12/11/2015 Q&A

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Source: Rita Sobral

– Storm states that if the developers actually changed the gold ammunition to more penetration and less damage, some vehicles would have to be nerfed to compensate for this change
– The biggest problem with the “solution” of nerfing gold ammunition to high pen and low damage is that the feeling “I always get penetrated by gold” doesn’t go away and it’s this feeling that makes gold ammo annoying
– Out of 100 shells that penetrate Maus and E-100, 80 percent are regular shells and only 20 percent are gold shells
– The 9.12 new mode profitability is not properly balanced yet, it will be increased
– no vehicle rebalance in 9.12? “We are busy with other things, a lot of rebalances with come in the patch after 9.12”
– T34 is in HD, why not T30 since it’s the same tank? “They are the same? At least the guns are different”
– Tier 8 Japanese HT having too low penetration, why? “No comment”
– Q: “Storm, can you post a small comment on what was said by Viktor Kislyi on Cyprus for the RU streamers?” A: “Small comment.”
– Storm on Listy’s Conqueror: “This is a Conqueror with 14-15mm spaced armor, are you sure you want that?” – but later he adds that the vehicle considered is “this vehicle’s spaced armor hull with the more powerfully armored turret project” (found by Listy)
– developers are planning to “do something” about troll platoons but “for now no comment”
– DirectX 11 and 12 in WoT? “Not in this version” (as in, WoT is working on WoT 2.0)
– In the future, microfreezes appearing whenever new vehicle is spotted on the map will be solved by a complete rewrite of the code responsible for displaying tanks and their effects
– Rebalances for some LT and TD missions based on the changes made in 9.12 (render)? “I cannot say”
– According to Storm, some of the stuff Slava Makarov said in the interview is not correct since he doesn’t deal with WoT at the moment
– Rubikon to return? “No comment, wait for official announcement”

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