Obj 430 and Obj 430U

  13. you also have to consider the godawful 120 grind which would take ages if you did not bother with the heavy line meanwhile 430u line is cakewalk compare to it.

  14. 430 and 430u with -10 of gun depresion… perfect 😉 😛

  15. Dez says russia on a chinese tank xD

  16. The gun depression of the 121 and also of the 113 is horrible. Other than that both tanks are great.

  17. What? No victory girls? SMH

  18. When you researched it, did you remember your biggest mistake in WoT which led you to get the tier 9 of that line?

  19. Dez – T30 was shooting at the EBR, it pulled in behind you and followed… nice guess.

  20. you can play that while you wait for the 430u to finish battle, if you died?

  21. Im a collector so im getting both cause im in tier ix on both

  22. 2:45 the phrase you were looking for without saying it to the Belorussian overlords is “Soviet bias”

  23. Dez, why are you comparing a medium to a heavy? oh wait…

  24. 121 is litle faster but OBJ430U is more Russian:)

  25. You can side scrap in the 121 pretty well

  26. This is basically saying Russia vs China. Who would win?
    (Obviously Russia) But enough of that, I’m aiming for all techtree tanks in the game and I don’t give a damn if it’s good or bad

  27. 430 is so bullet proof if your not an idiot.

  28. Bernd Michael Lukoschek

    430U shot me 3times today?! I’m good. Please check Your Sound for not clipping purposes? Or it’s my machine…
    Carry on for the Beasts!!

  29. When aiming, keep calm and shout Russia

  30. The t30 was trying to shoot the ebr behind you I guess

  31. Arty needs a Buff

  32. Just give 121 +20mm of turret armor and wz5a gun. This tank line is about derpy high alfa guns.

  33. In ps4 the 121 is better imo… better gun, little less armor…. but way more sexy looking

  34. I love it, when I crap on 430Us with my FV 183 🙂

  35. I loved playing wz-120 with big gun long time ago, but now these tanks are worse.

  36. “Russia” even works on Chinese Tanks?

  37. 121 is worts medium in game…

  38. ah reminds me when i play my 215b in reg wot and supercock on test(is a chicken reference) except i somehow managed to bounce 8k in my 215b which made me a little confused to say the least

  39. without premium acount , each tier X are a waist of credits . i dream to not have reparation and amunitions taxes in tier X . like this when a free to play player have unlock a tier X he buy it and play with !

  40. Not a single shot from arty so easy to perform like that. Usualy 3 xvm clicker raping whole game.

  41. Take a look on eneny STB-1 shots…. HEAT (premium ammo)! On a tier VIII battle. For me this is ruining the game. More credits for premium accounts is just a “dont give a f***” for credits and one more reason for premium ammo spam! Give premium accounts a lot more things but not P2W aspects….

  42. Dez pet me Tell u Something back in 2012 IT was a crysis of credits to battle tier X games u need then a premium for money these days i am shore that u dont need a premium tank because the credits are easy to get. What DO u think?

  43. the best experience in WOT so far was getting the tier 9 WZ-120 and then equipping the 440 big boy gun on it when it was first introduced, who could imagine a med punching a heavy alpha at the time it was a beast of a gun on a med tank, alough it was always out gunned by the Russian meds on rate of fire, in single shot exchange scenarios it was choice to play, I loved the 121 when I researched it as well but sold it later to buy a Russian med as the Russian tanks were and still are boss if you want to play competitive tanking but I still reserve a special place in my engine bay for the 121, which by the way is my next med to buy back!.

  44. I prefer the 430, fuck I even brawl with tier 10.

  45. In this rigged and fake game, is no good tanks, if wg dont want you to olay well and do damage, then these all tanks are shit. Wg decide all, will you become unicum or not

  46. Reason why I hate WOT is that my 121 and 113 are pos now.
    I need a refund of my exp and creds.

  47. ooh you can feel the russian bias when you fully aim your TD gun with 0.29 accuracy and mis while pampaw with russian accuracy of 0.39 snapshots you repeatedly

  48. Give away? Pog, people still play this game?

  49. Ive got the 121 dem that tech line is bad…

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