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of Tanks 122 TM. Today we’re looking at a T8 premium Chinese medium that seems too good to be true – here’s the 122 TM!


of Tanks is a 2 Play online game published by Wargaming is available as a free download.


  1. I will change the Trashante for this one without hesitation.

  2. Dpm is fine as long as it hits most of its shots
    I would slap in a turbo vertical and rammer on this bad boy

  3. So, all in all I guess it might not be really worth grinding all the way to this tank, just participate to get prizes along the way .

  4. I would liked it to see the tank on Himelsdorf!😀

  5. Solid choice in 2021 ?… 3-4 minutes battles with that tragic DPM?… I Don’t Know Rick.. It looks fake

  6. Imagine fighting artys and they out-reload you :’D

  7. Still waiting for the buff of Centurions…

  8. Little 430U without dpm

  9. He should of compared it to chimera which have 400 alpha

  10. Manticore syndrome!!!

  11. Its so ridiculous of WG to integrate “weakpoints” in the form of cupolas as a core game mechanic. It just feels so… Try-hard.

  12. And still to this day the T26E4’s mantlet isn’t linked to the cylinders on top of the turret x)

  13. I hope we see more tanks like this. Low dpm tanks that benefit from good positioning. Maybe after enough time the game will slow down a bit

  14. Proggeto 65 tier VIII?

  15. i have to admit i really like this tank. seems nicely balanced. gj wg 🙂

  16. This is so strange, why not just increase hp and rate of fire and make it tier 9. They could still sell it as a premium vehicle.


  18. I actually like the skin except the bull on the barrel. thats too much

  19. I think WG really want to solve the turbo-match problem with those new tanks with super bad DPM like GSOR, Italian HTs and this

  20. Emerald Coast Tactics

    Those tubes on the side and attached to the mantle should represent anti tank missle tubes.

  21. Tea its just ok…

  22. Could be a nice t9 tanks just like obj274a

  23. The “smoke grenade launchers” are a bit large for being smoke launchers. Personally I think they are Rocket pods , a bit like a T34 Sherman Calliope

  24. I’d say it is the lazy way to balance a tank, the armor is stupidly strong but the dpm is stupidly low

  25. So this med is going to be played like a low dpm heavy I think.

  26. they reduced reload from 17.5 into 16.78

  27. Starting a petition to get Quacky deported. No British person is, by law, allowed to not drink tea.


  28. 手速下單

  29. QB, you always deserve a Thumbs up! Love your honest content!

  30. The thing with balancing a tank with its DPM is that DPM often times doesnt matter unless you’re fighting on an open, plane field. If you’re on a city-map for example or just fight an enemy using covor, where the engagement is really stationary, like it often is these days, the DPM isnt that important. Because if you’re in a position where you cant get rushed by the enemy, it doesnt matter if they can fire 2 or 4 times in the time that you are reloading cause you’re not leaving cover before your’ve finished reloading anyway. So in that situation its always a 1 to 1 trade of shots thats always won by high alphadamage, good pen and armor. And this new tank has all of this. So its gonna be strong most of the time. Imagine a dream-scenario where you’re inside this tank and you’re playing in a platoon with an autoloader that has a high clip-potential. You’re sitting there trying to hold enemys back with your armor and damage and if someone tries to rush you they get taken out the game by your friend.
    So all in all its gonna be a strong one imo.

  31. New version of the Type 59 it seems.
    Only with +2 MM and worse DPM 😀

  32. i have 6 skill crew on med xd

  33. I’ll pass, I’m going to play for some rewards and that’s it. After Bourrasque marathon no lifing is not for me anymore.

  34. Men is been a while since I saw quicky video and boy I can’t stand wot anymore, I left the game more than a year and play War Thunder. Guys give it a chance cuz having random accuracy and hit points is way silly and pointless.

  35. Star Platinum ZA WARUDO!

    I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but if the game is being played too fast and they want to slow it down, why not lower the dpm globally? What I mean by that is to take all the dpms in the game and lower them by some degree in order to slow down the game. A good example would be lowering the average dpm at tier 8 to 1.8k and the average dpm at tier 10 to 2.2k (these numbers are without gunramers, vents and the like). I got this idea from being a Rainbow Six Siege player and when Ubisoft realized that the game was being played far too crackhead like (brainlessness was being rewarded more than planning and methodical action) they did a global ADS (aim down sight) speed slow down for all gun types. This not only gave angled grips (an attachment that sped up ADS speed at the cost of recoil) a purpose, but slowed down the game a lot more. Dpm like this wouldn’t be a problem if the greatest dpm possible at each tier was lowered more.

  36. whenever you fire a shot, you have to load an arty shell for like 20 seconds just to be able to shoot again

  37. I donno about you, but some ppl in the US, think all Brits like Tea

  38. Another cash-grabbing “marathon” for the p2w tryhards. Another weird T8 prem that’s gonna infest the game for a month until the shadow nerf kicks in and the next cash grab appears. Good days, good days.

  39. Me born on Year of the Ox. People born on year of the Ox have good patience…. looks at reload: 17.5 seconds. Breathes heavily*

  40. idiot tank idiot style-

  41. OK very good, now put an average crew in and normal equipment and try again for a truer evaluation of this tank.

  42. What’s with Wargaming and implementing tanks with little to no Dpm in 2021??!!

  43. Hey QuickyBaby
    You must Look at the Stats of the Draugen on the consoles

  44. I have exactly 0 battles with Chinese vehicles, even though my account is more than 10 years old. I won’t touch anything Chinese if I don’t have to 😏
    Finally, a new tank with lower dpm than my Löwe 😁

  45. i like how QB only shows the best his replay instead of showing live gameplay “the reality”

  46. When I was playing with t44, I tried to use the 122. I can confidently say that there isn’t a problem with a reload time. The gun depression is horrible, but even that can be worked around. However, the thing that breaks it is gun handling. You have to stop, aim for 4-5 seconds and then have bad max accuracy. You just can’t stop for 5 seconds in the open with a medium tank. If they buffed the gun handling, it would be a nice alternative, with fresh new gameplay style. This new tank looks like it can do that.

  47. I like the balancing on this tank. The idea I have of it is that is allows the tank to perform equally well against every tier. So instead of having 2000 dpm where you shred tier 6s, but then not being able to pen tier 10s, instead you just get to plunk away at your enemies with low dpm at every tier

  48. I’m gonna pass on this thing. It’s practically an armored tank destroyer not a medium and that doesn’t fit my playstyle at all. I want to be in the action using a balanced mix of DPM,armor,and speed to raise absolute hell against the enemy team. I prefer a tank like the VK 45.03 to a bloated gimmick like the 122 TM every time. Sure I might not kill a 122 TM in the VK 45.03 but I’ll feel a hell of a lot more competitive and less helpless on the reload than in the 122 TM

  49. Chinese product always having the worse quality, well at least there bon equipment to fix those mistake.

  50. Lol i thought ur taking a piss calling her ting tin tan cause she’s Chinese but that’s the real name ^^

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