125,000 CREDITS IN THE PROGETTO – The First AutoReloader in World of Tanks

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Damn that’s a lot of monies

  2. woah

  3. daddy lemming rush. can you make them lemmings rush up my…

  4. did you try to complete the event to get this tenk?

  5. Yeah you have to reload the entire clip from scratch when switching ammo type

  6. you just right click on players name and click ‘send message’

  7. Wow this game literally makes me wanna actually grind this thing out

  8. I badly want this tank on console, guess I’ll stick to hating my Ravioli until we get it.

  9. I thought i could get the arty, didnt expect the T4 on the field hitting me on the move on the hill

  10. Yeah bro I can’t buy it I’m broke and poor ?? doing the mission for this is cancer ☹️ but as always epic video bro keep up the good work ❤️❤️?

  11. It doesn’t let you partially load your clip, so if you’re down to 1 or 2 of AP, might as well just finish out the clip before going to something else because you’re going to to have to do the full reload anyway.

  12. no dmg counter… feelsbadman

  13. i feel like the tank should have some kind of turret armor

  14. Lemming, the guy’s name is Anonimous41. “Anonymous” is how that word is spelled, you had text in the chatbox because you messaged with him previously.

  15. For the past few days clickers (arty) have just been dominating the battlefield. Basically if you get spotted you lose about 500-1,000 HP in less than a minute. This occurs in any tank I have played no matter what variant.

    • Same for me man. They say arty prevents camping, but that’s not how I feel when I’m constantly hiding behind rocks and buildings because I can almost sense their targeting circles hanging over me.

  16. James The Archaic One

    Fucking arty just ruins this game, GG man. Looks like a fun tank!

  17. was happy to get carried by you in that game where i asked if ur gunna do the video.thanks for the vid,gave me some tips and tricks for when i get mine

  18. Hi lemming love ur vids can u continue the road to purple nap guides series? They were amazing and helped me soooo much.

  19. Decamped like a mofo. SPG working as intended.

  20. “What the hell, why do they have a tank here that you can’t move?”
    Because…. It’s WaRgAmInG *Да*

    • Because it is Prokorovka part of the battle of Kursk still the largest tank battle in history. It is a nod to the battle, which people like you do not get.

    • ArE yOu SuRe AbOuT tHaT?

      Are you sure I’m not actually a tank history buff who wrote a 12 page final exam paper on the history of armored warfare from WWI-Present (Including the battle of Kursk which is historical for obvious reasons) for his college English course, who then used it as a basis for an Armored History wiki webpage that I had to design for my college computer course?…

      Are you sure I’m just a guy who plays the game without actually looking into the significance of why things are in the game?

      No you’re not, because you don’t know me and because you assumed I’ve now made an ass of you and myself, thanks for ruining Lemmings video…

      I got a 97 on that paper, only a few commas here and there that weren’t needed but the facts in it were backed up with the 15 required sources that I had to use, my works cited page was long as fuck my dude…

  21. Definitely seems fairly balanced, anyone who struggles with playing autoloaders will probably hate it I expect. Good video, shows it pretty much in it’s entirety, strengths and weaknesses.

  22. Have you tried the new Italian tier Xs? Do you recommend them?

  23. Cant grind it out cos exams from next week. Gl to those who will try to grind it

  24. Italian tanks will be like italian cars, they will see more services and garage than action out in the battlefields 😉

  25. cancer arty.
    Good vid btw

  26. Can’t you use a crewmember from the Christmas event or the Campaign as a Commander with 6th sense?
    And why does this ham tank have a cattle skull on its turret that is moronic.

  27. Its the PROGUTTO !!!! ARGH!

  28. Dont call it “Progetto”. You need to say Progetto 46 at least.

  29. How the hell did the game open my chat with different username etc in the chat.. wth?

  30. arty is so fucking trash

  31. Progetto – G as in give

  32. Hey it’s the – ” part time” – Lemming Rush guy…

  33. Löwe as low… Geez

  34. Fucking arty ruins the game again. Still, awesome gameplay.

  35. Great video mate. Agree with your assessment of how to best play it (2 round auto at best unless you have really isolated the target). I loved the way you took the time, while streaming, to try and work out how best to carry the game. I wish I had the presence of mind to do that. please keep the vids coming and I look forward to your review of this tank.

  36. You should put more accent on the double T lemming, like stopping more on pronuncing them. Progettttto

  37. LoL! “If people shoot at you, do you know you’re spotted? Does that count as sixth sense?”

  38. arty prevents camping

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